I get it. Iiiiiiii get it! Life is what happens BETWEEN FAILURES! They (the characters) are each failures, and stuff happens between them! NICE. Ok you get lots of respect for that one.

Anyone else catch that?

hm… i never saw it that way, i thought it was more of between one failed job and the other… course this is probably the farthest i have ever gotten in this…

Ace, I don’t think you caught my meaning. What was made obvious to us on page two is that life is what happens “Between Failures”, failures being events. I’m applying it in a different way, such that life is what happens between failures, failures being people who fail rather than events, or failed jobs as 1r3gr37n0n said. You may have taken the second meaning from the beginning, but I’m not sure that was the intent of the author.

One Thomas to rule them all
one Thomas to find them
one Thomas to bring them all
and in the darkness bind them.

In the land of Bartertown where the shadows lie

Ash Thomas durbatûlûk,
ash Thomas gribatul.
Ash Thomas thrakatûlûk,
agh burzum-ishi krimpatul.
Uzg Bartertown-ishi amal fauthut burguuli.

In the Black Speech of Mordor.

I don’t think they’re failures at all. If anything, they all impress me.

Thomas- Mainly because he knows how to make me laugh, and he’s sorta the leader of the tribe.
Carol- She acts mean, but cares deeply about everyone.
Ed- New kid, earning respect, but has already gotten some.
Brooksie- Shy girl, but is too cute for words.
John- Acts like his life is meaningless, but he helps when he has too.
Nina- Basically, the big sister of the group. She sees pasts people’s faults.

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