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One of my cousins is getting married this weekend. It’s many hours away so I’m looking after the pets. I think this leaves me, the Teen, & her sister as the only unmarried grandchildren of my grandparents. It’s very likely it will end up as just me & the teen’s sister. Of the tree of us only the Teen has a personality that people can tolerate for more than a day. Although her sister is a girl, so she has that going for her. She’s had at least one relationship in the past 5 years, even if he wasn’t top shelf. Credit where it’s due.

The advantage with me as a prospective mate is that I’m exactly as terrible as I seem. There aren’t many layers of awful to uncover. It’s all within the first 3 or so. You don’t need to delve. In fact, I might even be a slightly better person under the crust. Regardless you’re gonna know if you can stand me in seconds. For me regular life dating is as fast as a phone app. Just swipe on by, babe. You don’t need to linger on this one.


If I recall, there’s some kind of electrical issue that shows up in a lot of places that are supposedly haunted…i don’t remember exactly what it is, but I know it can cause mood shifts and headaches…think it gets called a “cage of fear” effect?

The “Fear Cage” effect. Decent amounts of old or poor wiring can cause an interference with the bodies natural electricity and cause a person to feel unease and even be fearful in these areas. I worked in a place for a bit that had something like this in the staff restrooms.

I dunno about the rest of you but Reggie has made pipes and wires far more interesting at this point than they’ve ever been in my entire life.

I just found out via twitter stalking you’d never trust me (since my favourite Star Wars is The Last Jedi) :/ I still love your comic and enjoy your ramblings, though. No hard feelings!

It’s going to be alright, sweetheart. Let’s go along with these nice men in white coats and they’ll take you to a nice, warm place and give you something to help you sleep.

Don’t sell yourself short, Jackie.

I have a friend who is absolutely convinced that no woman could or would ever want to spend time with him on a regular basis. So he has never dated. Never *tried* to go on dates.
I have watched at least three women shamelessly flirt with him while he continued, oblivious to their interest.
Hey, If *I* got married, there’s hope for anybody.

You always struck me as the kind of person I could go out for a beer with (even if I don’t drink), and have a decent conversation with. Of course we’ve never met in person nor are likely to, but I kinda trust that feeling. It’s rarely let me down.

I’d like to see Alex + Patricia in a conversation about D + D games, or in a convers. about anything!
They’re such great characters.

You have two things working in your favor Jackie. First, if you think you’re a head case, don’t forget that the world is full of female head cases. Absolutely packed. Second, you’re a damn artist. You’re a sensitive soul, my man — you can express things about said head cases they never could figure out themselves. And do it in better words and pictures.

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