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Dogs & cats, living together! Real wrath of god type stuff. As far as we’ve come in terms of gay rights, or even just leaving them to their own devices, it’s always a little surprising when you see a pocket of people who never got the memo. For whatever reason a lot of people take me for being gay in real life. Actually, now that I think about it I remember why it was. It’s because I don’t speak like the common rabble. In at least one town in Kansas intelligence equates to gay for some people. In my old town several guys were into me apparently, & I kept having to tell them I was straight. They’d be like “Are you sure though?” Which is fine. I certainly wasn’t getting attention from women. The dark side was getting asked if I was a fag at fast food places by the staff. Because that was acceptable behavior 20 years ago. It never even occurred to me to bring it up to a manager. That’s how normal it was. I’ve had this sort of discount gay experience in my life though. A tiny little percentage of the fear that must accompany the reality.


“I’ve never had a problem with God, it’s his fans that give me headaches.”

Borrowing that one for sure. Amazing comic as always, just taking the moment to say keep on being awesome!

Heh. Saw a sign in a yard one time: “If God were real, what would you ask him?”

And I thought: “Can you do anything about all these jerks that think they’re working for you?”

Another time, I saw a sign somewhere in West Virginia: “Your god is what you wake up craving in the middle of the night.” Thought it very odd that God would be a 16-inch pizza with kalamata olives and jalapenos, but when did theology make sense? :)

It might be anecdotal, but Gandhi was supposed to say “I really like your Christ, but your Christians, not so much.” (I’m paraphrasing it.)

Yes. Multiple surveys (most of them from Barna) have shown that only a small percentage (under 10%) of people who claim to be Christians are actually people of the book.

As a guy who has a strong faith, I can say that this line really resonates with me: “I’ve never had a problem with God, it’s his fans that give me headaches.”
God doesn’t hate anyone. No one. (Which also bothers fundies and agnostics or atheists alike). He hates sin. But he still loves the sinner. (I happened to be one. Wait – we all are – it’s the human nature to go after or do things that are contrary to what God wants. We all do it. This is the crux of the matter. And yet God still loves every last one of us.)
So here’s my point. People who think God hates them? Read about this Jesus guy. He set high standards, but he loved everyone. Hey, fundies, Jesus wouldn’t treat people the way you do – with shaming. Stop it. You’re giving Jesus a bad name. Read your Bible.

Also, if you believe in a Creator that created everything, you should look at creation for answers. Go the base of how things work, especially in nature.

Hate gay people? Hate gay people marrying? Hate gay people adopting? That’s on you, look at nature. Animals do not have issues with other animals who have what is a homosexual relationship. In fact, those relationships often help the group by providing more care for the younger members of the group when the group is overburdened in trying to survive.

Hate people with alternative lifestyles? That’s on you. Look at nature – there’s a lot of creatures that adapt to alternative lifestyles to either attract mates or find safety to survive. Some adapt for no reason other than it just happens naturally. Other animals don’t “hate” them for it.

In fact, animals don’t “hate” at all. Hate is purely a human concept. We have sentience. If you believe that God gave humans sentience, then you either have to believe that God created you flawed and gave you hate, or God tests you with hate, and you need to get over that shit and elevate yourself above the human concept of hatred.

To go even further for the Christian religious crowd, hate is a byproduct of the sins of Envy, Wrath and/or Pride. So to hate gay people is giving into the cardinal sins. For other religious groups, to be adverse with Allah and His creations is to be heretical. Hating gay people or women or anyone else is the very definition of heresy. Most religious people who hate and divide live in hypocrisy of their own beliefs.

Don’t be a hypocrite. Don’t be a heretic. Don’t be an aberration of nature. And most importantly, don’t be an asshole.

“In fact, animals don’t “hate” at all. Hate is purely a human concept.”

I met a dog that hated me once. Wouldn’t stop barking, and he was a MASSIVE dog.

Every time I went to that yard, he remembered me and started at me again.

God also gave us clear standards that apply to humans, not animals (because we have sentience). Hating gay people is a violation of that standard. Hating gay activity (which violates His standard) is not. So when misinformed fundies stand around holding signs that say “God Hates [anyone],” it offends me, too. Being a fundie myself (a “woke” fundie, you could say), I tend to ignore them because they don’t represent me. And they certainly don’t represent God.

However, according to Scripture, those who choose to live a homosexual lifestyle stand condemned according to the standards God has given — not because of who they are, but because of what they choose to do. And claiming that you are gay and therefore must act gay is as bogus as me claiming that I am a liar and therefore must lie.

I am extremely curious as to why someone who apparently thinks that “gay activity” is a sin deserving of hell is reading a comic with two prominently bisexual characters clearly engaging in said “activity”.

Also, you are not born a liar, you choose to lie. You are born whatever sexuality you are.

Also, also, the scripture you are referencing is not written by the God you believe in. It was written by men who lived thousands of years ago, who maybe thought they were doing what He wanted. Or, more likely, they thought that they could make people do what THEY wanted by convincing them that it was what He wanted. So, no, God didn’t set those standards, men did.

I’m not here to disparage your beliefs, you can believe in whatever you want, but I think that more people need to consider the fact that no religion in existence was created without the influence of fallible, flawed, and sometimes just plain incorrect, humans. Even if you think that some, or most, of the rules set out in the Bible for how you should live are indeed what was intended by God, what’s to stop the person writing it from slipping a couple things in there that they, personally, don’t like, and saying that was also intended? Jeremiah over here didn’t like shellfish, and now suddenly nobody in the old testament is allowed to have it, do you see where I’m coming from here?

Why would that bother atheists? They don’t think god exists.

Likewise with agnostics. They don’t give it much thought because, to them, God(s) may or may not exist and if God does exist, they are unknowable.

Therefore, whether or not God loves anyone, or is a genocidal maniac is irrelevant to them.

Because it sometimes comes up in conversations on the topic. The character of God in the bible sanctioned slavery in the old testament, so long as you were from the wrong places, and advocated for slaughter of certain people besides. There are a lot of fairly easy interpretations of God’s character as represented in the bible that can seem much more spiteful, vengeful, and loathing than one would hope.

Let’s also not forget that there are those who love God but those same people love their political stances even more and try to lump both the Bible in with their political beliefs, thus creating a Frankenstein’s monster for an election season. If one prefers their politics over their beliefs and tries to excuse it as part of their beliefs, then they’re only fooling themselves and giving their religion a bad name.

“For whatever reason a lot of people take me for being gay in real life. Actually, now that I think about it I remember why it was. It’s because I don’t speak like the common rabble. In at least one town in Kansas intelligence equates to gay for some people.”

Hmmmmm… wonder what that reminds me of…?

“…and there was a time in this country, a long time ago, when reading wasn’t just for fags and neither was writing.”

Oh, yeah… that’s the one.

Jo, if you’re just a bit concerned that you’ll incur the wrath of God (and that’s still unknown), go all in. Make the transgression (sic) fit the punishment. Jess would enjoy it more.

Had a long, reasoned and thoughtful comment over half written. Hit the wrong key and it disappeared. Might be divine intervention.-I’d have probably gotten enough negative responses to further question my vanishingly insignificant self esteem. Cheers.

This may not be a popular opinion but I truly cannot accept the notion that homophobia, racism, or any other ism has anything to do with a persons actual devotion to a religion. I find most people who think this way just kind of worship themselves and their own “piety.” People just kind of believe what they want and come up with excuses for it socially because all anyone ever wants to hear is “You were right all along.” Full disclosure, I’m an atheist from the bible belt who worries about loosing his job if people found out.

This is just my opinion, but, that’s terrible.
In The United States, no one is legally allowed to do anything to get you fired, because you are- atheistic, theistic, agnostic, or any category that is not in those 3.
To me, morally, that is a bad thing to do. that stinks.
[ Please notice- I’m not trying to get anyone to adopt an atheistic view, theistic view , agnostic view, or any other view, by my writing the above comment].

A similar sentiment from [AndyOH!]’s webcomic “Too Much Information”, in the last 2 word-balloons:
… it’s currently on hiatus, while the Author recovers from a stroke.

And those pockets of people usually gloss over a few key bits of scripture.

*Treat others the way you want to be treated.
*Don’t judge others.
– corollary: Your rubric(s) will be used against you when you die.
*Double standards are bad (this one gets repeated A LOT).
*Everyone is equal. Period.

Just found this Lovely entertainment value about two weeks ago, buzzed all the way fro first comic to here in that time.
I have to comment on how nice it is to see such reasonable and accepting and polite comments! Such a rare thing in today’s internet!
Already signed up for the Patron, what a good value and so worth it to me! I will be reading this as long as you keep putting out this high quality delightful product!
Thank you Crave for building this space and inviting all of us into it. Thank you fellow fans for being such kind wonderful people to chat with, even though this is the first time I have chimed into the discussion instead of just lurking

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