1566 Good Talk.

I got confused about what day it was and forgot to post the comic earlier in the day the way I usually do. XD Oh well. Wes is still hung up on Jo, which isn’t a surprise. Jo is still wary of him. Since they have virtually no common ground to work with it’s going to be very hard for him to get anywhere. There’s also the issue of Jess, but that’s a whole other thing. If nothing else he’s at least trying politely to engage her in conversation. Perhaps being around Reggie is having a positive effect on his general attitude about women. Here’s some early Wes if you want to refresh your memory.

There’s a new Patreon sketch up… In fact there have been a few since last I remember posting anything about it. If you want in on that deal click Nina on the sidebar. Also, I didn’t make a big deal about it when it came out but Muffintop 4 is out. There’s a fursona Alex story in it with a little bit of Maddison too. Click here if you want to see the first page. There’s a lot of other people involved in it this time, so it’s pretty long.

I want to write some more here, but I was busy with other stuff I need to get done when I realized I needed to post, so I should really get back to it. Hopefully you’ll all enjoy it when it gets done.


Wes I was hoping to see the last of this guy. The best thief in town is back and this time there is no Reggie to protect him

I don’t believe Reggie’s morals and ethics would allow him to tolerate a theft. Wesley doesn’t know him the way we do; I think it would be cool to have Reggie catch an in-house shoplifter. Probably won’t happen in this arc, though.

Shut up. Do your work. Mind your own business. Stop trying to hit on me.

Not making points, not making time, Wes.

So I went full addict and read ever comic to this point. When you revealed brooksies real hair and eye colors, I’ve never wanted to see something more in my entire life. Except maybe nina acting sexier toward Edward.

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