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I’ve been waking up feeling not right. The in my head repetition of stuff I hear has been happening again. Which I think is a sign that I’m not falling asleep enough for my brain to rest from the previous day. It seems to happen when I get too tired & stressed. It might be from needing new cpap masks, or not being able to get comfortable, or maybe just my allergies, which are extremely bad right now. It might even just be from getting interrupted when I try to sleep, or maybe it’s been too cold, or too hot, or any number of things. For whatever reason I seem to “wake up” properly at around 6 AM give or take, then I don’t want to sleep until my body just forces me to. I’ve been trying to get back in to taking a walk everyday, but my feet cracked so bad the other day I had to stop to give them a chance to recover. My foot dryness is really severe for some reason. It runs in my mom’s family, but it’s really bad with her and I. I need some kind of plastic sock I can wear at night just to let my oils and stuff absorb in to them. It’s started to spread to one of my toes too. Maybe it’s just going to get worse as I age. It’s never spread to my hands the way it has with my mom, but who knows, maybe it will eventually. That would be bad since I work with them constantly. He hands are perpetually cracked to the point of bleeding & she sleeps with gloves on to help moisturizers work better overnight. Anyway it’s annoying. I need to get more stuff ordered for my Cpap, but I couldn’t until the 14th, then I forgot about it, so now it will take a while longer. I’m going to try to remember to do it tomorrow morning. Which means at best it will be late next week before the stuff comes.


Tommy boy here is trying real hard to be a boss and a friend and it’s not working. A friend is jovial and funny, a boss is direct and efficient. I know that technically he’s only their superior in seniority and full time status, but he can’t be ironic and authoritative. If no one takes him seriously, no one will listen. It’s getting to the point that you start to think Reggie has been right all along.

I agree–you can be a friend or a boss, but not both. I like my current boss a lot and we cut up all the time, but at the end of the day he is not my friend. He’s my boss. When we eventually part ways that might change, but for now it is what it is.

The same deal applies to parents, at least if they actually parent. I love my parents, and I love spending time with them, but they will never be my friends.

So this is Tomathy doing his manipulating thing to turn Reggie on Shithead. Wonder if this’ll lead to a conflict between him and Carol since he’s now directly undermining her managerial protege’s pet project.

Ok, he hasn’t done anything bad, let’s give him a chance…
“Yo Wes you’re an idiot and I’m the smartest person in the building I think you’re a piece of shit”
Yup, real opportunities….

Seems like it might be a mild form of PTSD. Mild in the sense of being brought on by general stress and lack of sleep-not by combat. As for the dry (cracked?) feet, seriously, try Corona salve. My hands around the cuticles and knuckles would get dry and cracked to the point it physically hurt to get something out of my pocket. Put a cotton glove on over some Corona salve for a night or two, and no problems for months.

Long time reader, first time commenting.
I really enjoy your comic as well as the accompanying blog postings and I was wondering at how much longer can I look forward to new pages?

I really hope that you’re asking how long he thinks the story will go, because the way you worded that was… bad. Very bad.

I was concerned about that, myself, a few pages back.
I think that Jackie said something like- he likes getting an income, by doing this comic,
and that he’ll keep making the comic- as long as he likes getting money from it, and while he’s having a lot of fun making it.

It looks like Jackie will be making this comic, for quite a while. No worries.

I make all my income from the comic. Almost all of it comes from Patreon support now since online advertising has tanked in the last few years. If I can’t make money I won’t have time to keep making it. That’s the reality of it all. About 800 people pay me to keep making the comic at this point. The amount I get from the ads on the page is so little I couldn’t survive on it, but I’m also not gong to get rid of it. It’s the only money I get from the readers who aren’t patrons, as long as they don’t use ad block. Of course, since ads are so often malicious on the net in general I can’t really blame them. Bad actors have ruined the free model for everyone. Wanting to protect yourself from them is normal. My ad people are pretty good, but even they can’t keep every ad safe. There’s just too many people pissing in the pool.

Just a note-

I think, to see the ads on Between Failures, you have to-

1) have your browser set to accept 3rd party COOKIES,


2) you need to have your ad-blocker OFF.

At least…that’s how it works on my browser +/or pc, to see the ads + get Jackie some ad revenue.

I dunno. However long it takes to tell the story. Or I die. The latter is probably more likely to happen first.

Don’t say that or my Italian guilt will start mailing you soup. Nobody wants that.

As a great poet once remarked:

Some-a nice minestrone, it’s good for you, hey. Mangia, mangia!

Mr. A-
“Hey! That’s Gypsy Sal!
She only comes here when a good guitar player shows up!”

Mr. B-
“You bet! But sometimes a good STEAK does it too!”
(Paraphrased from an Archie Comic).

Due to my advanced years, and ex-wives and poor planning etc. unfortunately I am now in the position of being only able to afford my needs. Not using adblock on sites I love, is sadly the only contribution I can afford. I wish you well though. (feels pretty shitty to only offer thoughts and prayers to be honest)

Sorry to hear about your health problems. Is there a specific name for a syndrome or something that covers your symptoms? (if tha’ts not prying too much, I just read a fair bit of medical stuff and am interested in diagnostic names and such)

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