1719 Dream Of Biting.

For someone like Carol roleplaying only has a limited amount of surface appeal. She likes being herself. She’s pleased with who she is, so life as herself makes her pretty happy. Reggie is actually similar in some ways. He’d want to be like himself but even more so. THis may be why she and Reggie get along so poorly. They are more similar than either would freely admit. Of course we’ve already seen what happens when offered the chance to be a different version of herself…

I bought a copy of Only Yesterday. A film I’d only seem once back in 1990something on AMC. It was during an anime film festival. Back then Anime was just beginning to grasp the American market by the scrote. If you’ve never seen it it’s a much more Japanese movie than other Studio Ghibli films. I know that sounds odd, but it’s more about real life in a way that doesn’t cross geographic barriers as well as Totoro, or what have you. It’s an animated drama. The kind of thing people just won’t spend money to make anymore. Anyway, if you have a chance it’s an amazing movie about very small, personal, things but worth watching, IMHO.


A cool human who hits stuff, but doesn’t actually? That sounds like a monk to me.

More like a bard. A monk hits stuff, he just doesn’t do much damage. Bards on the other hand will talk your ear off about how bad-ass they are, then usually fail to deliver spectacularly enough to distract the enemy until the cavalry arrives.

I don’t know why bards get a bad rap. Bards have been above average in pretty much every edition of D&D. They’re not as powerful as wizards and clerics, but on the other hand they’re way better than the non-casters by mid to high levels (if played by someone who knows how to play them).

Barbarian. Definitely barbarian. Maybe fighter. Or monk. Monk could also work too, but she doesn’t strike me as the lawful type.

I also really want her to be a monk, also I disagree. She strikes me as a very lawful type, have you completely forgotten how she rules with an iron fist and her following of regulations? she may bend here and there, but not in any way thats against her overall principles

The reason we roleplay is to be able to do what we normally can’t, and not have to do what we normally do. I’m sure Carol isn’t overly fond of having to maintain order. Chaotic Neutral Ranger perhaps? I think she might not want just pure brute force, but want be elegant about her kills. Also, an excuse to kill annoying fools. I’m sure Carol wouldn’t be the bad stereotype of Chaotic Neutral either.

Given that she was pretty renegade last time, chaotic good or chaotic neutral would fit well. Ranger…could be a bit frustrating if they aren’t using the buffed Unearthed Arcana version.

It all depends on what iteration of D&D they will be playing.
Concept-wise I see here playing one of the more exotic martial builds.
based on intimidation.
Hmm, I am not 100% up on the newest rules set but maybe one of the larger races, using oversized weapons, boosted strength bloodline, intimidate based on strength feat.
Intimidate is narmally based on Charisma and a charisma based class is either a Bard or sorcerer and Carol is definitely not the Bard type and sorcerers are not the hit things in the face types in general.

Only people who play by the rules play lawful monks. Us cool kids play monks that are ex-gang members.

Those really aren’t mutually exclusive. Gangs are organizations, and demand a certain degree of Lawfulness if they’re gonna be enduring institutions and not a petty rabble that falls apart without a leader holding them together. Plenty of fiction has principled criminals who have lines they won’t cross, targets they’ll refuse to rob or harm.

Oh, Carol. You have so many good options on that front. But probably Barbarian or Fighter because they’re mechanics are simpler than some of the other classes. Unless of course you want to smite evil with a mace. In which case, go paladin.

I think I’ve met the real life version of Reggie’s sister. I’m pretty certain that she’s not a furry though.

I got Only Yesterday for Christmas but haven’t gotten around to watching it yet. Have you seen When Marnie Was There?

I have not. Recently I’ve been waiting to see things when they appear on video services rather than buying them outright if I’m not familiar with them. I kept making bad choices for a while and you can hardly give away DVDs used anymore.

I know what you mean. I have the entire Home Movies series (not the collection, but each of four individual series boxes) and I will consider myself lucky if I can make back what I bought them for. The third and fourth seasons will go a long way to make back most of that money.

Little bit of inconsistency with the jacket going on there. First panel her arm is in the sleeve. The others it’s not and makes it look like she is wearing it like Yami Yugi.

My sister has a friend who does this to an extreme.

Every character he plays is him. He names them after himself, they have his same quirks, they even look like him.

What’s the male version of a “Mary Sue?”

As a GM for over 3 decades, it’s been interesting to watch my players over several campaigns, settings and systems. Your mileage may vary, but in general I find that people like to play characters who tend to be what they really are inside, without all that facade of civilization, culture and society. I try not to let on (during game-time, anyway) that I’m seeing who they really are. I don’t want to inhibit them, since I’d rather they be cathartic in a constructive manner.

Given how deeply Carol got into the Mass Effect analogue games, I’m a little scared to see how deeply she’ll get into her D&D character(s). :P

If, as others have speculated, she chooses to be a fighter then I agree its clear she’ll play that role to the hilt …

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