1521 Ramen Times.

Sometimes the deal is too good to pass up. I, for one, can’t pass up a sale, or good clearance prices. A few missed meals isn’t so bad, if you carefully space them. Instant ramen can keep you alive a long time if that’s all you can afford. You may not be in the best health, but you’ll certainly have energy… and salt. I love cheap ramen, but I’ve always wanted to have the real thing. Quality ramen from a shop that makes is the way you see in anime. I used to add lots of stuff to instant ramen to make it more like proper food. Pretty much tossing in fresh produce goes a long way towards fixing nutritional deficiencies. I’m not allowed to have ramen anymore. I don’t even like having it in the house because I love it. If it’s any flavor apart from seafood I will eventually find it and eat it.

Went to the doctor today. I thought they were going to do the thing where they drain off a bunch of my blood to thin out the iron, but apparently I’m over that problem. In spite of the fact that I’ve been using the same parts since the day I started using it, the c pap is doing what it’s supposed to. So I just had some blood taken and enjoyed my first prostate exam. It’s fine. It’s doing whatever it is a prostate does. No cancer as far as a finger rooting around can tell.

Anyway, the goal now is to actually lose a significant amount of weight. So… yeah.

Tomorrow, I’m going to see a man about my taxes because too much shit happened this year for me to figure it out. I’ve never had anything to declare as far as tax goes. I’m just barely in the bracket where things get complex enough that I fear getting in trouble. Of course there’s still not much they could take from me apart from my freedom. I do value that enough that I’ll take a care not to lose it. Anyway, I’ll let you know how that goes too.


Have you considered the Paleo Diet? NerdFitness says it’s basically the best thing ever, and my girlfriend’s had some luck with it too.

For what it’s worth, a friend of mine lost 50 pounds or more with paleo + walking an hour a day or so, the before/after was stunning. So it seems to work. Death to all carbs and sugars!

Results are great and all, but losing a lot of weight really fast isn’t very healthy.

If memory serves, 5 to 10 pounds a week is healthy-ish. And that depends on the person’s height, weight, and skeletal build.

I’m so in love with Jo, it’s embarrassing. *blush*

If you need a partner to help keep you motivated for losing weight, I know I could use one and maybe we could beat each other over the head about it to the point where one or both of us actually succeeds. Or we block each other. I can see it going either way, really. xD

Also, congratulations on surviving your first (OF MANY!) prostate exams! I will be starting the “boob squishing between two metal slabs” ritual soon enough, I’m sure..

I just want to assure you that real, classic ramen isn’t remotely comparable to the instant stuff – and it’s amazing. Absolutely amazing. Tonkotsu spicy ramen is my favorite food, period, and fantastic for your health, since it’s made with bone broth. Give it a shot!

…if you can find an outlet. Like sushi, I haven’t been able to find anyplace in the States that compares to what I could get in Japan.

A lot of that is marketing. Things have to be “Americanized” in the States so that the average local will eat it, or they can’t make enough money to stay afloat. Which is unfortunate. We have too many picky eaters.

When I and two nephews shared a rent house, we had ramen noodle soup whenever we could afford it. One paid the gas, I paid the electric. He’d turn off the heat at night-“You don’t feel cold when you’re asleep!” “Hard to sleep when you can see your breath!” Then go curl up with his red-headed girlfriend in his electrically heated waterbed. Always felt like I got the short end of the stick there.

Electric blanket. Seriously. My dad used to turn the heat down to 60 F at night, but every bed in the house had electric blankets so we could be as warm as we needed or wanted to be. Getting OUT of bed in the morning was hard, though…

A bit late to the conversation, but if I may recommend the book Ivan Ramen, about an American who goes to Japan to start a ramen restaurant. He not only tells what goes into a bowl of ramen (two weeks from start to finish), from sourcing the chicken, to double broths and to slicing the eggs, but also gives recipes and variations for every element that goes into the bowl. If you like cooking and ramen, it is a treat.


Carbs. Lose the carbs. Not necessarily even all of them. I’ve been needing to lose a lot of weight for a long long time now, and since a few months, I’ve cut out most all regular bread (meaning, everything not spelt / gluten-free, etc) and replacing pasta by rice or couscous. Of course, I do still eat pasta once a week, more or less, but I was having it often enough that once a week was a big improvement for me. I’ve also cut my portions down from two medium plates to one big one per meal, and learned to stop eating when I think I have enough, or at least wait to see whether I’m still hungry before I take seconds. Most of the time, I’m not. This hasn’t been a super quick way of losing weight, but so far, it’s definitely been reliable. Good luck!

Yeah, rice makes an excellent staple, and personally I find it tastier than noodles assuming no produce, condiments, or other embellishment to either one.

Salt, by itself, being a term for gamer rage… No wonder gamers are mad all the time. Too much salt…

I’ve had ramen from an actual ramen shop. it’s soooo amazing @.@

good to hear you’re in better health, and good luck on losing weight! you can do it!!

lord knows I’ve had my fair share of hit and misses with diets… but one thing that worked for me is the Scarsdale diet. it’s very restrictive and can only be maintained for two weeks at a time. but it’s intended for heart health and you’ll drop 20lbs in two weeks, so…

I love Jo! I’d say she’s “Adorbs!” But I’m not allowed to.
HA! When they said “digital exam”, I thought- oh, cool, like CAT or MRI.
I found out that prostate health is REALLY important for being comfortable All day long. And about the time you hit your 60s and 70s you Dream about having one that works right, and dream about ‘back when,’ back when you took that for granted.

I was always under the impression that no one seriously enjoyed the taste of ramen. I mean, I don’t. I know for a fact that the only reason I eat so much of it is that I can very rarely afford anything better.

Sparkpeople helped my husband and me to lose weight in a healthy way. He lost 20+ pounds and I lost like 5 >_> but in all fairness I just wanted to learn how to eat properly. It’s all about portioning to your own body’s needs. We don’t use it anymore though because it’s done its job for us

In 2012 I was 255 lbs. one year later I was 150 lbs. I am a fairly sedentary fellow and have not changed my activity much but I did start counting calories. I bought a kitchen scale and a notebook and I keep track of every thing I eat. I keep my intake below 2000 and now in 2016 I am still hovering around the 150 mark. On the first day of owning a scale I found out that I was consuming well over 3000 calories every day. This caught me off guard as I thought I was eating much less than I was. Good luck.

Mm, there is a proper ramen shop in my hometown, they make really nice ramen. Came over from Hawaii, discovered there was no good ramen in town, made good ramen.

Another thing that helps is getting spices and kosher salt when you’re decent financially, and then when in Ramen Times, tossing the flavor packets. They’re not that good, honestly, and garlic, salt and pepper can liven up a lot of bland things. Though I swear by Tony Chechere’s.

Instant ramen for two weeks would kill a person with high blood pressure. The amount of sodium in those things is insane. Well over 1000 mg per serving.

“enjoyed my first prostate exam.”

I have never in my life seen those words in that order before.

Should be added to George Carlin’s “Here’s some words you’ve never heard before:”

“Hand me that piano.”

“Please saw my legs off.”

Marios will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no Marios…

Hey there, if you want to become acquainted with some high quality ramen. There is a service alot like lootcrate but for ramen. It’s called Ramenbox check it out.

For taxes this may be of use for yours. Sure helped with mine.
And for her situation if someone was selling certain previously mentioned SNES games for $5 each, not knowing their market value, Everyone would be on board for grabbing them.

This is EXACTLY why I buy my meat wholesale (by the pig/sheep or 1/2 cow) and store it. If we hit a good flea market/sale etc….I have meat in the house. Also, in the fall, I am quite capable of walking to the game lands (which are conveniently located a couple hundred feet off my back porch) and shooting my own turkeys and deer. This way I avoid weeks of Ramen.

I’ve thankfully never had to do the nothing-but-ramen thing. I’m not sure that i even could. I’m one of those folks that gets super cranky and irritible if they haven’t eaten meat protein for a few days. Chicken, turkey, pork, beef, fish, gator, whatevern it just has to come from a chordate.

I could never go vegetarian or vegan. So i try to only support cruelty-free farms.

To be fair. If those are old style cartridges… she probably has thousands and thousands of dollars in games now if she decided to use Ebay or something to sell them. I mean Super Mario 3 can go for around 10-25 dollars and that’s one game.

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