1907 Heartbeeps.

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I’ve been gritting my teeth so hard in my sleep that it’s making my jaw feel infected again. Usually I sleep with my mouth open because of my cpap mask, but something is apparently making me not do that right now. My jaw is uneven. Technically I can only bite down on one side of my mouth at a time. The right side is the one I favor because it hurts if I bit down on the left very long. Why I’m doing it in my sleep is unknown to me. I got a bite plate thingy but it made me drool so much it woke me up, so it’s a pick your poison kind of situation. Anyway, it’s irritating. I think I might also have a sinus infection brought on by the inflammation of my jaw. Or maybe just contributing to it.


*Looks at the last panel*
Man, to me, that’s a really sad story.

Then I told it properly.

The feels made me gasp, at the last panel. I hope it will be “Story Time”®, cause Jo might need some more back story.
It is one thing to have Cute in your wheelhouse, but it is something else to be able to take that and turn it up to ‘adorbs’. And Jo, Jo does that, without even trying.

Sure thing. Please pardon me if my comment has offended. The idea I was thinking of, when making my above comment, was- I’m very surprised.
Today, Jo is being very deep, + emotional,…sad, + relate-able.
Most fiction authors, like you, can’t write characters that are as touching + as deep as your characters.
Nicely done.

An example of a good film ruined by crappy soundtrack music: “Goldeneye”. I’d love to have ’em go back and have David Arnold rescore it properly.

Fun fact, the composer for Goldeneye is the same one as for Neverending Story. The score reuses several musical cues from Goldeneye to the point people accused him of just recycling the music.

I knew a guy who had a music major.
His joke was something like: “How did John Williams write the music for Raiders of the Lost Ark?
Easy. He just turned the written tune for Star Wars upside down.”
( Heh, heh. They DO sound kinda similar.) :D

Ya know that if you turn the sound off, Palpatine isn’t scary, just ugly (as the Emporeur). It’s the sound Fx and the leit motif that does it, the fear thing.

Equally important for video games. The best example of this I’ve ever encountered was “Enter the Matrix.” One of the first bits in the game is basically a chance to reenact the lobby scene from the first movie, and it would be awesome… except the music is generic and boring. And later in the game, there’s a horribly long sewer part. Mostly boring as hell… except for one part where a really good song (forget the name) comes on, and suddenly the generic bullet-time combat becomes FUN! And then the music ends and it’s boring again.

If you can get it for cheap, ETM is an interesting experience for any Matrix fan. Play it with cheats on.

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