E, while is a complete bitch, I am growing rather fond of her she makes me chuckle and they make for a great duo

she falls in line with the Deadpools, Barney Stinson, and the like. I love them in fiction and can laugh and enjoy it, but to be around them in real life is a struggle for me.

I stille like her. But hten, she isn’t aimed at me.

Heh. This, tbh.

Evrina is that special kinda of asshole you can’t help by like a little. Or at least grudgingly admit is funny.

The kind, moreover, that is attractive enough when safely on the other side of the Fourth Wall, but would be a pain in real life.

Being an exceptionally tall dude, I was accused of looking down women’s shirts a few times when I was younger and spent more time in bars and such. Once I was even given the chance to explain that in order to look *at* her, I HAD to look down. Being a foot taller than the average dude, to say nothing of the average woman, kind of forces that perspective.

Well if she was an ahole you could have squatted down and asked “Is this better little one?” like she was a child.

Last team leader I had at my erstwhile (now bankrupt) employer was a very competent second-level manager who had taken over many other jobs as people were thrown overboard.

She is much shorter than me, and she tended to speak low so as not to be overheard, and her voice is in a frequency range that I don’t hear well any more. So when she talked to me, I had to stare at her pretty intently to try to read her lips. Praying to all the gods that she didn’t think I was staring at her chest. (She’s a grandmother, but younger than me.) :)

Jackie, I laughed so hard at his discomfiture. Heavens that made me laugh.
No coffee was wasted in the reading of this comic, I may have learned my lessons.

Hm. “If you can’t be good, be good at it.”

That reminds me- There used to be a popular shirt, sold at t-shirt stores.
It had a unicorn standing on a field of overly-bright flowers.
The unicorn is giving you a sly smile.

The caption on the the shirt says- “If you can’t dazzle them with DIAMONDS, baffle them with Bullsh*T.”

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