1847 Profit.

I accidentally deleted the previous page when I made this one, but I rebuilt it from the layers of this one. I save a few layers on each file just in case. Fucking with all of this made me lose track of time though.

In any event, if you’ve ever noticed how Jess speaks, she always frames her actions in a way that sounds worse than what she’s actually doing. This is a way of managing expectations. By painting her actions in a negative light it makes people see her actual actions as better than she described when she actually does things. She prepares people for something worse than what she’s going to deliver.


It’s interesting how Jo’s lightened up from just a few moments ago- getting swept up in Jess’s plotting seems about right. I wonder if she’ll remember to be mad

I think the idea of getting cuddly with Nina went to her head.

It’s also easier to play nice when others are around. Like you said, I wonder if she will want to re-address the issue once their alone again

“Mr. Scott, do you always multiply your repair time estimates by a factor of four?”

“Of course! How do you think I keep my reputation as a miracle worker?”

The best part is he admits it to Geordi in STNG. Never tell them how long it really takes, always exaggerate so people think you’re a miracle worker.

On that same note, I have a DJ friend who always plans big and fails hard. He created a group in Omaha called Old Skool Underground that pooled money and tried to become an entertainment … business, I guess? Anyway, for five or six years, they did one summer cam out party, and one New Years party. The plans he tried to get set up for each of those always, always, ALWAYS led to them barely breaking even and disappointments. However, we always had the best time. Until last year, when the plan moved the summer event further away and happened so early in the summer that it rained a lot. And that basically spelled the end of OSU as a real thing.

That line never sat right with me. It only works as long as your management is clueless about your job, nobody else spills the beans or underbids, and as long as you’re not in an “every second counts” situation.

You don’t pad your stats when word comes down from the bridge, “we need warp power in two minutes or we’re all dead!”

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