Good to see Reggie back. History is cool after all when you get right down to it people haven’t changed as much as we like to think.

I can see why Reggie and/or the family would want to move the bodies… For instance, if they have a family plot. But the stones should certainly remain. Maybe even with one of those State Historical Site markers explaining the history.

While it’s too bad this happened to Reggies family, it gave the people around him a way to show him the world isn’t simply filled with assholes, allowing him some personal growth.

I followed that link and started reading about the graves in the field.

I’m starting to realize that this isn’t just entertainment, though it certainly is that, It’s the first webcomic I read every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and sometimes other days as a rereading.

It is literature.

And I think that you’re one of the more significant cartoonists we have today, based on literary merit.

Too bad it doesn’t equate to better commercial success.

— hendrik


Do you remember the vacant lot on the NE corner of Third and Mary in Garden City?

I used to wonder why it remained vacant for decades when all of the lots around it were developed. As far as I know it is still vacant. Then I read (in an article about local history) that the first cemetery in GC was located there. Later they moved it a bit to the north and west (where the cemetery is today). But after the fact authorities found out that the workers were lazy and didn’t move all of the remains. So there have been some remains that have, um, er, “remained” there since the 1880s in unmarked graves. No land owner since then wants to deal with them (which would need to be done in order to develop the lot), so it just stays the same for years and years and is likely to stay that way.

Is there any chance that this is what gave you inspiration for this story line?

— Doug

Actually this arc is loosely based on a different set of graves that are in a field someplace near Garden, but I no longer remember where. They are under a massive stone slab and surrounded by thick metal piping. There’s a plaque that explains it was a family who died of… scarlet fever? I no longer remember the entire story. Honestly I’m not sure I even remember the site accurately.

All that said, there are at least 5 gravesites in, or around, garden that I know of.

Let’s all think about…the JoBeth Williams film…Poltergeist, before we start moving them tombstones! :)

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