If he’s now Best Boy, does that mean he’s on the verge of getting a Grip?


Re: collar bone —

Do you have a lot of joint problems? I remember that you’ve talked about having some sort of strange chest or rib issue …

Are you “double jointed” by any chance?

I’m just wondering if you could have a cartilage problem — sometimes described as “joint hypermobility” — this looks like a reasonable resource to see whether that could be a useful leed:

Anyway, hope your feel better …

Random mysterious injuries? That’s called getting older. I seem to have forgotten how to sleep safely and waking up with a sprain, pulled muscle, or even a fracture happens a few times a year.

Yup, getting older sucks. I woke up with what was later diagnosed as a dislocated rib. How in the world I did that sleeping, I have no idea. Took my chiropractor over an hour to work it back into place, and three months later, it still occasionally gets painful.

I do not recommend saying this to your manager in real life. It is not likely to end well.

…but it’s really fun here. And he is indeed a very good boy.

Welcome to aging. I just needed 2 full days to recover from grocery shopping and taking the trash to the curb. I live in the country, so just picture if you had to get yours to the next block over and up a ramp.

I need to see a doc about how the heck I’m having that bad a reaction to not-heavy exercise.

A few years back I had a couple of months where my collar bone joint below my chin was insanely sore. My Dr. diagnosed as arthritis. However having said this, it is my firm belief that 100 people could see the same physician with a similar complaint and walk away with 100 different diagnoses. So good luck.

I fucking hated this in retail, we do what we do everyday but for some reason the managers thought that if they started to intimidate us with firing us, sales would go up.

I remember a TVO special series on the coffee industry where Folgers management was upset about low and falling sales. Market research said the coffee drinking public thought product tasted like crap. Managements solution was to up the advertising, making all the bad points seem like good points and keep selling crap. [sometimes literally]

Anybody willing to buy Folgers gets what the deserve. I spoke at length with a coffee “middle man” who worked in sales. He said the best of Brazil’s coffee goes to Europe. The second cut goes to the West Coast of the USA!
The third cut to the East coast, and anything the dont sell to someone who cares, the Mid-West.
I was horrified. It was just a rumour I’d heard, until he confirmed it.
What the H.E. Double hockey sticks is the matter with this? Why can’t we have good coffee in the Mid-West? Cost what it may, I want good coffee and plenty of it. And coffee makes aspirin work better. At my age, I think coffee is the inly thing lubricating my joints.

Differs across Europe too, even if we are supposedly getting the good stuff. Coffee in Finland is awful, Coffee in UK is quite nice, Coffee in Italy is the best!
That being said, the coffee I make in my house is by far the nicest. Bit of a snob in that regard!

My very first memory is of climbing out of my crib at 18 months old and falling over the side, breaking my collar bone.

Yep, as has been pointed out, you’re simply getting older. Welcome to the world of something random hurting somewhere, every…. single…. day.

Nina looks like she’s about to pet him on the head and say, “Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy? You are! Yes, you are!” Sad thing is, I think Mike would lap that up.

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