Is she totally giving him “the look”? I agree, there is a strong chemistry here.

Yeah, that’s sort of the vibe that I’m getting from her, in the 1st panel. :D
Maybe she thinks that John would make good boyfriend material.

Ooh, they’re gonna fall in love. Seriously, why’d you make me ship them? I will now ship them until I see something that definitively proves they won’t end up in the comic is shown.

Definitely don’t stress your place in a story. Everyone wants to be Noctis… but you’ll probably end up as Tidus. It was in no way his story.

Shipping them so hard :P not only for the great chemistry they have, but also for the inevitable look on Reggies face :)

I’m hearing this is a kinda deeper, slightly raspy voice. Kinda like Kathleen Turner after a couple vodka.

Damn it Jackie. You’ve got me shipping them now.

So it’s not enough that being awake feels more and more like a nightmare, now our dreams are supposed to be unpleasant as well XD

On making horror films + scary films:
“Movies are dreams! If your nightmares aren’t scary enough, we’ll make more!”

-from a monster movie maker, whose name I don’t remember.

DRACULA: Turn out the lights!

For it’s TIME to get ScAaAaAaAaArRrRrRrRred STIIIIIIIIFF!!!!!

ELVIRA: Let’s see how scared stiff you can get!


ELVIRA: This’ll scare the pants off ya!


Wow. What a great way to end the scene. Loved their dialogue throughout. Really cool to see both characters get some growth and see their perspective on things.

As an aside, THANK YOU for continuing to provide this comic to us.

Between Failures has helped me through some incredibly dark times and enjoyable through the fun times.

In short; THANKS! Great stuff, glad to see you are still kicking and healthy and able to do what you love.

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