2080 Dip Down.

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I’m maybe going to the dentist tomorrow. That should be fun.

I wasn’t feeling very well yesterday & part of today. Every so often I’ll just get sick for no reason, since I’m almost never around other people. It makes me wonder what it is that causes it. Just the random germs a person comes across in life? Did I go too long without drinking water? I’m not sure but I’ve been a bit off since the worst of it passed. Hopefully it wil have worked through me by tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to dental procedures while mildly ill.


Intriguing. About time for old Mr. Jenkins’s ghost to appear, yes? Cue the musical montage. Also, Reggie’s fourth word balloon should probably read “But it seems.” Hope you’re well enough for the dentist. That makes me sick to my stomach on good days.

This is actually getting pretty interesting..it’s nice to see Reggie being fleshed out as a much smarter and well-rounded person than in the start when he just appeared to be a bit of a troll.

I mean, if this was a newer building I’d assume it’s a drug grown-up, but seems a bit old for that to be why..prohibition era still mayb

Well, electricity didn’t become important til after the Civil War, so probably not Underground Railroad. But that doesn’t exclude hiding illegal somebodies? Maybe GrandPa who built the Library, hid the family Booth who were supposed to be massacred? No, that’s too complicated. I’m looking at a close shave with Occam’s Razor.

It would be interesting to know approximately how old the various layers of electrical and plumbing technologies are. Not an exact date, but a guess as to which half of whicb century.

Maybe Reggie will mention something like this.

Patricia’s Dad is still ALIVE…, and has a secret apartment beneath this building, and now Reggie + Patricia are about to open the door…and find him!
Dunnn, da dunn Dunnn!

Peter Venkman:
So what? I guess they just don’t make them like they used to.

[slaps Venkman up the head] No! Nobody ever made them like this! The architect was either a certified genius or an authentic wacko!

My ex used to get sick something pretty close to once a month. I never got it, even though I was around her a lot. Eventually, she was diagnosed with a condition that frequently comes with food intolerances. Red meat is the most common and she already knew she had an aversion to it, so she tried eliminating that and slowly adding in other things and if removing them helped, she kept them out of her diet.

What she ended up with happens to have a term, but I’m not trying to push that diet – just the concept of trying to find out what might not sit well with you and see if you do better without it. Different people are different. For example, my ex’s wife has similar but more profound issues with my ex’s diet. So it very clearly doesn’t work for everyone. But each person figuring out what they themselves needs may be the closest to working for everyone we can get.

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