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Is this what they call rising action? (I’m talking about his tinkle dinker)

I got to a point in Hollow Knight where the game’s difficulty exceeded my skill. It’s not uncommon for me. So now I’m going back to old areas trying to see if I can find some kind of power up that will get me past the problem. Right now I’m going to try and get a ton of money so I can upgrade an item because I’m really close to being able to finish this one battle, so if I had a little more power I think I could pull it off. Hollow Knight does a good job of making you think you’re almost good enough to do something so you try it a bunch of times before giving up and trying something else. That said, it’s very frustrating in the moment. I also triggered an event that made the map harder to traverse, so that’s a bummer… Anyway, it’s a really cool game. I like the sad aesthetic of it.


What part of hollow knight are you at? I might be sble to help?

Uh, there’s a boss fight with these 4 or five big dudes all at once. I dropped something on one before the fight, I think. I also can’t beat Thorn in the wasteland or whatever it’s called. I’m stuck at two spots kind of.

Ah yes THAT.

Try to keep them together and use the extrntion pin. It should help some, the spun attack should also help some. And downslash.

Also, you can use the dream nail on the empty shells to regain soul before the fight. And i HIGHLY recommend that you explore around the area before you go back in again.

“ollow Knight does a good job of making you think you’re almost good enough to do something so you try it a bunch of times before giving up and trying something else.” I think that’s a very adequate description of the game. It speaks a lot about the game that despite this, it’s so good it’s worth powering through the frustration! It’s definitely one of the best games to come out in a long time.

A good game makes you feel like failing is your fault and not the game.

Though when you get the right charm combination, there is some delicious cheese to be had with some of the game.

Got any examples?

OK, possible spoilers ahead, but there you go.

One very useful combo is Defender’s Crest + Spore Shroom. It’ll cover a big area in a higly damaging “heroic” cloud whenever you heal by focusing. Couple it with Quick Focus + Stalwart Shell or Baldur shell and you can make it pretty effective in many boss fights.

Another cool interaction is Defender’s Crest + Glowing Womb. Your hatchlings become dirty bombers and are that much stronger. Use Weaversong and a charm that increases soul generation for a fun and strong summoner build against bosses.

If you like dodging and already got the Shadow Cloack, coupling the Dashmaster + Sharp Shadow charms can make your dash do a lot of damage. Add in Sprintmaster for being the most mobile the game allows you to be.

There are others of course, but these are the ones I found that change the game around in very interesting and less obvious ways.

Thomas’ Oop! expression in Panel 3. One more reason to support the comic.

As tempting as it would be, Thomas, I wouldn’t ask for an extra 15 minutes to your break. I would get some coffee, matcha, tea, or other liquid energy beverage to recuperate. You don’t need a bumbling manager to be clued into your…extracurricular activities.

So, where [are] Carol + Thomas gonna have their fun? Does they take a key, + temporarily lock themselves in a storeroom, or something?

I’m reminded of a conversation I had with someone that had gone very much like this one. But it wasn’t in public and the comment about her being aggressive was made with me being pinned to my bed. Rather than talking about my break, I merely suggested that what she might not realize was that she had me right where I wanted to be.

If memory serves me correctly, that was not the right comment to make, because stuff then quickly cooled down. I had the impression she was a big fan of consent, but what I had not properly assessed was that she wanted to edge that a bit and make me want her enough to consent to doing something a little out of my comfort zone. Finding out that was actually the way I wanted it didn’t suit her well.

I should’ve probably said something about not being able to argue with the situation or some such.

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