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I drew a full body image of Carol in the first panel for no reason other than I wanted to. It wasn’t necessary to set the scene. I just wanted to do it. A purely self motivated and defiant choice.

I also got an editor, even though I don’t like putting my stuff on others. I got an offer from someone I felt like I could trust and I took it. Sometimes you need to know when to say yes. Wasting time fixing errors is no good. We’re cutting it right out.


Perfectly fine to draw Carol in full body. You are part of your own audience, after all, so draw what you enjoy.

Carol is much more…. legs…. than I would have expected xD

(post night shift. brain can’t words good)

I like Carol in the 1st panel. :)
As you have said- people should draw full-figured people, as personifications of the new, black hole.
Please Jackie, how about drawing us Carol in a black hole costume? :D

I’m not sure what that would look like, but maybe I’ll try.

Is it me or is Carol’s stomach nearing beating her bust in size. Or am I just crazy?

You’re not crazy; it does look that way, but I think it’s an optical illusion caused by her pose, her work uniform (t-shirts, especially work t-shirts, aren’t all that flattering :P ), and viewing angle. She *is* rounder in the middle than her co-workers, but her… er… assets are also far more ample than her stomach, hah.

Oh no I’m taking about more recently, I think she’s still gaining that so called “date weight” that she was upset about. And I hope I’m not the only one that think she needs more or it.

And here I was going to compliment setting the scene with the epic first panel. Anyway, it works: it’s a hero-shot of the actual manager material.

Having been at my job for 11 years, I became The Go-to Guy, like Thomas. The mistakes I made was:

– Paying attention to processes
– Learning shortcuts in the computer system to make things simpler for myself
– Having some knowledge of computers and networking at all

All of this = Truth.

In my past, I’ve managed chain stores, where ultimately, you find the worst employees working there, people who don’t do enough work to warrant getting paid even $1/hour. Why do they have a job? Because they’re the ones who actually bother to show up. The rest of the applicants can’t be bothered to do even that half the time.

Is your new editor on the job yet? In Carol’s last word balloon it should be “DEFINITELY”.

You know it is possible to point out a mistake without being a dick about it.

You are expecting decency out of the general public. Worse, on the internet.

I mean, I keep hoping for it too, but still….

It’s important to express your desire for people to do better, or the bar will just keep lowering.

Some people are just intent on stomping the bar into the ground. But even they’d struggle in the end.

It keeps reminding me of those old toys with the dowels arranged in holes. You’d take a little toy mallet and pound them down. People don’t know how to encourage (“lift up”) anymore. The only way they know how to make themselves feel better is to pound other people lower until everyone’s on the bottom.

Sorry, I was coming off a few hours of proofreading, and only intended to point out the word clearly, hence the caps. I really was trying to NOT be a dick about it, but I suppose I shouldn’t post when I’m tired.

I’m guessing that Jackie likes a type of [hint to a needed correction], like:

“I’m guessing that, “marsk”, in panel 4, probably was meant to be, “marks”.

Maybe something like that would work well. Whichever.

I like it when people just point out a typo, or what have you, without song & dance. “Hey, in panel whatever something should be something else.” It’s very simple. I don’t mind having typos pointed out. I do mind when people passively, or aggressively, insult me while doing it.

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