1567 Another Nut.

Reggie has never been super in to other people’s nonsense. Like most people he can see the foolishness of others, but lacks a level of self awareness that allows him to see his own. Even in this time of hyper self awareness in popular culture very few people achieve a level of it that becomes truly enlightening. I wish I could say that I have, but I can’t. Even though I’m pretty highly tuned to that sort of thing I still have blind spots in my own awareness of self. Wes is a very traditional kind of man. Self involved in a way that borders on sociopathy. He’s more aware of himself as his image affects other people. A chameleon of sorts. Being whatever he needs to be for whatever situation he’s in. He’s not as good at it as he thinks though, since even Reggie, who is also pretty self involved, can pick up on his disingenuous behavior. Of course he’s not the way he is for no reason, but we’ll get to that in time. Right now Reggie just wants Wes to stop fouling the workspace with his romance. A desire that isn’t lost on Wes…

My sister had her baby today apparently. I’m very pleased for her, her husband, and my parents, since it was looking like there wasn’t ever going to be a grandchild out of either of us. As far as I know it’s a healthy baby. This is an important enough occasion that even my father will take a day off to meet the new member of the family. That may sound obvious, but you have to understand that my dad almost never stops working for any reason shy of a tragedy. So for a change it’s getting to meet a new baby, which is one of the few things in the world he loves. Kids are terrified of my dad, so he only gets to enjoy them before they develop the innate fear of seriousness that most kids do.
I honestly can’t properly express how happy I am for everyone. This was one of those one in a million chance babies that we thought was never coming. Our family is no longer an evolutionary cul-de-sac.


Wes is like 3 dudes I’ve worked with, and me a few years ago before I learned how to be less of a needy twat.

i’m just a squirrel trying to get a nut. was that what you were thinking of wes? Sorry that’s honestly the first thing that came to mind, as old of a reference that is.

(the Ice Age squirrel/rat)

Actually I was referring to the music factory lyrics from everybody dance. “I’m just a squirrel trying to get a nut to move your butt to the dance floor, so yo what’s up”

A Man will do anything to try to get with the girl he likes. Even if fails like Starscream at a Megatron convention.

Why is it that a person, who is not really liked by anyone, will not only persist in the behavior that got him into the situation in which he finds himself, but will up his game?

And congratulations to everyone involved with the arrival of the new person! I wish I had your Dad’s problem (or maybe I don’t), but my effect on little kids is like a ripe pork chop to a dog — suddenly I’m their new best friend. Maybe it’s the white beard…

“Find another nut.” – That’s pretty sage advice. I’m guessing that Reggie [doesn’t suffer fools gladly], and all of that.

I’m actually surprised that Reggie is being kind of [thoughtful?], by telling Wes to give it up…so that Wes doesn’t fail with Jo, over and over again.

I have to ask: did you invent Wes solely to make Reggie seem less insufferable?

He’s actually based on a guy I worked with who was terrible.

I think we all have come across a Wes at some point. The one I knew, to hear him tell it, won every fight he’d ever been in and there wasn’t a woman in the world he couldn’t seduce. Such an overcompensator. Of course he had the misfortune to hit on the wrong customer and got chased out of the store by the general manager. We did not miss him.

Yeah, but after not getting another job for a year or so, THAT GUY comes back here and asks for his old job back (or one like unto it). And our boss gives him another try.

We’ve gone through that cycle about 3 times with him since I’ve been working there.

Conga-rats to your family for the new baby! It’s always nice to know that some of your family’s genes will be passed on, assuming you think there’s something worthwhile in your family’s genes. 8-)

My parents only had two kids. My sister died at age 30 without ever having any kids, and of the two women I’ve been married to, one didn’t want kids and the other can’t have kids. So I’m more or less resigned to the fact that my family’s an evolutionary cul-de-sac, as you so aptly put it. Sometimes I think about donating to a sperm bank in the hopes that some of my family’s wit, intelligence, and kindness survive. I think those would be good things to pass on….

Genes are more widely dispersed in the population than that, so people with no kids are not really an evolutionary dead end. Which is a good thing, because we’re going to consume our environment to a dead end, like the yeast in a vat of beer, if we don’t stabilize our numbers.

Think of how many individual ancestors you had only 5 generations back, and how many other people in the current population must be descended from them. It’s a web, not a pipeline.

I’ve been a crazy uncle a long time now, and I recommend it. :)

Mazel tov, Jackie!

Well, I can’t even be a crazy uncle since my only sibling had no kids, but thanks for reassuring me that the genes are out there somewhere.

Congrats by the way. I missed the part with the baby. My brother has 3, a 4 year old, a 1 year old, and an infant. He gave me the sage advice of staying an uncle.

Congratulations on the new niece/nephew (you didn’t actually specify…), Jackie!

Wes, you should really listen to Reggie’s advice, before this ends in either a restraining order, a taser to the chest, or both….

When my Dad was overseas in the Army (early 1945), one of his sisters gave birth to the first of the cousins. Another sister (he had 3) got this telegram through to Dad, stationed in Europe:


Reggie. Always so full of negativity. Try to be encouraging once-in-a-while.

Besides, watching Wes crash and burn, stewing in his own juices, might be amusing.

Anyone else forsee Wes going WAY too far with his advances in the future or that just me getting that REALLY BAD vibe…?

I really enjoy that Reggie just flat out goes down the list by the numbers on why Wes has no chance in hell of ever catching Brooksies interest. I think Wes is beginning to get to him a little bit in this regards.

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