1973 Call Denied.

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In some universe where I’m more physically capable this is the second comic I’m making… it’s not super successful either…

I had one of my shaking fits last night. It’s been quite some time since the last one. In spite of that I had a productive day. Although I’m writing this from my phone because I’m too tired to use my proper computer now. Seems like I have to sleep now.


Looks like Ed is working on getting himself kicked out of the group. Brooksie and Jessica both seem willing to go along, and perhaps work with him to help him find fun in the game, but Ed seems to keep shutting them down. He’s also complaining about how well the cleric did healing him. Unless being grumpy is a particular trait of his character that he’s roleplaying, he’s not doing himself any favors by keeping such an unpleasant attitude.

To be fair to Ed that how his character should act. If anything a character who easily accepts someone who is responsible for gettting their hand cut off would be weird.

Yes, but not all of them are responsible for it. He seems like he’s turning down the help of everybody, not just the one who cut off his hand.

At the very least, they are probably going to have to halt the game to make sure he is actually having fun.

Well, maybe he’s not made to roleplay

This is totally valid roleplay though.

This, right here.

Ed and Jessica were obviously going to butt heads. Whatever the incident was, this was obvious before gameplay that the two are seeking different types of fun. Any GM worth a salt could see it coming just from their demeanor. Alas, most roleplayers tend to put some of themselves into their characters (perhaps more than we should). If any other character had been the most-directly-responsible party, methinks Ed might be a little less antagonistic. But as Jess continues to deflect (which may hold some truth) some blame off her, I’d almost predict that he’s building a hill to die on that she’s once again “ruining” something of his.

Ultimately, we have this dynamic being an issue. While Jess is far more expressive, chaotic, even a strong instigator (good qualities to pull a party towards a hook), these very qualities are quite antagonistic too; Ed doesn’t ever outright turn Brooksie down when she asks to come, merely questions the motives. But with Jessica butting in, it’s a raw nerve getting hit, possibly because Ed just doesn’t see her trying to be helpful.

This can be either a great roleplaying experience or a slow-tilt to disaster. But until the scene continues, most of this is just speculation.

People have all sorts of issues. My issue is when they bring them into the game. I ran one where two guys (usually friends) had an argument IRL, then the bruiser character wouldn’t protect the plot-essential cleric. The cleric died, forcing me to get creative in finishing the adventure up.

When I asked what the problem was, the bruiser-player said, “He wouldn’t share his Doritos with me!”

Hooo boy! *snnrk*
And I thought that MY D+D exeriences were bad!
Seriously, because you went through that,…I salute you, Sir, or Madam, or whatever sobriquet that you like. :D

“Sir”, I suppose, being male, though I am hardly so formal. I’ve got a lot of old D&D stories, or at least I used to. A stroke cost me many memories. I might toss a few more stories out if Jackie keeps up with the adventure storyline.

I agree. He is playing in character, even if by accident.

I never had any problem with players keeping in character, save for the one guy who stopped speaking when his character went mute. He kept gesturing and wouldn’t even write notes because his character didn’t have paper. I tried to explain it was okay to say what his character was doing, but he still wouldn’t. Eventually he slowed the game down to a crawl and was told to speak. I said if he didn’t like it he didn’t have to play.

He left and destroyed all his D&D materials, both self-created and store-bought. His reasoning was, “Well, you said if I didn’t like it, don’t play!” He was not stable, not surprising anybody reading this, I suppose.

If the warrior girl distracted Lann with some flirting, he might stay.
[The girl with the gloves will not, since- in real life, she is his sister.]

I hope that you’re doing OK today, Jackie.

Same here. No complaints about the comic, that’s for sure. Good stuff AND on time, too; that’s full marks as far as I’m concerned.

Better than a lot of the webcomic market, where “I’m going to disappear for a few weeks and not tell anybody” is fairly standard stuff.

Or,”Such and such will be back such and such a date”, and that’s 3 weeks ago.

Just so you aren’t too worried I’m still going through a period of deterioration, but it’s not an abnormal thing for me. It’s just something that happens & I don’t know what causes it. Basically I’m fine. I’m just having some anxiety issues and some relatively minor health problems that resonate with the anxiety.
Or maybe I’m actually dying this time. I don’t know, but I’m probably okay more or less.

No worries, man. Your comic is amazing, with awesome plots and genuine character development. Brooksie gaining confidence, Reggie turning into a worthwhile human, even if he is a dick. I’ve been a reader for years, since before Carol and Thomas hooked up, and I’m a fan for life, and this is coming from someone who doesn’t generally read webcomics. I Like Questionable Content, Erma, Headless Bliss, and top of the list is always Between Failures

I wasn’t going to say anything , but after the last comment, yeah, you’re pretty well my favorite creator too. And I seriously don’t care about slice of life.
Your characters are dynamic and interesting, you’re funny and reliable. I started reading about Strip 1000. You were the first comic I ever kept up with, and while Ive dropped others and some have ended I’ve always come back here.
uh, that was surprisingly sincere. Need to bro it up, errrrrr.

TL;DR u da man!

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