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On the off chance that this website survives into the far future, yesterday the noted basketball star Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash. I’m not a sports fan, but the fact that I knew who he was, without looking him up, is testament to the scope of his talents. His daughter was sadly among the number of lives claimed in the accident as well. It was a truly tragic event. People were trying to use it in all manner of ways moments after it happened. If you’re reading this in the far future I hope it seems like a quaint description of how people used to act in the age of social media. Although I suspect it will sound more familiar than not…
In death all men are equal. He achieved fame, & all the earthly riches a man could rightly desire through his own labors, but death struck, as it so often does, without warning, & reduced him to the dust from whence he all came. Something to remember while you are beset by the petty annoyances of life.


Thomas is a natural leader of men. I agree with his plan that he just came up with instantly.

I continue to really enjoy this storyline.

Let’s not forget the 6 other victims, they are missed as well. It’s all sad, and there’s something to be said about private air travel (crashes among private planes and helicopters are statistically very high, much higher than public airplanes.)

As for the comic, I also agree 100%. He’s totally right. Another hour is not going to matter too much in the grand scheme of things, and they’ve only got one shot. Props to him too that he recognizes everyone needs to agree on this first, it’s not a matter to take lightly.

Yeah, Thomas. And I still have hopes that there will be some mystical shit to explain. Hoping that the radio wasn’t the whole ghost explanation. But I’m trusting Jackie on this.

You bet it’s not a thing to take lightly, and everyone needs to agree. What he is suggesting is called “conspiracy to commit crime.” And they will all know “what you did last summer.”

Well there is crime and then there is crime.
Them going in and documenting EVERYTHING will more than likely do one of two or more things. Prevent or uncover shenanigans by anybody official showing up afterwards [light fingered constabulary for one], cover-ups, unscrupulous lawyers [yeah redundant in general] and stupidity [Roscoe had a gut feeling about them kids] attempting to drop blame on our cast and crew [despite a certain shop owner giving the go-ahead].

Yeah, the context of Thomas’ words were towards the fact that they need to document and record the scene so the truth of the event that led to dissecation could be preserved.

In other words, get everything recorded and have it preserved in a non-biased fashion so that the truth can be preserved and would not be subject to a cover up by investigators after the fact.

yeah, the truth is we (and also the cast) aren’t in the know as to Why this has been so well hidden.
Is it actually a “prepper’s hide-out” Or is it a place where some crotchedy old dude bit it because he was expendable and in the way of something?
did He have the radio on (as company) or was it turned on to cover Other sounds… such as a gun shot or an altercation that ended our dead buddy’s tenure among the living?
these are things our gang needs to be thinking about and i’m guessing at least Thomas is kind of thinking Maybe they need to keep their assets Firmly Covered in case of further foul play.

They are continuing to explore an area that, because it is in-arguably a part of the overall area, they have permission to explore. Assuming they don’t get up to “Weekend at Bernie’s” hijinks, I don’t think they could be accused of mishandling a corpse.

Death is weird isn’t it.. we all get a birth and a death, and whatever else we make of ourselves and our lives in between. It can be swift and sudden, and out of the blue, or you can live to be maybe even 92… who knows?

It scares me sometimes, especially to dwell on it much.

So Go Thomas! Let’s see whats behind this curtain!

I like that. :)

To paraphrase Lister, from the TV show, Red Dwarf:

“So, what do you want me to DO, Rimmer?

Everybody dies.
And everybody is BORN, too!
…It’s the thing in the middle, it’s called LIFE, and that’s the FUN thing.”

Please enjoy that thing.

Yeah, I’m totally with Thomas. You could plausibly argue that you were checking to see if there was anybody alive.

The death of Mr Bryant and it’s mention at the Grammys does make for observations on the ephemeral nature of life and the culture of celebrity worship in the world today. His fame and wealth makes his passing no more or no less painful for his loved ones. He got more airtime at the Grammys than the musicians mentioned in the in memoriam, some of whom could arguably be said to have had more of a cumulative impact on culture, at least in the western world. Such is the nature of fame.

I agree with Mgnostic, it’s not necessarily true that celebrities gain all of their fame because of their abilities, a lot of time it’s entirely due to the marketing machine behind them. That is, after all, that nature of being a celebrity, cashing in on your name recognition. Maybe that wasn’t always the case, but I doubt that Kobe Bryant will hold a place in history greater than a footnote. Truly outstanding people in history usually aren’t entertainers, they’re people with enduring legacies such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, Alfred the Great, Alexander the Great, Ghengis Khan, Ramsses II, Gilgamesh and so forth.

Mind you, I’m not saying that Kobe Bryant wasn’t a great basketball player or person, but he certainly hasn’t made any lasting impact on human history that I’m aware of, aside from being famous in his time.

Being a footnote in history is still pretty good, though. Only a tiny percentage of countless billions will ever achieve even that after all.

For the rest of us, best we can hope for is for what we put out there survives a little beyond our own lives, at least until every servers and objects that hosted the various bits are gone.

But perhaps, just perhaps, an alien xeno archaeologist in the far future will manage to extract a meme about cats you posted somewhere on some long buried hardware. We must hold on to that hope.

Except that marketing machines can only work if there is legitimate talent behind the attraction to begin with. Bryant has proven himself worthy of his basketball talents to get bigger recognition next to such past superstars like Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal. When you state marketing machines behind talents so arbitrarily and then write off the death of a superstar as a foregone conclusion to footnoting, it gives off a snarky impression towards the success of the individual themselves.

Thracecius, I get that you’re not a fan of Kobe Bryant but to write him off like that immediately after his death is a classic case of “too soon”. I mean, it’s not JUST him that perished in that helicopter accident, his own daughter went down with him too.

In the Grammy’s defense, Kobe’s death happened less than 24 hours ago and it would’ve been disingenuous if they DIDN’T do a shout out. It may had been a legacy of fame but there was respect to that fame.

Well there is a shout out and then there is eclipsing the memoriam of all the other artists that had passed away in the previous year. Like come on, he wasn’t a musician even. Bad enough they barely mentioned in passing any of the non-American label artists that passed in the first place.

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