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Man, Christmas was brutal this year. I am so tired. It was a good time seeing everyone though. I got a flashlight that looks like a sonic screwdriver. I think it’s the 10th Doctor’s one. Try as I might it won’t open a locked door, but whatever. I still looks awesome (in my mind) pointing it at things.


Ugh, part of me knew it would happen eventually but the both of them, conversing, in a single comic is a bit much to have to deal with. If I didn’t love this comic I’d just wait til this arc was over and then return.

man my xmas was werid found on finished like 3 new webcomics and there on my update list now i have to wait again i got so may web comics now but this one is in the top 3 for sure lol

man my xmas was werid finished like 3 new webcomics and there on my update list now i have to wait again i got so may web comics now but this one is in the top 3 for sure lol

I was watching the…oh gosh, it was BBC America, and I think the Graham Norton show I think? Anyway, they had Matt Smith on as a guest, it was hilarious. Anyway they’re selling Doctor Who and Amy Pond action figures (of course not until the new season comes out in April AUGH!).

I apologize for this, my wife recently got me into the series, and it’s like an information overload (WHO THE FRICK IS RIVER SONG?!?!?!)

Oh, where’d you get the screwdriver?

And I suppose the staff members are absolutely not allowed to outright say “no” to a “guest”, yes? Apparently where I work (Local government) we’re supposed to dance around the issue whenever anyone wants something doing we can’t/won’t do, presumably with a phrase like “I regret that we are currently incapable of acquiescing to your request.”

I’d love to go on one of those training courses, so I could give the trainers the world’s biggest collective headache with my terse nature (At least in person) and lack of a phone manner.

Finally! I’ve been hoping to hear Reggie’s view of things for some time now. There’s absolutely no way he sees the world as normal people do.

Well, I’ve just completed reading the entire series up to date, and I have to say, despite having that ‘generic webcomic’ feel that is almost unavoidable in these ‘real setting’ stories, I have to say I’m enjoying the majority of the characters.

All except one, actually. Thomas. The guy’s the most unrealistic character in the entire series. The only way I feel like he’d be redeemed for his role in the comic is if he woke up in an insane asylum and it was revealed that every other character in the series was a part of his psyche he was trying to keep under control with the store representing the fractured remnants of his mind.

Now I know he’s not supposed to be an overly likeable guy, but honestly, I just find him completely and utterly without any realistic redeeming qualities.

TL;DR, more non-Thomas character interaction please. It’s more interesting, amusing, well written and identifiable.

Also, I find that when you start new comics, you tend to reiterate the character’s introductions to one another, making them feel especially segregated rather than a single conversation. Other than that, and the occasional static positioning and posture of the characters, no complaints.

Usually I just let these kind of comments alone, but this one strikes me as funny on a personal level. Thomas’ personality is essentially mine. So this is kind of like being told I’m unrealistic. XD It’s not surprising though. It’s probably fair to say that I’m constantly skirting the edge of insanity. I suspect if you ever met me you’d hate me instantly. We’re probably those kind of people to each other, you know? The kind where you just hate them instantly for no reason.

I’m pretty sure there are scores of people who’ve met me that think I have no realistic redeeming qualities. X3

Plenty of people are unrealistic in real life. They make unrealistic demands and have unrealistic expectations. When it comes to fiction, though, nobody can beat Soapland–where people can marry the person who tried to kill them not six months before.

I normally don’t comment on your comics but I feel like it with this one… Reggie as a good point. And he does not seem like a jerk… yet.. I bet he will in a few comics pages. Who knows this comic always does surprise me ( like most of the, lol).

These are important pages for more Reggie & Wes personality establishing. I know people don’t like them, but these two are important. I tried to at least make them entertaining.

Name suggestions G O !
Manager: Customer
Section manager:Floater
Floster: section manager

have fun with the PA system with this and watch the customers’ heads expode ^^

Sometimes, just sometimes in this storyline, I’m on Wes’s side. I think this might be the last instance, but I’m not sure. It’s only the 2nd and I’ve already forgotten teh first what with some of the other things Wes said. :(

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