Hmmm … is the title suggesting that Evrina is the wurst, brat?

I dunno.
She knocks John a lot, so I think she does knockwurst.
…Unless “Worst” is a euphemism, and Evrina was the first to give Alex a w… [no! I can’t SAY it!]

Do you think that, Evrina doesn’t give a sausage, about John’s wooing Alex?

I’m not sure what that means, but I’m pretty sure Evrina’s intestinal fortitude would be challenged if they were playing “hide the sausage” ….

[ I guess that, “I don’t give a sausage…”, is a term that some English people, and German people, use to mean, “I don’t give a darn thing about that”].

Yeah, probably John + Evrina would have to have romantic interests in each other, before they’d play hide the sausage, together. :)

She’s not thinking about that now. Right now, she thinks that John is full of baloney.

Hey, that’s what I tell people when they try to date my friends. “S/he was mine first! D:<" I also threaten with frying pans, so…
Although that got a little confusing when two old friend started dating… I wasn't sure which one I had to threaten. XDD
So I threatened them both. o^o

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