Oh great, another small character that we slowly come to love as they show their hidden depths and growth. I see your game here, Jackie. You’re gonna have Joel interact with characters he plays well off of and develop into a better person that we miss when they don’t show up for a while.

I have watched entirely too much Maxmoefoepokemon. All I could do was wonder if he got any holos in his free packs!

perks of being tall – check.
drawbacks to being tall – also check, but they come in different shapes :D

Is this guy named after Joel Schumacher?

It’s just an odd coincidence. I named him after a character from my past & Schumacher happened to die a few hours later. Although I’m actually a fan of his work, so I didn’t change it from my rough draft, which is pretty common with names.

I am short and get none of those perks.
Upside, I’ve got a lower center of mass and I weigh about as much (or more) as most of the assholes who want to fight me. Though, fighting with baggy clothes (stocky w/ super broad shoulders) is a pain in the ass.

And I’m not using ‘stocky’ as a a euphemism for being ~15lbs overweight. I wear a men’s 10-and-a-half 6E shoesb and I can pull the front of most of my shirts a good 8-to-9inches from my chest w/o strecthing it.

On the plus side, your forehead has been saved the pain of bashing into low-hanging objects and short doorframes. Also, hugs seem better for shorter people as they can really get wrapped up in them.

Tank tops and hoodies/overshirts/Jean jackets or what have you, tank tops have been a life saver. Your shoulders can be miles wide, doesn’t matter when there’s no sleeves.

It’s almost as if she knows she can be hard to be around and decided to give those who put up with her, a little reward.

Evrina has that effect on people*. Rulette isn’t all peaches and sunshine, but next to Evrina, Rulette’s demeanor is…sunny?

*Sorta like Malaya from Dumbing of Age.

“And it looked like I was looking you in the eye the whole time, didn’t it? Well, the face, anyway; sustained eye contact is super creepy. Even I know that much and I dress like an extra from an ill-fated Brandon Lee movie.”

I’m probably weird, but what I love most about Evrina is her teeth. Buck teeth on a comic character works for me. Same with Nina, but I like Evrina more.

Speaking of Nina, what’s she been up to? We haven’t seen her in awhile.

Before to long you’re gonna get so much Nina it will break your heart.

hopefully that’s a breakage caused by too much joy… right… right!

now there is a foreboding a dark cloud on the horizon, may blow over or it may be the storm of the season, Jackiiiiiie!!!!


Do you actually know someone IRL that acts the way Evrina does? I love your comic, but this character really breaks the flow for me. She seems like a bit too much of a caricature and not enough like a real person.. especially compared to everyone else. Yea I know that’s probably the point, but jeez.

the Evrinas of the world always make me feel self conscious and awkward, all the while i admire and envy them for not giving a shit and being themselves.

“Only the losers win
They’ve got nothin to prove
They’ll leave the world with nothing to lose
You can laugh at the wierdos now
Wait till wrongs are right
They’ll be the ones with nothing to hide”

i don’t regard Evrina a weirdo, but she does seem to qualify as someone who doesn’t hide.

Joel: “Huh. That’s a good point. Now I regret my decorum.”

Evrina: ” Decorum? Haha. You mean you weren’t?”

Joel: “Well, if I the invitation came up earlier… I might not have found myself so lost in your eyes instead.”

Evrina: (?O _ O?)

Roulette: (?O _ O?)

Joel: (?.?)??

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