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I woke up in a foul temper. I’m not sure if the world kept contributing to it, or my perception of things is just skewed from being vaguely irritated. Every little slight, real or possibly imagined, has set me off. It seems like little annoying breadcrumbs have been left in my path to further irritate me at every turn. Anyway, I guess it will pass eventually. I’m probably just not sleeping well enough.


My grandfather always called that feeling having sand in your underwear! I always that was a perfect phrase. It passes, we all have those days. Find something small to make you smile, usually the best way for me to get past it.

Hey now, don’t disparage bathroom reading, John. The best way to learn is a little at a time. One bit here, one bit there, then you start seeing connections. And that’s when you have truly LEARNT.

I think it’s an idea of knowledgeable bite vs. a deep dive on a subject. A majority of students these days are there for the social interaction over a deep discussion on a class they want to learn about.

Does over indicate preference or subject matter? Social interaction about a deep subject is a good learning experience.

Looking back, some of the most inspiring episodes during my university education happened outside the classroom, when I met a professor — just dropping by — not anything formal — and spent time talking about mathematics. Not the specific mathematics we were studying, but mathematics in general. And others were talking about technical problems with other students.

I should probably have chosen that professor as my supervisor for my master’s degree, but he had mysteriously disappeared for the university when I got tgat far.

I found out later that he had moved to another university in the same city. Too bad I hadn’t found out sooner.

One-on-one teaching is *very* effective.

Nina’s really sporting the “rock star hairstyle”, today!

…Could it be?

Maybe?,…in 1994?, Nina was born to Elvis’s, coolest, secret daughter??

(Cool!) :D

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