Wow, Reggie just came the fuck out of nowhere. And did anyone else snicker when John said “You finally got her to come”, or am I just being juvenile?

Yes and yes ;-)

I’m pretty sure that double entendre didn’t pop up without carefully massaging of Jackie’s well oiled … script.

Jackie’s ability to write on multiple levels is one of my greater Joys.
What he says in those levels is a different kind of joy, but, yes.

Man! Do we really have to talk about Jackie’s “office supplies”…and such, right now?
I get fixated on thinking about Jackie’s big…thick…”fountain pen”. :D

Oooh, those fountain pens! You squeeze them the wrong way, and everything gets all sticky! :)

Would you rather I talk about his script?
You know what they say about cartoonists with big hands:
“Big hands means,….big dialogue”. :D

…WELL, if someone other than YOU is going to show up, Reggie, then that would come true.

To be fair: Reggie [did] ask if this is a private party. His asking that can mean that he’s giving them the option of letting him join, or to turn him down.

[I feel like I’m writing a college paper on philosophy. My night is so weird.]

Woq so how many people exactly are gonna be lookin for ghosts at some point this like an avengers level gathering just to search a closet xD yet it’s very nice seeing all these great characters together for the first time in ages if ever

Nina and Ed could come too. Maybe Maddie and Evrina also.

Easy peasy – Nina and Ed fall through the roof while doing Parkour resulting in Maddie and Evrina checking out what the [censored] is going on behind the lacked door at the back of the storeroom from the coffee shop.

We’re also waiting around for Daphne, Shaggy, + Scooby! ;D

Have you seen that comic drawing of Velma as an armed badass, Scooby as a huge pit bull holding a zombie arm, and the Mystery Machine van done up for zombie hunting and rebadged “Misery Machine” with RIP SFD on the side?can’t seem to find it right now, but it leaves an impression. There’s a comic called Scooby Apocalypse-I don’t think it’s from there, but its interesting too.

Despite myself, against all common sense and decency, you’ve made me like Reggie. I smiled to see him “on-screen” again.

For that I can never forgive you!

Ah but common sense is hardly ever, if at all, good sense. There is a difference.
If there wasn’t we wouldn’t have the Darwin Awards, smoking would still be considered good for you, and just like a little white lead under the tongue will help treat anxiety.

I dunno why … but Reggie popping up outta nowhere with that line just fucking destroyed me. I love it! Great job on the layout and delivery. All your updates are incredible, but this one really upped it for me. Thanks, Jackie!

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