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This got posted a little late because I fell asleep after dinner. My sleep schedule is reversed so I usually wake up officially at 5:30PM and start my “day” by making dinner for my dad. I still take my pills as though I’m going to be awake in the daylight though. So I set an alarm for them. Usually I go to the bathroom when I wake up to take them. I also sleep on the floor most of the time because of my back, which makes it so the dogs can get on me & snuggle into my blankets. So I have to be careful not to step on Sister since she likes sleeping behind me. This morning I stepped to avoid her & tripped myself somehow. I wasn’t going to fall all the way down & usually I wouldjust put my hand on the corner of the wall & stand on one foot, but for some reason, instead of doing that, in my stupor I braced my off hand against my wrist and fell into the corner of the wall right in the center of my right forearm. I regained my balance after that & didn’t fall all the way over. In the moment it didn’t even hurt, but after a few moments the signal reached my brain & it hurt so bad I silently screamed for several seconds. I genuinely thought I had broken my arm. Once I gotover the initial shock my arm went numb fromthat surge of adrenalin you get right after you hurt yourself. So I checked it. As far as I can tell it’s justreally badly bruised.I don’t think the boneis damaged at all. There’s a huge bump but that’s all. Long story short it disrupted my sleep so I was tired after making dinner and fell asleep. The comic was basically finished I just hadn’t fixed onething and posted it. I’m also not goingto keep fighting my broken keyboard. Iexpect you can add spaces in your brain to read this. Hopefully my armwontbe sosoretomorrow that itimpedes my work. fingerscrossed.


*wipe tear off my cheek*
Thomas you magnificent bastard, you’re the best of us

Damn straight! We need more people like Thomas, because…surprise!…most people WILL try to improve if you encourage them. It’s just like teaching children, you don’t teach down to them, you bring all of them up to where they need to be, however that works on an individual basis. It’s a very time consuming and labor intensive job, but ultimately it serves the students, and society as a whole, better than ‘getting by’ and having people who are functionally illiterate or incapable of doing basic math.

Meh…I hate to say it, but Wes has a point. Thomas sounds hella pretentious right now. You work in a failing retail store man, stop acting like you’re defending the goddamn gates of Rome from the Goths. To paraphrase Randal Graves, if you’re so fucking advanced, what are you doing working there?

You’ve been reading/watching too much Attack on Titan.

There is no question that Megatainment is in a downward spiral but just because a store is failing doesn’t excuse its employees from unprofessional behaviour. You have a job. You agreed to do the job and you give the customers the professional experience they expect. It’s not just proper profession, it’s common sense.

I have no issue with professionalism or doing your job well. Likewise, there is no shame in any honest work. What I take exception to is his stupid little “line in the sand” declaration. More to the point, where the fuck is it even coming from? He is intensely unprofessional. We have seen comics where he openly mocks and berates customers to their goddamn faces, in between spending working hours playing mariokart on a DS. Him taking making this pompous speech is not only delusional with its air of “THIS FAR AND NO FURTHER!” sentiment, it’s also deeply hypocritical.

It’s called “turning over a new leaf”.

XD you guys are getting ahead of me.

Thomas’ new groove, In which:

…he has been his own teacher, and has, through working with himself, has done his, “snatch the pebble from my hand” test.

I just find it incredibly irksome when people who are trying to do something beneficial wind up getting accused of being pretentious for it. It just comes off as ableist and political. Yes, Thomas was shown as being pretentious in the past but it shouldn’t be the be-all, end-all of his character.

Indeed, he has always been pretencious as hell

I agree with Thomas in *this* case… but you can understand someone’s position and still think they’re pretentious.

As a Lit major in college I ran into this all the damn time. Try raising the pretentiousness issue with any particular piece of Literature and the first thing anybody says is “You just don’t understand it”. No, I do. You’re just a prententious fuck if you think “Catcher in the Rye” is anything except self-indulgent overrated crap with the most unlikable protagonist ever.

You think Holden Caulfield is self-indulgent? Try reading Women and Thomas Harrow. Its title character is pretty much the east coast definition of self-indulgence you’ll ever see.

Finally someone who agrees with me about that awful book. I never saw what was so special about Catcher in the Rye, Ordinary People, or Lord of the Flies, but we had to read those in High School as “Great American Literature”. If those are great, then obviously I have a different standard for greatness. :P

Lord of the Flies is the Greatest work in American Literature, you Uncultured Philistine.

You just don’t Understand it.


Same thing that’s happening with video games. They keep dumbing them down in order to cater to the lowest common denominator until all you’re left with is a bunch of same-y, bland, unoriginal games. Few game studios are willing to experiment because to experiment is to court possible failure, and failure means lost revenue.

At least you’re taking a gamble with experimentation. Unoriginality will only wind up as lost revenue once the market gets saturated enough.

I feel like there are so many ways I could interpret what Thomas is saying, I don’t know if I agree with him or not. That said, I always hate the accusation of “pretentious”. Not because it’s never accurate, but because people use it as a replacement for an argument, as if saying the exact same thing in a non-pretentious way would change the objective reality being described.

Oh boy can I relate to the news post. I once tripped over my cat on the stairs and managed to somehow punch myself square in the nose trying to break my fall, and hit my funny bone at the same time.

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