It was all I could do to not burst out laughing on a crowded bus after reading the words “I smell like cinnamon.”

Re_”Jo’s imagination is running will, hand in hand with her libido.”:

I think your spell-checker is messing with you again, because most imaginations run “WILD”, not “will”.

My favorite curse, for these occasions:
“Drag-Knob Them Chicken-Flickin’ Spill-Chuckers Anywho!!!?!”


I rolled your favorite curse across my tongue and it involuntarily generated a Yosemite Sam voice…
also euphemisms are good when speaking around your sibs sprouts…

They’re also educational!
My nephews asked me what a “gar” was.
(I told them “Look it up.” … they learned about the “Alligator fish”.)
Years later, & they *STILL* haven’t figured-out how to “flink” one, though.

Do you mean, Jo’s imagination is running WILD?
I’m just asking, because sometimes grammar can be a puzzle to me. *shrugs*

Soooo…..if Evrina smells like cinnamon, what FLAVOR does Rulette smell like??

The role playing games fans that I know are into Pocky [snacks] + sort-of trendy root beers.
One root beer that they like is one [flavor?] of r.b., named- IBC Root Beer. Yum. :)

“No one should speak in third person”

But it is so much fun when they speak in third person because it keeps others questioning – Are they The Royalty, Disconnected from themselves, A self important Cheeto or an MPD ready to explode?

The Jo is wrong.

Third person speaking Dr. Doom is the inarguable proof of her fallacy.

The Incredible Hulk.

Solomon Grundy.

Notice that all examples are also incredibly powerful?

Dr. Z notes that their power increases with 3rd Person speech!

Behold how The Jo’s own cuteness has leveled up 7 fold.

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