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I just found out that if you stick a radio near a singing villager in Animal Crossing New Horizons that they will sing along with the song you pick. It’s goddamn adorable! As a long time fan of the series I’m really enjoying how the villagers seem to actually be living their lives & doing their own things now. Since they basically b\just walked around before it’s neat to see them interacting with stuff. I mean it’s a pretty low bar as far as gaming goes, but still.


I like Alex in the last panel. Kinda half-way between bangs and no bangs

Also, um… Hi. Hope you’re doing ok. See you :)

Me too. Kinda seems a little voyeuristic to see her eyes, and then the ruffled hair…other comics have to go a lot further to get the same effect. Masterful as always.

Started reading this series about three-four days ago. All I can say is “what a great surprise” its turned out to be! The character development is awesome, they are so real they remind me of some people in my life.

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