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My surface is slowly, but undeniably beginning to wear out. The newest problem is the keyboard cover. The space bar only works sometimes now.
It’s not a huge issue, but the thing is, like, $100 by itself. I’mpretty sure it’s compatible with the new versions,so I could buy a new one and then keep using it when I replacethe Surface itself. Alternately I could try to repair it. It might be something I can fix myself. Get another couple of years out of it. I’ll probably trythat first,or at least look in to it rather than just doing it and risk completely ruining it before I can get another. Also I’m not100% sure they’re forward compatible. In any case I’m on the lookout for deals. This time I’m going to get a new one with enough power that I can potentially use it for another ten years without having to replace it. This one is around 7 years old and if it weren’t for a few worrying things I wouldn’t bother replacing it. The software I use to work barely taxes it at all. It’s everything else that’s the issue. Part of why I switched to Clip Studio is that it can do the same stuff as photoshop without taxing resources constantly. Plus it was made for comics rather than being a total image utility software. I’m never going to attain a levelof skill where I’m going to need the raw power of photoshop.

Anyway, I want the best everything I can get from a Surface. It’s a sound investment. You’ll never go wrong by buying quality tools to work with. This Surface has paid for itself a hundred times over at least. It let me work no matter where I was. If you’re thinking of starting a comic you could do worse than a second hand Surface and Clip Studio as a budget way to break in.


I agree with Thomas. I have worked a fair share of retail jobs. I could tell you some horror stories, heck it could probably fill a book. Too bad I lack both the creativity & the motivation to do so.

Hey Jackie, long time lurker/reader here.

I noticed on your ‘About’ page a while back that you’re into well made games, and I can’t help but wonder if you’ve heard of Beat Saber? It requires a VR setup, but so far it looks like a really satisfying game to play.

The concept is simple, but once you get really good at it you can work your way up to stuff like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fupIWdHNIj4&index=2&list=RDSkNqLnNg89o

Think Guitar Hero except actually fun and interactive beyond pressing six buttons over and over again.

I’m thoroughly enjoying the direction your comic is taking, by the way.

Keep on keepin’ on, and I hope things are well with you and yours!

A Fan

I saw Pewdiepie play this, but I really don’t like rhythm games. Also I don’t have the VR stuff, but even then I probably wouldn’t play it. There hasn’t been a single game in that genre I’ve enjoyed. Not even the one they rolled into Fire Emblem Heroes. Thank you for suggesting it anyway though. I appreciate it. I’m glad you’re enjoying my work, thanks for reading.

I discovered beat saber at a VR arcade next to my hotel last year. I’d been on my own for 2 weeks on a business trip and was so bored. Beat saber pretty much saved the whole trip for me. I was there a lot!

Fully recommended

Hey, what type of Surface do you have? All accessories from the Surface Pro 3 and newer should all be compatible with each other, so as long as you have at least a 3 you can just go get another keyboard. Same with other accessories like docking stations and such.

Thomas is on the ball, the entire shit sandwich can be simply explained as:

There are people that behave well regardless of the circumstances.
There are people that behave depending on the circumstances.
There are people that behave poorly no matter the circumstances.

The poop shelf person falls under the latter, they’d just find another method or location to behave poorly in if the current one is set up to mitigate their behavior. Some people are just going to be unfixable, the best you can do is to avoid being downhill of them when they decide to shit on someone.

“If you’re thinking of starting a comic you could do worse than a second hand Surface and Clip Studio as a budget way to break in.”

It’s a shame you didn’t finish the joke.

“…but why would anyone start a comic?”

That’s an old one in webcomic circles, but still a nice nod to tradition.

I appreciate your recommendation on the tools of the trade, Jackie! I’ve thought of being a cartoonist before, but it requires a lot of time and diligence on top of being able to draw well, so it hasn’t really been more than a lofty goal. Besides that, I don’t know how I could keep the funny coming as well as most of the comickers that I read. Still, it’s nice to know where to start if one has the ambition. :)

Also, I agree with Thomas. He may be cynical sometimes, but generally speaking, he’s a pretty wise dude.

When the problem is the people wherever you go, then look at the one thing all those places and experiences have in common… yourself.

Some people have bad days, others have their brains set on pause, and there are a few people who really are a waste of oxygen; but if you think that of everyone…

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