wow i just noticed that tom’s ear looks like a C and carol’s is a 6 and nina is a 9 and john is a 3/E combo and ed is a… um…. well it’s a thing…. and i’ll leave it at that.

Tom- C
Carol- 6
Nina- 9
Ed- ??? (Don’t know…)
John- Curvy E
Brooksie- 8

Actually, if you look closer, it’ll turn out that Thomas’ ear contains a 4, while part of Ed’s resembles a 2.
John’s “curvy E” is known in some circles as a 3, that is if you look at his left profile. Jessica’s (Ed’s sister’s) ear contains a 3, much like John. Finally Reggie shares a 6 with Carol.

Ed’s is 12. His sister’s is 13.
John has the 3. If you check the difference in ears between John and Jessica… the difference is a near-horizontal line above the 3…. i.e. a 1 … as in 13.

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