1873 A Star Wars Story.

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Hollow Knight is such a good game. I’ve really missed that style of exploration. With Castlevania essentially dead it’s been a long time since I’ve played something new that has that Metroidvania kind of play. I don’t like playing it with the Switch joy cons, but the pro controller is laid out in a way that fits my hand a lot better. I kind of wish you could get a mirrored style of joycon that was more like a standard controller setup. It’s not unplayable in handheld mode, it’s just awkward for me. That’s a problem I always have with the joycon it’s not really anything to do with Hollow Knight. I really want a Hollow Knight Amiibo…


I don’t have a switch but at E3 when they were showing off Smash Bros for Switch they also had Game Cube controllers for the Switch. They’d work on other games right? Be a real controller for the system?

I don’t think so; at least on the Wii U, the GameCube controller adapter only worked with Smash Bros. A Pro Controller would be your best bet if you want a normal-style controller for the Switch.

I’ve been playing Hollow Knight for the last few days too, and having a blast with it. I’m liking it all the more since it scratches that itch Dark Souls 1 left me with when I finished it, no other game had been able to quite replicate the feeling so far. It really is a rare gem these days. If anyone’s got other reccomendations that are like HK, please send them my way!

I don’t like 2D games, but I keep coming back to the new PREY game (no relation to the old one, actually, nor any intention to relate that I can see) because it has that Metroidvania sense of exploration. Lots of other reasons too, but that’s a big one.

It doesn’t have “shock” in the title, but it’s very much a Shock game. Probably the best one ever made IMHO, which is funny if you think about it.

“I love you”

“I know”

Better be careful, Jo. I’m not sure if she’s going to catch that reference, even bringing up Jedi and Sith just before making it. Granted, it is one of Han Solo’s most iconic quotes, but still… she’s not exactly a geek. And if she doesn’t get it, she might get upset.

Then again, if she does, you can explain it is a quote, and use it as an excuse to watch the series together. You know. Together. In the dark. Watching movie. Fun times.

Meh, used to tell that to my now ex all the time, she thought it was cute even if she never saw star wars

that line makes no sense to me either. “Only a Sith deals in absolutes”… at least it is one I don’t fully understand yet.

there are so many absolutes in the world. They may only hold true in this world, or only in relativity to where we are i.e. The sun is in the 12pm position for me, but for someone else it is at the 6pm position. doesn’t nullify the absolute that the sun, relative to me, is where it is.
I suppose in the sense of dealing in absolutes to the point of closing your mind to any other possibility it makes sense. As in how many racists think (all these people are evil because of skin color) or religious fanatics (ima blow up this shopping area because people who believe in a different god shop here)

First, what was NOT said. Obi Wan did NOT say, “There are no absolutes.” And, he did NOT say only a Sith believes in absolutes.

Second, what he DOES say is “Only a Sith DEALS in absolutes.” Dealing in absolutes has more to do with the unilateral nature of the correspondence. Once you make unilateral proposals, you aren’t negotiating, you aren’t even really “dealing” at all. Instead, you’re dominating the other party/person.

Third, think of the context. Anakin is saying things like you’re either with him or against him. Not, “let me hear what you think” or “give me your perspective on this matter.” He’s dealing in an absolute manner.

It’s not a contradiction to say only a Sith deals in absolutes.

System Shock? I have a love/hate relationship with that game. I got close to the end, but never beat it. I was trucking along until I hit a brick wall where it was unclear what I was supposed to do next. I joined the Marines shortly afterwards.

Add to it the cheap jumpscares, and it caused me to perma-quit System Shock 2 five minutes into the game because I really wasn’t in the mood to suffer through a game where the easiest monsters in the game spawned behind you constantly with a scream.

Well, this whole post was supposed to be a reply to Archangel’s post. Kind of annoying that I didn’t post it correctly.

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