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Prayers are basically like magic spells.

And are similarly effective in the real world… X3

Since so many people are stuck at home, like I have been for… 14 years. I wonder if any of them are experiencing the weird perception of time that you start to have when you’re stuck someplace for a really long time. I’ve seen lots of people going through a lot of the adjustment stages that I remember. Humans are supposed to be social creatures, so all of this cowering in our hovels is difficult for you surface dwellers. We here in the MorlocK gang have long since abandoned your surface ways. XD

Seriously though, even I who rarely venture to the abovelands am beginning to get twitchy. Also living off of canned foods is making me sick. It’s so full of salt that it’s really bad for me. That said, I’ve been feeling kind of good weirdly. Mainly because my back seems to have finally healed fully. I can get up and down from the floor with only the normal amount of trouble from trying to lift my fat sack of a body. Honestly I wasn’t sure it was ever going to heal. it really seemed like it wasn’t getting better. But it did and that’s all that matters I guess.

Anyway, let’s enjoy another week of lockdown together.


Not a bad idea from Carol, you never can be too careful when it comes to these things. And really it is just a nice thing to do. Can’t wait for the aftermath of all this, how Nina, Ed and Mike will react and if Thomas will open up to John about how long he and Carol have been a thing.

Have you ever tried those complete meals like soylent or huel?

………………….soylent green is people!

Soylent Green is people!!!

Mutual OF OMAHA is PEOPLE!!!

(Such as):


(The M.O.O. part is at the bottom of the page.)

I wonder if anyone has had the inspiration and creative energy to make a modern version of this show but with creatures of fantasy?

I just finished making a post on another forum regarding one such creatures – The Flumph – it would make for a great subject and a wee bit of research regarding its origins – my theory is that it was from the adelpated mind of a Brit that imbibed Bongwater.

I would LOVE that show! :D

Maybe a show that had PG-rated monsters, + g rated monsters.
I’d like some monsters that would fall into the wow-that’s-kind-of-scary category, like: Jennie Green-teeth, the selkie/selkies, the Dover Demon, slenderman, the Pred. from the 1980s film- Predator, 1980s…Eddie Brock as Venom, etc..

What does The Flumph look like? What does a Flumph do?

My personal description – It is a flying half cooked spaghetti omelette, over easy.

You will find various incarnations of it with your favourite search engine but it debuted to the world in the AD&D supplementary text Fiend Folio where a majority of the critters came from the British office holding a contest for new and unique monsters.


I didn’t look at a lot of 70s-child ‘s blog, until today.


if you go onto his blog, some of his pages have non-sexual, nude models’photos on them.

So the 70s-child blogspot site is probably best to see, if you do-

1) see it not at work, since some bosses will say that it is a NSFW site,


2) if your parents don’t like you to see “pictures like that”, then you probably shouldn’t visit that site until you’re an adult, or something.
That’s all.

Always wanna cover your bases. If he comes back as a zombie you for sure want him to be friendly.

Of course you want the zombie to be friendly! Makes it easier to headshoot him afterwards! :)

It depends. If a Hollywood Medulla Mastication Aficionado then yeah but if it was an old school shuffler then the only things to be concerned with would be aroma, drippings and the occasional parts dropping off.

I never did care for the Hollywood conflation of Zombies and Ghouls.

Some would simply say to drink more water in the face of a canned foods glut. Salt is bad, but salt is also really water-soluble last I knew.

% load on the kidneys is always a concern. It takes time and trips to the can to flush out salt. I found out even frozen vegetables sometimes have added salt. WTF?

Necessary for preservation, as far as I know. Frozen food in particular is a sodium avalanche.

Depends on the source.
Brand name stuff is horrible for all sorts of atrocities to ones food.

Fortunately there are farmers co-ops and similar small operations that go old school when it comes to frozen vegetables but you can only get those in larger bulk packages and rarely from chain grocers.

One operation I know of flash freezes using LN. Very dangerous for non-obvious reasons but very energy efficient process. Veggies retain their fresh flavour.Downside is that you will easily get freezer burn if kept for too long.

Carol is not considering the possibility that the act of saying the prayer might make a vengeful spirit haunt her.

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon him. :'(

Please, let me add this one:

“Now cracks a noble heart. Good night, sweet prince,
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.”

-Hamlet by William Shakespeare

>…even I who rarely venture to the abovelands am beginning to get twitchy

Uuuugh, tell me about it. Before all of this, I could easily go weeks without leaving the house (messed up day/night schedules, I work from home, I can easily get everything I need delivered, etc.). The twitchiness that’s hitting now surprised me, but I kinda figured it’s a combination of anxiety hitting and because the opportunity/choice to go out somewhere is gone when it had always been there before (even though I didn’t take advantage of it nearly as much as other people, hah).

The sodium in canned foods is indeed lethal… but they do sell no sodium veggies (at Sprouts at least).
Or just don’t eat canned food. Chopped carrots/celery, carrots, chicken tenders, rice: toss it on a big pan, watch youtube for 15 minutes, done. Cheap as shit, tasty, healthy, blah blah blah.

I hate my brain for immediately picturing Carol dressed up like Ezio saying “requiescat in pace” after reading that lovely and touching prayer

Might want to talk to some emergency room doctors and nurses or some oncologists in regards to prayer.

My grandmother had her glioblastomi multiforma go into remission. It came back, but she lived with it for a total of a year-and-a-half.

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