1581 I Said Good Day.

You guys remember that Lego set the Teen got from her therapist for me? The one that was incomplete? I went to the Lego site and told them the story and they replaced all the missing parts. Well, except for the ones I had extras of already. I didn’t tell them about those. Still, it was very nice of them. Lego really has the best customer care of any company I’ve dealt with. They didn’t have to replace those parts and I wouldn’t have blamed them if they chose not to, but they did anyway. How cool, huh?

As I sit here writing this I feel not good. I’m not nauseated, like yesterday, but I feel like being sick took a toll on me. It’s like I’ve been beaten up from the inside. I’ve done my absolute best to avoid getting sick because I knew it would be really hard on my body, but there’s only so much a person can do. Maybe it rode in on the kid after her first day of school and I didn’t wash my hands after she wallowed all over me. Maybe I picked it up on one of our outings to the store. Maybe dad brought it in and I got it from his hat. It’s possible it just existed somewhere in the house and I happened to touch it and stick my finger near my eyes. There’s no way to know. No matter how safe you make yourself the world is still capable of taking you out. At best all you can do is lower its chances.
I didn’t get the foot infection that tried to kill me, twice, from walking barefoot outside. It was someplace in the house. I’ve walked around barefoot, with cracked heels, for years and never got sick… Then I did. Hell, it might not have even gotten in from my cracked heels. I got a really bad toenail fungus somehow that basically destroyed them. It might have been from that. Try as I might the stuff will not die off. Sometimes is manages to make a toenail break off. It might have gotten in there. I’ll never know for sure.
It’s even possible that I’ve had the bacteria get in before, but back then I was healthier and not as constantly stressed, so my body was able to fight it on its own.
Last night, after the main barrage of sick ended I felt really good for a while. Like how after you have a bad headache the world seems amazing for the contrast, you know? Now I realize that I was still at least a little bit sick and I was just riding the wave of better by contrast. When I woke up today I was like “Oh, I’m apparently still sick.” Now it’s coming and going in waves. From moment to moment I feel lucid and “normal” then I shift back to tired, wobbly, and bad. I bet you could track it based on the way the subjects shift as I write.
I really need to work. That’s one of the problems of being a one man show. Once the man is broken the show can’t go on. I know people will say “Take time off to get better” or whatever, but I really can’t. There are enough readers who only show up because there’s something here when it’s supposed to be that stopping could cripple me for years. A certain amount of people have never read a single word of the blog. They don’t use twitter, all they do is read the comic. If the comic stops they might take a peek, but some will just walk away.
It really makes me sad to think that I might not get to say everything I want to say with this comic. Tomorrow isn’t promised to us. Once I stop, for whatever reason, memories will begin to fade. One day someone might say “Did you ever read that comic about the store, with the big titted redhead? I liked that. What was it called?” And the other person will say “No, I never heard of it.” And that will be the last time anyone thinks of all of this.
Sometimes “I’m not done yet” is the only thing that keeps me going.

I keep hoping that if I write this long enough I’ll find the answers to life, the universe, and everything. Maybe if I hold out long enough my soulmate will stumble across this ridiculous ramble and think “Whoever made this is the one I was put on this earth to be with…” This is all my hope poured out for everyone to look at. I hope it gives you hope too.


is she jealous? I think she’s jealous.

I do feel bad for Nina, she’s very competitive and really loves books … and now finds out that she’s been beaten out for her ‘dream’ job at a library by someone who appears to be a few books short of a full shelf

Really she should know better though … after all she is quite attractive and everyone says “you winsome, you lose some” …

Quite right. “You winsome, you lose some”…Aaand the best thing that all of us can be, is to be tyersome.

Thanks for noticing! I thought maybe I was being shunned for my excessive boldness

However, I frequently prefer to think of myself as tireless, mainly because the wheels keep coming off my attempts at humor ;-}

Aw heck. I’m sure that most other people do, but as far as comedy goes, you’ll always be a [ big wheel], to me! : )

I wheely appreciate your kind words and I always look forward to your contributions to the rounds of pungent punditry perpetually perpetrated upon these pages.

“…pungent punditry”. Heh, heh!
I might not do so well with this type of puns.
Jokes about rolling objects aren’t usually in my wheelhouse. : )

Well, if the jeer-worthy jests suck harder than a crack whore, then the best advice…is to roll with the punches.

Hee hee hee!
You bet! I’ve been trailing on, and on, so much, about wheels, that I think I’m coming to the end of my cycle.

This comic has a redhead with large breasts? Interesting…I’ve just been following the story…

As do I, for the most part, though I have to admit … having that particular character active at the time I randomly clicked on this comic from the hiveworks rotation certainly helped my curiosity and made me click a little more, and a little more, and more, and then of course the story caught me.

I would be far more worried if her boobs actually made honking noises.

… Why do you say that? I thought that’s why breasts made guys horny?!

If some guy gave Nina’s boob a “honk”, he’d probably get a BLAST out of it. Well…more like a [ beat down], actually!

The answers to life, the universe, and everything? You already know the answer is 42. I’m still unsure of the ultimate question that leads to that answer, though…

Hope you feel better soon!

Maaannnnnnnn Reggie was even showing open concern for someone and Nina’s too irritated to notice…

Here’s betting at least a few pages from now she suddenly goes “Wait he was asking if I was alright holy crap he was picking up social cues and everything”

Was that a bad fur day reference? I think it was.

Yeah, I remember Lego doing that for me when I was a kid.I wrote them to ask how much the replacements would cost since they weren’t in the catalog, and they replied by simply sending the parts.

I’ve been collecting Lego since the Reagan administration, and I’ve never had a bad experience with their customer service.

On the toenail thing, my dad had the same thing that he got sometime during the war [variation of trench foot IIRC] and only near the end of his life did he let anyone try anything besides various foot baths.

The laser treatment got rid of the fungus but it was too late for the nails themselves.

I’m honestly feeling like Ed may be getting the short end here with Nina being affected by this with Reggie so much. At the same time, it could simply be that Nina is more upset over the library thing and that’s all…

Thank you for using “nauseated” rather than “nauseous”. It’s so rare that people use the correct word between that pair.

While I’d love to say that your comic would live on in infamy on the Internet, I’m forced to recall a comic about two lesbians (well, one is sort of bisexual) – one working in a toy shop (no, it’s not Shortpacked) and one braiding hair at a zoo – and I cannot remember the name to save my life. I can’t even find any mention of the comic ANYWHERE on the net anymore, so it did fade into obscurity for me. Now, if it did continue on and has another name now, heck if I know what it is or where it went. I can’t even remember the author’s name.

So yes, I understand your fear. But I think it would take more than a month off for health reasons for you to totally disappear from the Internets.

Dang it I remember having read that one at one time – I bet it disappeared when a lot of those dedicated hosting sites went bye-bye.
I keep kicking myself for not archiving any of the comics I read at that time – like Crazy Larry.

You’re looking for Punch an’ Pie. The archives are a bit horked I think, but it’s still out there, although no longer updating. They were both bi, not lesbians, but the rest is pretty accurate!


Holy crap, thank you.

That’s it. That’s exactly it.

Oh, and a lot of why it faded into obscurity was that the strip was PLAGUED by frequent delays. The original author kept going kind of AWOL, no communication, so ultimately the artist took over as writer as well, and then he kept doing long delays, promising strips and not following through until he admitted he’d just have to put strips up when he got around to them. I think a lot of why it ended when it did was he recognized he just didn’t have time for it to be a priority, and so he wrapped it up faster than originally was planned. These things happen, of course, but a lot of the audience trickled away because that kind of delay and insufficient communication went on for so long.

I found Punch an pie on comic rocket, in case anyone is still interested. If comicrocket can find it, it is still archived somewhere on the web, since comic rocket is basically an indexing service with a ice UI.

Since you’re so helpful, maybe you can tell me the name of a comic. It has a huge muscular she-hulk like character (though not green), her roomate,and the kid next door she’s befriended. Also some strange pet-not quite a cat. Can’t remember the name of it.

If Nina’s boob made a sound like a car horn, would one of Carol’s breasts sound like the Queen Mary when Thomas honked it?

Pretty sure that Nina is honked off (* sorry, sorry *) because she thinks Maddie is Reggie’s new love interest from the “Liberry” and the smaller girl strikes her as a zero.

Saturday evening we went to a Church Supper. Some woman sat down next to me and proceeded to cough all over everything. I could feel the wind from it. I told my brother I was leaving early to avoid ‘Typhoid Mary’, but Tuesday morning I awoke with a sore throat that wouldn’t go away. As the day wore on, I started having trouble breathing, and I knew I’d be out sick Wednesday. Why do people ooze out of their deathbeds to inflict their illness on others? Stay the Hell home if you’re sick!

Yeah, I think Nina is irked by that misunderstanding. She thinks he is settling for less. Believe it or not, she had some respect for him since the nerf guns war.

Socioeconomics. Basically those of us in certain job situations have no one to cover for us or can’t miss because of the pay ramifications or some other factor. As a result we, especially in the U.S., trend toward ignoring illness in ourselves in favor of just continuing on. The trend is highly unhealthy both from an individual point of view as well as trending toward epidemiology (more chances for a disease to mutate/strengthen rather than just die out) etc…

Apologies for bad grammar and general incoherancy.

Gah. Stupid mobile.interface.

Was supposed to be a reply to perfesserbear one comment above…

I kinda figured that was your intention. The abuser interference on this site isn’t the best on a good day, anyway.

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