1883 Aggressor.

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Carol & Thomas have sort of opposite personalities of what they should if you go by traditional gender roles. Thomas is very passive, avoids conflict, and does things behind the scenes whenever he can. Carol is forward, combative, aggressive, & doesn’t generally hide her motives. A lot of the time her personality is framed as unpleasant, but she’s actually very truthful and easy to deal with compared to Thomas’s sneaky nature. Framed in another way she would be the obvious hero & he would be the wormy guy. I like upsetting expectations, but from my perspective this is normal since I’m a very passive person who sneaks around. Really though, none of the girls are “girly” in a traditional sense. Not that women like that don’t exist in reality, I just find it hard to work with since I very rarely encountered it in my life. Of course, as I’ve often shown, people aren’t ever just one thing. Shy people can be open and aggressive in situations where they feel comfortable and extroverted people can whither in places they feel uncomfortable.


“Tradition is a clock that tells what time it was.” Figuring out one’s own relationship dynamic as one goes along is half the fun. Or so I understand. :)

But…who’s to say that [non-aggressive] people can’t have, VERY hot fantasies?
I’ve read some erotic stories, by people who admit to having “sub”-type traits,…stories that can make steam come out of people’s ears. Lemme tell ya! *walks off to sit in an ice filled room*

I certainly wasn’t trying to say that. Still waters run deep and all that.

Sure thing.
I guess I was countering Carol’s idea, or implication[?], that her erotic fantasies were much hotter than Thomas’, since Carol has agressive traits.

But now…
I realize that I’m arguing with Carol, who is a cartoon character, so I guess I’ll drop my line of thinking, now. :D

I love upset tropes. :) Except in superheros, apparently; I goofed pretty badly in a comment on Evil Plan. That was a sudden major twist against genre, though. I wasn’t expecting it.

I feel like the traditional gender roles you point out are marketing a lot more than people think. Toxic masculinity directs one to embrace them and oppose any other options. But there are quite a lot of guys at the top of the food chain that did not get there by being direct and honest and they don’t stay there by being direct and honest.

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