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Patricia senses a kindred spirit. She’s older and wiser than these kids, so she’s had some time to mature a little. Although maturity at this time in history is… not what it used to be. Regardless, she can see someone who went through similar hardships with others. Wild arrogance, even when you can back it up, doesn’t endear you to others. Humility is what you need to offset the flaw.


Actually, he needs people to cal him out on the bad and the good in equal measure..if he could learn a little humility he’d be a very likable asset.

Indeed. I never thought when I first met him that I would come to understand and even respect and identify with him a little. If this character development proceeds, I might even start liking him

If I had to hazard a guess I’d wonder if Reggie was INTJ. We’re terrible with people, as a rule, but we’re good at what we do.

But I feel you, man. I’m STILL terrible with people. It doesn’t help when no two of them can agree on the “right” way to actually work with people.

Reggie, an INTJ?

I’m not seeing it. INFJ, maybe. If anybody fits the profile of “the mastermind”, it’s Thomas, although I doubt that Mr. Wohlenhause started this as a portrait of Meyers-Briggs stereotypes.

Reggie is way too passionate about things, and charges in with the desire to triumph, win acclaim, and BE RIGHT. That’s what gets him in trouble.

Reggie has been so likable lately! I really have been enjoying the in-depth look at who he is. He’s not nearly as simple as he seemed early on. Then again, I guess nobody really is. The character-driven plot is really fantastic with this strip.

“Although maturity at this time in history is… not what it used to be.”

Yeah, you ain’t kiddin’, unfortunately.

How is it that ALL the girls go for the jerky guys?

Confidence is an attractive trait, so is self-assurednes.
He’s showing himself to be assertive here.
Plus he’s creating an image of being capable around the house; knowledgeable, (seemingly) handy and concerned with safety. Which makes him seem like a good provider and steady partner.

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