1906 Songstress.

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I am, by no means, a songwriter. That first panel is about as much as I could muster without taking a ridiculous amount of time. One thing I do know about songwiting, however, is that lyrics only have to SEEM meaningful. Most song lyrics don’t mean anything if you really scrutinize them. You filter them through the lens of your experiences and assign them meaning. That’s not true of every song, but a large majority of pop hits, for example, have very limited actual depth of meaning. Really though, that can be said of a lot more than just songwriting. The reverse is much worse, I think. Being beaten over the head with a message is pretty lame. I try to slide my message in under the radar, rather than just spell it out. I feel like I’ve done relatively well. I also feel like I’ve done okay at showing that there are multiple sides to any situation. Although, generally this comic isn’t a real message heavy affair.

I’m probably going to have to write that whole song eventually though, which is… daunting.


There are no typos, everything the author does is carefully planned. Clearly this is some form of forshadowing. Perhaps they break up over the usage of to, too, and two.

typos are my main source of audience interaction…

Ooow! Harsh! I th Ugly we were doing better than that.
(Buzzer) oops, looks like time is up, and it looks like our team failed.

But hey, kudos on getting the nuance of putting the guitar down, and that beautifully. It’s the little things in your art that raise it from a web comic to real art. I’d put any page you’ve done in the past three years against Roy Lichtenstein any day of the week. (And secretly glad you’re not vying against Dali or Seurat, that would be a rough battle)

I th Ugly = I thought
I don’t know why the evil tablet does that to me, after I have corrected it once.
Correct me once shame on me,
Correct me twice, shame on Apple.

normally use Nika Futterman [Pandora from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy] as the default Brooksie voice but when reading this all i heard was Johnny Cash – Hurt

Love your comic I check it every chance I get. Also in the last panel you “though” instead of “thought”. :P <3

Man, I wish someone had caught both typos before I fixed it the first time. XD

Re_”I’m probably going to have to write that whole song eventually though, which is… daunting.”:

While, on the one hand it can be stressful to be racing to make a deadline, I suppose that it’s less daunting to compose without any set deadline for completion, but THAT method contains the risk of just never finishing. I’m not sure what sort of ‘compromise’ might be applied here.

On a separate note, did you have a particular melody in mind while designing Brooksie’s lyrics?

Second panel:
My wife when she says, “I’m ready. I just need to find my shoes.”

Fourth Panel:
Me: “Hurry up and get dressed.”
Wife: “It only takes me a minute to get dressed.”
Me: “I know that. However, it’s the time that it takes for you to start getting dressed that I’m trying to expedite.”

Well, I just sat down and binged from page 1 to here. Amazing work, so glad I found this comic. Just wish I new the update schedule so I could set reminders!

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, regular as clockwork.
I have it bookmarked, and folders are M-W-F, weekly, vote every day, Tuesday-Thursday,
Check on every month, and last; hiatus or not updating/Finished.
Every day- webcomics, meh, it’s a life.

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