1711 Carol Joins Your Party.

Of the two of them Carol is the more the more open minded, although it seems to be the opposite most of the time. She’s the tougher in more ways than one, and part of that is the ability to adapt. Thomas seems like he’s adaptable, but it’s actually very much the opposite. He tries to bend the world to his will. Carol fits herself in to it. Of course they’re rubbing off on each other, which is a more balanced.

I don’t get headaches nearly as often as I used to, but today I had a splitting one. Sinus and tension. I used to get terrible headaches all the time as a kid. I became a connoisseur of them over time. It’s uncommon for them to focus over my right eye, but that’s the way it was for today. At least partially. The weather was changing today and the change in pressure always seems to cause me sinus trouble.


I used to regularly get tension headaches and found that allergy medication can help with them even if they have nothing to due with allergies as the decongestant will relieve some of the pressure.

Also marijuana is fucking excellent in these circumstances if the situation and your own beliefs allow for it. Not only is it a painkiller but it has a proven medical effect on tension headaches related to some minor effect THC has on blood flow or something (it’s been like 15 years since I read the study).

She’s totally right. Campaigns can suck up a loooot of time, time he’d otherwise spend with her.

Carol fits herself into this world…well, it’s a good thing this world is not small. Otherwise, we’d all be a little cramped. Not that being cramped against her would be bad, hehe!

P.S. On a cleaner note, I can relate to Thomas when it comes to “bending the world to your will”. Why would anyone want to adapt to a society that’s inhabited by brain-dead sheep and run by evil clowns and devil-worshippers? What would one even call this kind of society…oh wait, I know: a FUCKING PSYCHO CIRCUS!!

P.S.S. When you start learning how fucked up the world is, you lose your naïveté and any prexisting concept of truth. If you also happen to hate humanity due to the majority population’s utter stupidity and inclination toward the evil half of the moral compass, you begin to grow embittered to the point of self-isolation. Top that off with a social disorder and being a 26 year old virgin, and the final product is one wayward sad sack waiting for someone to either rape him or give him a reason to go postal.

…one dirty comment led into a cathartic vent. Well, at least I’ve provided some conversation material if nothing else. I need to take my half-tablet of Lexapro, take a well deserved nap after my 12 hour shift before the next comes, and call Cigna to find a local counselor (procrastination is a frigging cunt).

Carol is starting out thinking all this role-play stuff is stupid. But when she experiences it, will freaking fall in love, I betcha.

I don’t have to worry about that — my lady friend is into manga, anime, pretty much anything Japanalia. She has tons of time to read on her second job — playing RN in an age 50+ community.

I’ve had that kind of headache, I think over the eye or in the back near the top of your neck is a sign of stress. But don’t quote me on that.

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