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I think it’s pretty safe to assume that the build destroy build cycle of comics is going to continue as long as the companies exist. I don’t even know how many times the universes got restarted since I stopped reading Marvel and DC books. They restarted at least twice while I was.
I haven’t heard about Image comics in a very long time. Are they still a thing? Are those properties still going? I seem to recall Spawn ended eventually. I don’t know if I could name a second Image comic without looking. The Savage Dragon? I feel like that ended… I don’t remember many ideas lasting past a few issues. What was the one that got an anime? Witchblade. Yeah, that was all kinds of fanservice. No movie though. Seems like the kind of thing you’d try out in our current environment. The Darkness had a video game I seem to remember… Image didn’t really have a cohesive universe though, I guess.


Witchblade got an anime and a tv series.

Spawn is still going, last I recall seeing in the comic shop, but I stopped collecting that long long ago.

Not sure about Savage Dragon.

The problem with Image, was it’s creators would start then quit or take to long to make the next issue.

Cyberforce has been rebooted, still on the fence on it, but it’s been rebooted multiple times as completely different.

Cyberforce and Death Vigil are the Image comics I currently have on pull, but I don’t think we’re going to get any more Death Vigil. :(

Wildstorm merged into DC Comics. So all of Jim Lee’s stuff basically.

Savage Dragon still exists, and if you value whatever memories you have of it from back in the day, I beg of you, do not read the newest issues.

It’s porn. It’s turned into porn.

Spawn is still going on and they brought back Al Simmons to do so. And well some of Image comics characters have been idk the term bought out to either DC or Marvel comics like Grifter of WildCATS and the Spawn character angel, Angelea I think her name is. And there is Dark Horse comics, Valiant comics, on also there is that one comic jumping character that was part of Image, The Ant. And wish they could release some more alternate universe tales like that one science spider dude from Edge of Spiderverse story or the Lady Spider from steampunk world or Lady Deadpool, or maybe bring the Symbiote Jybrid back since the dog lived in Deadpool vs Carnage.

Spawn ended then didn’t end, because more there was more than one “Spawn” out there. So when Al Simmons ran out of time fighting Angela, four others kind of picked up the slack. That and they did like time-hopping Spawns, so you could see what Spawn looked as a Viking or a Pirate or a Inquisitor. They kept it going by a thin line until recently, when apparently they brought back Al.

As was also said, WILDSTORM stuff didn’t go away, it just migrated with Jim Lee to DC Comics.

If you want good comics revived, look up Archer and Armstrong. That one is pretty good.

My Hero Academia pretty much replaced any and all of my needs for good superhero stories. The creator loves western comics and has a really fresh take on heroes and powers. One Punch Man also on the side of total gag comics. Most western mainstream comics don’t do anything for me anymore. Every reboot isn’t a full reboot, they try to keep whatever was selling going. Also HUGE MULTI-TITLE SPANNING WORLD EVENTS are ruining things because they’ll just be back to “normal” when the next movie comes out”

The constant need for reboots just screams “We’ve run out of ideas on making a good, coherent storyline”. You know it says a lot when you find Archie comics worth reading more nowadays than superhero comics.

Worst of it is, if they could get some new blood in there you’d probably get more “good, coherent storylines.” I’ve seen fanfiction with better storylines than the stuff being put out today.

Frankly, I half wonder if all this SJW nonsense you keep seeing in in the comics is just a big publicity stunt to keep them in the headlines so people don’t forget they exist.

I think half the problem stems from the fact that they initiate guest writers and move writers between books so often that any cohesive story-line is broken up by new people injecting new ideas into the present character’s story.

They reboot when most of their characters are written into a corner and there is no possible way to continue going without a major change to everything anyway. DC Comics did this when they flipped Superman and Batman writers every four months, and the crossovers ended in more dead heroes and villains than actual plot points.

Also, the SJW stuff is mostly fans whining about someone rewriting something to be more “progressive” or “new”. Like Captain Marvel. Who cares if Mar-Vhel is male or female, the race they come from is fairly fluid gender-wise. Having Marvel as a woman actually opens some interesting stories. Same for a woman wearing the Iron Man suit – I’m surprised it’s taken this long.

However, since Captain Marvel and Iron Man have always been male, since the comic book community has been largely male for a hundred years, people gotta complain. “CAPT MARVEL/IRON MAN SHOULD BE A GUY.” Whatever, grow up. It’s a fucking comic book, dude.

Except that the 2nd CAPT MARVEL, Monica Rambeau, was a Black Woman & the 4th CAPT MARVEL,Phyla-Vell, was the 3rd CAPT MARVEL’s little sister. I don’t remember anyone have a problem with them.

The new CAPT MARVEL, Carol Danvers, was Ms. Marvel. a hero created in the 70s & had gone through several name changes over the years. I don’t remember anyone having a problem with her before she became CAPT MARVEL.

HOWEVER, the comics from recent years that people are complaining about have changed her from a sexy woman to a buzz cut manly look, to the point that she was being called Carl Manvers. She has also done things like getting Kamala Khan to round up people & put them in a concentration camp because they were “thinking” of committing a crime.

What of IRON MAN? There have been different versions of Iron Man over the years just like there have been various versions of Spider-Man. The problem is not that Riri is a girl, or that she is black. The problem is that Riri is written like she’s a sociopath. No really, one fan theory was that she is some kind of autistic. As a little girl Riri reads how her hero, a black woman, overcame being told she couldn’t do what she wanted. Riri asks her teacher to tell her that she can’t do anything. The teacher responds by saying this is a new time & Riri can do ANYTHING she puts her mind to.
Riri just stares at her.
The teacher, uncomfortably tells Riri that she won’t be as smart as IRON MAN. Riri now has her goal. In college our hero Riri STEALS IRON MAN parts to make her suit. When campus security shows up & she runs away.
She has invaded Latveria, deposed the leader & took over, because she wanted to. When the international community showed up to say WTF! she wanders back home.

The problem that the “complainers” have is not that “ew there are women as heros now!” or that there are minorities, but that the comics are now badly written & badly drawn compared to years ago. BUT ANY CRITICISM of the newer comics is met with “Fans are whiney, racist, misogynist man babies”, usually by the Marvel staff, on social media. Real Professional.

Yes it’s a fucking comic book, dude. Ones we loved, that is why we are upset.

I can get why you are angry at bad writing. That’s a legit complaint. I know it’s rampant, especially in the DC world right now.

However, I have seen a lot of fans have lost their shit on the minority and women characters. Both Captain Marvel (which has been through a dozen iterations, I know) and a female Iron Man (who is also not replacing Tony Stark – just adding to the story) are where I have seen fans go absolutely crazy at Marvel saying that women are not acceptable replacements for male characters. I’ve seen threats pointed at Marvel artists (not writers, mind you) who don’t make these decisions. I think the problem is that there is A LOT of sexist/racist/bigoted attacks combined with a lot of legitimate complaints, but the more bigoted, racist and sexist complainers are very loud (and more life-destroying).

Marvel should (and probably would be more willing to listen if they didn’t have to deal with a lot of shit at once) address your complaint away from the bad fans. However, Twitter is a terrible place to address any sort of issue. No company I know (even my own) has enough people to proper address people on social media. I can imagine that most of their explosive replies are basically frustration for the bad crowd. Which is not entirely the right thing to do.

I don’t work for Marvel, so I can’t apologize for their behavior. But at the same time, I have other sources of entertainment that I can turn to when all this crazy crap is going on. It’s a comic book. The present day work doesn’t invalidate the older stories, to be honest. I can wait until they get their stuff straight, and go back when they do get it straight. You can do that too. You don’t have to threaten or call writers names or try to ruin people’s lives over stories printed on paper that you put in a bag, seal up, put in a box and sell later for $100.

* I used to collect comics back in the day, quitting around 2004 and only really paying attention to the bigger plot lines, not really getting back into it until they recently brought back the Sentry and Maddox. *

Which new blood do you guys want though? Superhero comics no longer reflect the magic of hope that they once did from a society that had grown increasingly disdained with bad government politics and corrupt law enforcement. If anything, I now see superheroes as a punching bag of society because they’re not being “realistic” enough to embrace the public’s mindset.

Which then begs the question: Why do you want superheroes at all?

Meanwhile at the comic book store.

I think they prefer FLC/GS now to describe brick and mortar stores, since there aren’t a lot of comic book stores that purely sell comics and don’t carry over $4k in game/game supplies

I like Rulette!
Is there going to be a story, where people play D + D games, with her?

Pathfinder would be better.

Heh, yeah.
I was going to say, “role playing games”, instead of D + D, but I wanted to avoid a comment like, “you wanna ROLE PLAY, with Rulette?…Wink wink. Nudge nudge. ” :)

Savage Worlds would be better.

(See what I did there? There’s always a better pen and paper RPG for any group that plays an RPG – it’s purely up to the group)

Image has the invincible unverise so anything kirkman worked on.
That includes Savage dragon and tech jacket and more. Witch blade and others are included in the invincible unverise

Might be worth buying the invincible compendiums.

They still concentrate on writers properities alot of unique solo stuff in it just like vertigo comicscomics

Btw, you should add more tiers to your Patreon. Don’t be afraid to ask for $2 or even (gasp) $5.

Jeph Jacques has $1/5/10/100, he seems to be doing alright. Have a look at his rewards.

Or take Nerf Now as another example: https://www.patreon.com/nerfnow

She has fewer patrons (500) than you (800) but she’s getting about 3 times more than you per month. You two might not have identical stats, so you never know how it turns out, but it could be a good idea to permit your patrons to give more.

You know you can give as much you want right ?
I think Jackie doesn’t want to have premium Patreons. You Patreon him so the comics continue running, not to get extra stuff. That’s my way of thinking anyway

Image has a bunch of stand alone stuff, it’s not really a shared universe label. Image stuff I’ve been reading lately is Saga, Paper Girls, Pretty Deadly, and I Hate Fairyland. Paper Girls is really good, I highly recommend it.

As far as shared universes go, everything under Valiant is completely shared universe, and what I have read of some of their different series is pretty good.

Last time I read comics Marvel was having that reboot where ultimate and 616 came together and DC was having…I can’t even remember the name, but yeah, that’s when I stopped reading, both because of time and my main comic page went down.
Kinda wanted to get into 2000AD but I haven’t found where to read it or what to buy

I was an avid collector when younger, disposable income, and stories worth reading.
At the time I picked up these weird new titles but avoided the also rans. You may have heard of Myth Inc [first series awesome, second meh] TMNT [got as far as their space adventures] Then life took a bad turn and comics got the tap almost closed and I only bought one or two if any at all. Nodwick and PS238 were still regulars when I could get them. Maybe it was the explosion of alternative covers and the yuppies “investing” in comics that killed it for me or just the artwork getting so Jr High with an abundance of massive boobs and pouches drawn by massive boobs.

I find better stories or art or both online mostly. Sadly I did not archive a lot of my early favorites like Krazy Larry or Calamities of Nature.

I got my start with super hero comics, then switched to indies (Peter Bagge!). Then the indies sort of disappeared or became uninteresting. Then mostly web comics, even if they were obviously newbies in all respects, then added manga which was a very hit and miss process before the online translations. Then web comics faded to eternal hiatus …

Now I regularly read exactly one dozen web comics survivors and maybe fifty bootleg-translated manga. Super heroes are basically dead AFAIC (though I’m currently reading Boku no Hero Academia and listlessly tracking Empowered, the latter of which peaked some volumes ago).

Marvel is a non-stop event treadmill, I’m not even going to talk about them. Two events a year, usually terrible. Nothing is stable.

DC had a relaunch with New 52 seven or so years ago, which was somewhat disastrous (Dark titles were good, everything else floundered) and then righted the boat with Rebirth three or so years back. Nothing really cataclysmic since Flashpoint and New 52, and there is a lot of good material but also a lot of side material between sorta-Elseworlds and team-up with Hanna-Barbera material. I really enjoyed Young Animal, which was a throwback to weird DC with Doom Patrol, Cave Carson, etc.

Image doesn’t have a universe, it never really had a universe. I think the next issue of Image United has been pending for a decade. They have a lot of great creative teams doing one or two impactful books, like Rucka and Lazarus, Ellis on Injection/Trees, Brubaker on Velvet/The Fade Out.

Valiant exists, I hear good things?

Once the superhero movie bubble bursts, Marvel will need another miracle to keep themselves afloat.

Well, since they have Disney (who is building an animation studio slowly for Marvel), I think we’ll have more superhero animated stuff. And if DC doesn’t stop blowing their dough on terrible live action movies, Marvel might surpass them on that front.

I always likes Blue Beetle. Their speech nalloons were not in upper case, except in the few places English grammar requires it. It made reading pleasant.

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