I don’t agree with [buddy Ben’s] opinion, but here is a quote, anyway:

“I’d rather be a pessimist because then I can only be pleasantly surprised.”- Ben Franklin.

I always wanted to live in one of those worlds where you could make money by smacking “monsters” with sharp objects. I don’t know where you got 15 gold pieces, Random Wolf, especially since you don’t have pockets, but now I can buy dinner tonight.

You know, in the old world D&D, they had treasure tables that would give things like bears silver coins.

“Let’s go kill us enough monsters that the random treasure could eventually equal up to 50 gp, which is enough to buy me something nice.”

Mind, the assumption was that these treasures were found in or near their lairs, most likely left behind by other people who thought, “Hey, trying to stab a bear sounds like a great idea.”


Or inside the monster simply because it wasn’t discriminating enough to separate meat from accessories or was just big enough to swallow its food whole.

They also sound evil on account of the current billionaires’ and multibillionaires’ track records.

The whole Zika scare was drummed up because the pedos amongst them were tired of catching it on their sex tours.

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