You mean like those things on mattresses you;re not supposed to remove?

You should seriously read Shortpacked.

I got banned from Shortpacked.

I kinda like to tell the story, because I could only narrow down the cause to one of two things….. and one of them was telling Willis quite forcefully that Thundercats is and was better than Transformers.
I’ll stand by that till the day I die.

@ Vipre – Some of your comments were getting kicked to the spam folder. If it keeps happening don’t worry about it. I’ll restore them when I have a chance tomorrow.

Just rereading again…and the narration here reminded me of something from an episode of M*A*S*H….that I wish I could quote accurately now…It was talking about how some people just don’t accept something, can’t remember now if it was insanity or anger, or the like, that they just refuse delivery…I unfortunately don’t have Jo’s quoting skills.

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