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Rulette has a very flexible play style.

I feel less shitty than I did yesterday, but still pretty shitty. I’m almost certain I have a sinus infection because my eyes are fucked beyond belief. I can feel it behind them. I taped a filter over the vent in my room so maybe that will take the edge off of the dust & allow me to heal a little bit. I don’t want to freeze, but I also don’t want to have continuous anxiety attacks that this shit always causes.

I should see about rigging up some kind of better filter for the rooms I’m in the most. Maybe something I can slide into the ducts a little way in so I can still control the flow of the air. It’s actually kind of strange that the vents don’t have them already. Has no one ever thought of this before? The main filter on the heater clearly isn’t enough.


Yay! I know the feeling. When you go off script, that’s when you can have the most fun.

I’d recommend having a lot of warm food, as well as heat or powerful odors going into the nose. That helps break up mucus, and you can breath easier, as well as get excess mucus out quicker so you can get better faster.

Honestly, that sort of planning is what a smart DM should be doing. Along with learning how to fake “oh, this encounter is completely different from what you would have gotten into if you’d headed the other way.”

Plan around your big landmarks, not the supposed plot line, just in case they decide to take a detour. Keep your cool when things go a different path, and give ’em the same monster if it works. Poker faces are important.

Exactly, it’s not so much a plot line as a plot wave length. Your goal isn’t to keep them
On a direct route, but to figure out how to wind it back in place for the greater plot to arise.

Wind them back in place? That’s chump stuff. Best story I ever read was how a party ignored the quest to stop a lich from completing a ritual in order to overthrow the government to bring the kingdom democracy. Campaign ends with them signing the first bill into legislation only to have an army of undead rise up and begin slaying the living. Let them go off script. Just remember that the show must go on with or without the main cast.

Though I’ve always had my starting cities roughed out, I have had to make stuff up on the fly sometimes when players wanted to explore undeveloped areas. Plus, I always had ready-to-play adventures I could drop anywhere needed. I also was good at just making shit up when needed.

Killing one of them off in a bar brawl usually gets the group out of the bar faster than anything I’ve seen.

Be careful when using that tactic since that may more times than not, get players out of the group

Seen it done, I was one of the NooBz, who didn’t know that if the sword master is mad at you, the D.M. Will save you. If the D.M. Is mad at you god can’t save you. I don’t play anymore myself.

Dunno if it’ll help you, but what one of my friends did was get a box fan, a box fan size air filter meant for a central heating unit, then taped/ziptied the filter to the “incoming air” side of the box fan, and turned the whole thing on in his room. Looked ghetto, but it did actually help. Filter got gross pretty quick, too.

Also, when’s the last time your home’s air filter was changed? That can have a pretty big impact on the gunk in your air. Also might consider upgrading the filter to one meant to cut down on allergens, they’ll be more expensive but sometimes they help. (Assuming you haven’t already, anyway)

At home I use the three layer method.
Layer one – Return air standard filter though in the spring and fall during allergen season I use the treated sticky blue stuff
Layer two – electrostatic air cleaner catches the smaller stuff that makes it past the first.
Layer three – vent filters in the bedrooms but my mum uses an electrostatic air cleaner

At work we use something a bit more intense for the labs and facilities but again its in layers and the cheap first layers get replaced regularly and the more expensive final filters have a much longer useful life running into the years instead of just months.
Supper cheap batting filter catches hair leaves bugs dust-bunnies etc
Almost as cheap treated sticky filter – this is usually blue and catches most of the pollen
This is the office air feed
Electrostatic filter – is supposed to catch the remaining dust and pollen particles
This is the general lab feed air
HEPA Filter – 99.97% efficient – 2×4 ceiling panels
This is our clean rooms with lots of re-circulation through the system going on
ULPA Filter – 99.999 and possibly more digits – ours was 99.999996 at $10k
This is our animal facility – the critters get treated way better than the people in the office

Now onto what I recommend to everyone who asks me about air quality.

If allergens are a problem in the house I recommend doing the one two three filter system at the very least and it requires very little if any modification to the duct-work around the furnace.

Do duct cleaning if it has never been done before – Compressed air and a shop vac will do in a pinch if you get creative with hooking things up and don’t trust or can’t afford the commercial guys – it will just take longer and time is easier spent than money you don’t have.

An electrostatic air purifier in the bedroom is a cheap practical solution though surfaces will get grimy with the basic non-fan models.

Also get yourself one of those battery CO monitors that are good for 10 years.
The same for your fire alarms which should be the hybrid models with both sensor types.
When the battery starts to die the sensor is near the end of it’s life as well.

In regards to your filter issue: https://www.amazon.com/WEB-WVENT-Vent-Register-Filters/dp/B000BWKMI2 My parents have used something like this, they seem to help a little, maybe they’d be useful for you? They’re cheap, at any rate, so it would be a thing you could try, and if it didn’t help, no big loss.

On the topic of the comic: Good comic as always, i’m really enjoying the dnd storyline :)

That’s exactly what I was thinking of, I knew I couldn’t be the first to think of it. I never even thought to look on amazon. XD how stupid am I?

FWIW, please don’t let it bug you. :)
A friend of mine works as an IT for a big company, + deals with PCs + the web, all day.
he once said, “where can I buy a book on leatherworking?”, + I said, “Have you trid the internet?”
He grumbled and said, “GEE…you’re brainy.” :D

Yes, that is EXACTLY what the best parties will do to a GM.


I’ve done it myself. One of my favorite times was when a newbie DM wanted to use my world to run an adventure. I warned against it but he insisted (cause he was new). I steered us to a town I had fully developed, gave him the info, and ended up recruiting a paladin for the group. The DM actually insisted on it, even when I told him it was my own character. My most powerful character at the time.

We destroyed the adventure. “What do you mean he jumps into the sea to fight the Kraken? It’s an ancient red dragon, why aren’t you running? Why aren’t the wizard’s spells working on him? He’s got how many hit points?!”

I easily convinced him to make his own world after that, but he still sucked.

Perhaps if the cloth was a looser weave (such as the Nylon from a discarded stocking), then it might block air less, but still perform as a filter?
I know that old stockings are great for covering the output-vent on the dryer, because by the time they’re full-up with lint, there’s always another discarded stocking to replace it, so the full stocking can go straight to the trash.
Might I suggest, if the cloth was also lightly sprayed-down with water from a hand-held misting bottle (which is also useful for cultivating some plants — & for disciplining cats), it could also help to humidify the incoming air … ?

Have you tried the waterboar….uh, Neti pot thing. I use one occasionally. Can be kind of rough, but it can help for a while. I think the moisture helps more in the wintertime.

I have a similar device but it hasn’t been helping at all.

I hope we don’t have to remind you of the seriousness of sterilization with those things. Can’t have you getting the brain-eating amoeba – we need that brain for all the amazing stories it has yet to release upon a grateful readership!

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