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Okay, if you’ve been on the site since Friday or so you’ve probably noticed that it works a lot better now. After 5 years or so someone finally appeared who was capable of repairing the various damage done to the site, without throwing it all in the trash & starting over. Omake Theater is their website if you want to give them a look & a thanks for the assist. Many people have offered to help, but they always wanted to demolish the old site & start from scratch. If you’ve only ever had limited interaction with your audience, ignored your blog, or maybe even turned off comments altogether, I can understand how you might not get why those things are important to me. It is the history of the comic & also my life. When I go back into the archives & read comments I remember usernames & wonder what happened to those people. Did they die? Did they just get sick of the comic? Did life just get in the way? Sometimes old names come back after years being away & I get told how my work helped them look at life differently. If you’ve never created anything I can’t describe exactly what that feeling is like. It certainly help fight the feeling that what you’ve spent your life doing wasn’t a complete waste of time.


It is so very good. Also don’t worry about me if I stop commenting, I habitually avoid comments sections.

I wonder if she means it’s statistically unlikely to find a body or statistically unlikely to find a body twice in your lifetime. Because if it’s the second one then Carol is in the fleeting embrace of gamblers fallacy.

I didn’t know we meant so much to you… I feel like it’s easier to get on in life, knowing that. Thanks Jackie

The embedded Twitter thing is worse than it was before; now it only shows the two most recent tweets without any ability to scroll to older ones. That’s not meant to be a complaint, just pointing out that now I’m less likely to read most of your tweets (and I guess I won’t be the only one).

Twitter hasn’t supported that thing in years. Its only there so people know I have one. If you don’t want to deal with it that’s probably the smart play anyway.

Jackie, love the changes, works like it did Before, at least, for me.
Most of what your character wrestle with are things I’ve already dealt with, growing up. But once a month, or there abouts, you blind side me with something I need to think about in greater detail. It’s not why I read your web comic, But it is something I treasure about it. …. I just really relate to Thomas.

wow yea this looks great. I know I’m basically a permanent lurker but wanted to say that I’m always here for the new update and to keep up the good work man

We use a fork of Firefox (Waterfox is the name of the fork) and the site’s homepage doesn’t necessarily work. Works fine if we go to a direct comic link. At least that works. x3

Another constant reader here. Don’t always comment, but always read the comic and the comments.

Thanks, Jackie!

I think I commented way back in the day but under a different alias and definitely a different mail address, either hotmail or some such long expired web mail provider. I do remember my ISP using @home at the dawn time. Then there was a Hiatus where stuff happened but didn’t happen at the same time.

As for the new look, it is crisp and clean and a “Howdy! Howz it doin?” to my much missed Friday4Koma.

I’ve been a regular reader since about maybe 2009ish(?) and usually just don’t bother voicing my thoughts. Also panel1: “As far as finding bodies goes, …”

The new site looks pretty cool. One issue though: the comic image now links to the current page rather than to the next page. The next button still works to move forward, so it’s not game-breaking, but it doesn’t seem to be as designed.

Also, and I’m not sure if this was an issue before, the “random” button seems to be less random and more a function of the current page. Refreshing, moving back and forth, and even opening another browser all seem to indicate that page A only ever “randoms” to page B. Not that it matters much, as your comic isn’t really something that should be read out of order, so it probably doesn’t see much use. Maybe just remove the random button altogether?

OmakeTheatre and Between Failures? Is this a crossover episode? (Please make it a crossover episode)

I don’t remember if I have ever commented. But if a comment will make your day then here you go. I have been a fan of this comic for over a decade. It’s one of my favorites. Please keep making them. I’m eager to see if Brooksie’s movie ever gets made. Kudos

As someone currently struggling with statistics, I am not very fond of them…that embrace is more like a strangle hold…

Hey, I’ve been fully enjoying your comic for years but haven’t commented in a while. Thanks for continuing to do this even when some of us aren’t able to comment!

I haven’t been here for about 2-3 years, as like you said life caught up with me, and by chance I bookmarked the page where I stopped reading (1717) a last month and manage to catch up again.
Either way just meant to say this is an amazing comic and if I came back after stopping ages ago it means you’re doing something :D

I would suggest updating the DNS forwarding to send all the betweenfailures.net requests (some of us have some ancient bookmarks!) to the new .com site, because the .net page is broke as hell right now.

I guess, when Patricia is saying…something…like, [finding a very old body is better than finding a newly dead body], that she’s telling us that she’s the 1st one to find her Dad, when her dad passed on in his store?

I think she had a story like that, but I don’t fully remember it.

Just a quick comment about the new workings of the site. It looks great and seems to run pretty well. Would it be possible to get the comic images in the RSS feed again? All that comes through now is a clipped portion of the post text.

Thanks – love the comic!

Great work of the site. I love that it is responsive now, and the font looks great. The old WP must still be listening to the .net domain. I’d 403-redirect the entire domain to the .com, to be honest, that way your ssl cert and any updates will just be for the one domain in the future and the other one will follow automatically…

Shoot, I don’t remember how long it’s been since I commented here. I’ve been following your postings on Facebook more, since I’m now borrowing a connection to the internet rather than being able to afford my own. The borrowed connection combined with my concussion just a little over 3 years ago would explain my not showing up in the comment section all that often.

Most of my comments here are anonymous, and I don’t usually feel too strongly about participating, but I appreciate the effort to preserve these discussions. You have record of your lil community here. Hopefully commenting on old shit isn’t considered disturbing the peace?

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