There are that many renovation shows out, that “DIY Detective” could in fact be made into one. You find or advertise for places where DIY renovations were done poorly or half-done or are so craptacular that the place is considered less up-to-code than a haystack that has come down with a tornado infection.

You can have the rights to this, if I can run an Australian version of it.

I might actually watch that, if it wasn’t done in the usual overwrought style so typical of modern television.

I admit, I REALLY like this. Ghost hunting has been done all over, but this is the first time that a ghost hunt turned into a really serious investigation of the building itself that I know of.

It also has a ring of authenticity to it; I know nothing about building codes, but reading this, I believe that someone might have pulled a scam here after all.

Bravo, sir; this is some fine work.

Reggie should just go back to school. He might be accident-prone, but he clearly knows his shit. You can get a degree in construction management these days. Just after I started going to Western Nevada, they introduced a four-year program for that, and summarily dropped the “Community” from their name.

I’m really enjoying Reggie on this trip. I like how he’s showing more depth here, with his knowledge of this kind of building work. I’m also expecting it to lead into something bigger, either for the group, or just for Reggie. But mostly I’m loving his superior attitude, but applied to contracting work. “I’m offended by this shoddy workmanship.” It just fits his character so well.

There was a great cable show out of Canada called Holmes on homes. Dude named Mike Holmes went around fixing the work of terrible contractors and subs. Honestly made me paranoid of ever buying a house.

Another thing that’s weird, is the word, “weird”.
It doesn’t follow the standard, English language, spelling rule of- “I before E, except after C”.
A word that follows that rule, is- “field”.


A DIY detective is every self motivated homeowner of an older home.

Wait, who grounds the bathroom electric to a PVC pipe?!

Where is the other side of this balanced circuit?

Who replaces 1920’s door moulding with stained 1×4?


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