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In one version of this Constance references a different name, but I decided to just go ahead and use Julius Drywood. It’s a little more telling for those of you who actually read the blogs, but that is your special present for being such devoted fans. I think people who don’t read the blogs will be able to infer that Thomas came up with that name which she thinks is inferior.

Anyway I don’t have anything else I want to report on particularly. Still playing Animal crossing at strange times. My store is open 24 hours now so I don’t have to keep to a schedule if I want to sell stuff. Feel free to leave your friend code. Mine is on my twitter profile and a few blogs back.

Story time.

Alina was wiping sections of their attackers away with every arc of her mace but the ones who weren’t disabled simply rose again and resumed their charge. The pillars were making it hard to get enough room to close ranks. Both Niona and Alina required a fair bit of space to fight effectively and the skeletal warriors seemed bent on filling in where they moved apart. Julius began deftly weaving through the crowd, attempting to rejoin the group for a proper defense. After a few close calls he was close enough to Regalius to keep him covered. Without needing to be told Regalius began to play again. The tune somehow reminded Julius of the mountains. It was resonating through him somehow. He didn’t feel as tired or afraid now. As another atack came he parried it effortlessly and the boney arm holding the offending weapon shattered when their blades touched. He chanced a look around and saw Niona’s spear gliding through skeletons as easily as it might move through air. A cloud of splintered bone erupted in front of her and empty armor clattered to the floor. The tide had turned.

“We need to move that way!” he called out, motioning in the direction Alina was fighting. Her blows were so destructive now the pillars near her were shaking and beginning to crack. The bands the cast the eerie glow appeared to be oozing whatever it was that caused their illumination. Then, suddenly, Alina lost her footing. Her swing went wild and she struck a pillar full on. It exploded like a pile of sand. The force of the error caused Alina to be blown from the point of impact as well as throwing Regalius into Julius. Niona rushed over to help them up. As soon as Julius found his feet he sprinted towards Alina’s crumpled form, hoping the undead were as confounded my the situation as they were. He nearly pitched onto the floor too as his boot slid on a greasy spot. A trap of some sort? If so it had been effective. He tried to gather her weapon, but it was beyond his strength to lift it. How the Hell could she swing this thing!? With no time to deal with that he scooped up Alina and rushed back to the others to regroup. As he moved he noticed the scent of decay coming from someplace. It was out of place in this dusty chamber, wet and festering rather than dry and gritty.

“Did we win?” Asked Alina, looking up at him.

“It’s a work in progress.” he replied, relieved that she wasn’t unconscious. “Can you stand?”

“Yeah, I’m good.” She said, shaking off her stupor. “Where’s my mace?” Julius grimaced and pointed at the wall of enemies closing in behind them. “Fantastinc…” She drolled.

Niona and Regalius were sorted, but his fiddle had been destroyed in the fall. He was whistling the tune from before while rummaging around in his pack. Niona seemed to be the only one benefiting from it, but it was enough to keep the hoard in front of her at bay.

“I need that mace.” Alina said to no one in particualr.

“Well, we have to go through them to get it” Julius replied. She looked around as he offered her one of his daggers. Pushing it aside she selected a chunk of pillar, or ceiling, said a prayer he couldn’t make out, and threw it with such force it passed through several bewildered skeletons who fell to pieces.

“Come on then.” She replied, hefting another stone.

The group began working it’s way back to the shattered pillar’s base. It was only a few feet, but the enemies seemed to have redoubled their efforts. It also seemed to be getting brighter. As they closed the space between Alina and her weapon Julius understood why. The glowing substance was oozing out of the mangled structure in spurts. It was rhythmic, like watching something bleed. A glowing pool was spreading out across the floor. Somehow they all knew it would be very bad to touch it.

Alina barely managed to gather her mace before it was overtaken by the expanding puddle.

“We need to get away from that.” She said urgently.

Julius made to follow her but stopped when Niona and Regalius didn’t follow. His gaze fell on Alina as she too saw whatever it was they were seeing. The color drained from her face and tears began to form in the corners of her eyes. He followed her line of sight. As the greenish light spread further around he saw 3 people standing, lit from below, as the ooze reached them.

They now knew the fate of first party.


I’m always happy to have another person to my friends list. I’m having a bit of trouble with my city gates opening but once they are I’d be happy to have you visit. FC 2492-4312-1422

Oh my. ‘Weird cheerleader buddy?’ If I were Thomas, that’d royally piss me off more than insulting the apparent stagnation.

Comic by comic Thomas’ rage at his ex is becoming more justified.

Also, what’s wrong with name adjective noun? Those happen to be my favorite, Constance Sourbritches.

Ok- I completely hate myself for this, but I’m going to agree with Constance.

I left my hometown, and went to school. I ended up in a medical program and became a Doctor. First day of Chiropractic school, and we were told,”you will go back home in a few years when all of this is over and you won’t know anyone. Your friends, your family- they won’t change. You’ll have changed. You’ll have so much more to give the world and frankly, a lot of people won’t care. You’ll change. You’ll lose friends. Guarenteed. You will never be the same person you were when you came to this school.”

And, much as I hate to say it, he was right (I hate that man btw). Not to bore anyone with the old “oh I’ve changed, I’ve experience life and pain and suffering and death… ” but geez. Sometimes you do change when you mob away. Not always better- but damnit when I come home and see someone working in the same store:”, driving the same car and doing the same things they’ve done for 10+ years… It gets to me. Didn’t you want more? Didn’t you want to experience the world? Broaden your horizons?

I don’t look down on them… Just wonder how they handle the monotony. I mean- we all came from a poor background. I can’t believe they didn’t want more…

Christ, sounds like a similar speech we got from our RDC the first day of boot camp. Just to be sure, his last wouldn’t be mohajur (or however my RDC spelled his last name) would it? JK, I kind of doubt it.

And that is the problem right there. You look down on them without realizing it. You fail to see their side of the story, and assume it is monotony. Not everybody wants a different path. Some like a more comfortable situation than you. Some realize that it really is the same shit, just with a different coat of paint. And everybody changes, whether small or large.

I don’t look down on them… I just don’t understand it.

Perhaps it was my upbringing as a military brat. I can’t fathom how anyone lives in the same house, does the same thing every week/month/year. Days go by, time moves forward, the world changes… But everything stays the same. It’s very Groundhog Dayish to me.

Not bad- just… I don’t understand it.

Now that is something I can understand. I moved around a lot too, mostly just in Reno. I was also in the Navy myself I wished I had that stability of having one place to be rather than several. And you learn to see the value in the little things. Hell, if you could not die, you’d see the value in the small things than in the big. Still, you must have been to some interesting places.

I was born when my parents were still in college. My dad then went to grad school, and an out-of-state internship, and we moved a few more times as he changed jobs. By the time I was 12, we’d moved 6 times and I’d lived in as many states. My parents have now been living in the same house for 14 years, and my wife and I have been in the same apartment for the last 2.

To me, staying in the same place isn’t monotony. It’s stability. It means not having to go out and make new friends every couple of years because you left the old ones 500 miles away. There’s comfort in knowing most of what tomorrow will bring, and in having a reliable routine. I can’t speak for the people in your hometown, but I’d imagine it’s similar for them.

I can see why they broke up. In general Thomas seems like a very likable guy, but at the moment, the argument is petty. For all her other flaws though, Dawn seems to have hit her lowest blow with her final comment – because it is true and Thomas knows it. The only improvement Thomas has made in his life is his relationship with Carol – and Dawn doesn’t know about it yet.

Chiropractor is not a doctor, keep telling yourself that though haha. Stop looking down on people because they don’t see the world the same way you do, some people need a lot less in life to be happy. They don’t need to move, own a new fancy car or a huge house happy. Sounds like you’re the unhappy one and are trying to justify why you should be happy when others shouldn’t.


Chiropractor is not a doctor, keep telling yourself that though haha.

Stop looking down on people because they don’t see the world the same way you do

@ultroniv– So, you are a real Medical Doctor and know all about that stuff? You sneer at what you don’t understand, then immediately contradict yourself and tell other people not to do just that.

I suggest you look into the requirements and study that goes into becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic before you dismiss an entire profession that has helped thousands of people for well over a century. Most U.S. schools require the same Pre-Med as your ‘real’ Doctor.

That’s cute. Federally and in most states we are recognized as Primary Care Physicians. I’m sorry you disagree with 48/50 states and the federal government :)

As for myself, I knew that coming back to my hometown wouldn’t be the same as when I left it. Some people changed. Some people didn’t. I kind of fell off the face of the earth, though.

I never really saw it any other way than just another path to take. I’ve always been rather willing to take the good with the bad. There are plenty of both circumstances. Who am I to say I’ve really done any better or worse?

My story isn’t finished yet. Neither are their stories.

Stagnation isn’t staying in one place. Stagnation is when you never grow. You can grow enormously in one place, but it requires an act of will. Going some place different is a fairly obvious act of will. Going for an advanced degree is an obvious act of will. Sometimes we fail to see that people can choose to stay in one place and grow – like a mighty oak to use an analogy. Thomas could, if he chose, grow where he is. Notice that he has resisted taking on responsibility as assistant manager even though he would undoubtedly be able to be of great service to others in that position. He seems like a basically good person, but he’s still avoiding life, avoiding making decisions that would require him to grow. Nina is where she is because its what she wants. Thomas is settling for where he is rather than making up his mind what he wants and going for it. He didn’t even take the initiative to start the relationship with Carol. He reminds me of someone I know who was something like #5 in a graduating class of 400 at their high school, went off to college with a declared major of engineering on a scholarship, then spent all their time at college watching YouTube and reading fanfic instead of going to class. They are now back home working at Taco Bell because a 1.4 GPA doesn’t keep scholarships and mama and daddy have let it be known that they won’t pay any more college bills. Once he makes up his mind to do something with his life, he should be able to succeed spectacularly, but for now he’s drifting. That looks to be pretty much where Thomas is right now.

Sorry to vent. Constance is being a bitch about it though. Thumbs down on her :)

Sometimes we need to vent. I actually tend to get pretty confused when people asks me if I want more. Maybe you can give me a little insight into what you mean?

More money? I guess that would be nice, but I don’t need it. More education? Being a doctor is awesome, but not everyone needs that kind of education (and debt). Somebody has to grow the food. More travel? If I move out of town, I loose the friendships that I have been developing for the last 10+ years. Vacations to other countries have taught me that the world is becoming increasingly homogeneous. In South Africa, it’s pretty much the same as the US, but with slower internet. Travel to China, and you will find that they love McDonalds there too.

As for the monotony, I guess that is that is all in your perspective. I could not stand working as a LNA at a nursing home, which a lot of people would consider much more exciting than my current job, which entails staring at a computer for 8 hours a day. But from my perspective, I’m listening to audio-books and experiencing the world while I get my job done. When you see that guy working the same job and driving the same car, that just tells me that his job and his car are not important to him. The things that bring meaning to his life (friends, family, charity work, parties, whatever) happen somewhere else.

Sorry if I ranted too. ;)

“When you see that guy working the same job and driving the same car, that just tells me that his job and his car are not important to him. The things that bring meaning to his life (friends, family, charity work, parties, whatever) happen somewhere else.”

Either that, or he’s perfectly content with the things that he has.

I feel that too many people seem to think life revolves around wanting more, when it should actually be about wanting better.

But better is subjective, better for me would be to move out of the city and raise goats on a little farm, whereas better for someone else might entail the exact opposite; moving from a small farm and living and working in a town or city.

We shouldn’t be looking at everyone else and asking why they don’t want more out of life, we should be realizing that some folks have exactly what they want and don’t need what everyone else has to be happy. If you want more out of life, fine and dandy, go out and find what you need.

But try not to project your wants and desires onto others, we are all individuals, we all have different wants and needs.

Don’t generalize “writers”. I classify myself as a writer, and it is me who stops shallow arguments like this. That is, when I can bring myself to care. In any case, Constance is basically the snob writer. Some among the group that stick their nose in the air with a huff, as if they’re automatically better than humanity as a whole. It is always the bad apples that ruin the reputation of the whole group.
Now, if you will excuse me, I have a project to work on.

I’m a “writer” but nothing I’ve ever attempted has panned out…so I don’t get into arguments over naming schemes or the like…and I don’t think I’m better than anyone, though if I’d finished a story and made millions off of it, that might change.

My main use in the writing world seems to actually be as an editor, despite errors I’ve made in my comments before. Several of my friends who write will ask me to look for errors and the like in their works, and I’m more successful at that than writing my own stories, unfortunately.

I do a mixture of both, I write short stories… (can’t seem to get past a certain page count) and I edit the writings of my friends and family members. I’ve been told that (even though I could use some improvement) I’m a far cry better editor than most of my friends and family.

There’s no one singular stereotype for writers because just about anyone can become one with diligence and tenacity/ or the money/connections to throw around to not have to worry about the actual craft. Now, to take all that back, the best writers I come across don’t get in for arguments or conversations because they just want people to screw off so they can get back to the important parts of life going on in their heads.

I generally like Thomas, but he’s been a real bastard the past few strips. Sadly, Dawn/Constance is right. Let it go, Thomas. It’s well past time to move on.

Actually, Thomas is keeping perfectly within his character. Earlier, in a conversation with Nina (episode 832 How It Ends, and around there), he explains why his relationships all ended badly and how he feels about his previous partners. It’s all right there is sparkling Technicolor, and I can’t expect the man to change his nature. It’s just how he is — and who he is.


It’s good to remember that Tomas picked this fight. He didn’t have to, but it’s the way he is. It’s the way he described himself to Carol.

But it’s +1 for self awareness, -5 for being unable to change.

Oh, absolutely. It’s one thing to be a jerk, it’s something else to be inflexible about it.

Did he really pick this fight? Seems to me he was kinda thrown into it. Constance specifically asked that he be there, if I remember correctly. Unless you’re on very good terms with your ex (by which I mean you’re still friends and you actually see each other on a regular basis), you have to expect that things will be uncomfortable at least, and downright hostile at worst. And if you’re a student of human nature and interactions (which, in my opinion, a writer absolutely must be), you really need to expect that.

Yes, Thomas is certainly within character. Unfortunately, what we’re seeing here is a serious character flaw, and it’s one he really needs to correct. It may be part of who and what he is, but if he’s going to grow as a person, he needs to let go of this. Especially if he wants things to work with Carol. Carrying that level of bitterness can become an emotional cancer, which can poison anything in it’s path.

I don’t expect him to change his nature, either. But he needs to try.

Maybe that’s what Carol is there for-to change him. Among other things. And a relationship is always a result of the actions (or inactions) of both parties.

In the words of a certain floral-themed villain, “I wouldn’t call it a character flaw. That implies you can’t do anything about it. No, I see it as a bad habit. Take me, for example: I’m a terrible practical joker. Once I get started, I just can’t stop!”

I like to think everything can and will eventually change.

Sorry. I still think she is a bitch, whether she is right about Thomas’ stagnation or not. She writes one book and thinks she is hot shit.

“It’s like a bible fucked lord of the rings…”

I’m trying to picture this and I just don’t understand the insult, even though it sounds hilarious.

Drywood is a reference to his previous un-dating life after she left. When guys wake up sometimes they have morning wood…it could also refer to them having sex and when she left him his er…wood was dry. Speculation HO! DRYWOOD! Seriously its still better than Constance….Willowbrooke seriously lady….seriously.

Eh, well, it’s not terrible. I’ve seen severely unimaginative pen names in my rampant reading. I came across one in which they REVERSED THEIR FIRST AND LAST NAMES. If you’re gonna make a fake name, make it a good fake.

They’re both in the wrong though. It’s not just Thomas (because honestly she does strike me as the type to throw in one last punch, then act like she’s breaking up the fight). It’s also not just Constance (Thomas did initiate the punchings).
In all honesty I don’t think I could get along with either one of them. Thomas, being an Extrovert, puts out an air that people pick up on, and when that air gets bitter (from ex’s, bad customers, or Drywood) people tend to pick it up and it wrankles their moods.
I don’t like Constance, don’t really know why. Maybe just a bit judgemental? I don’t know.
This is why I like your comic so much though. The characters have depth that isn’t often seen in webcomics. Everyone has their flaws, and they all have their good points (even Reggie, which is quite impressive).

So, I just started playing Animal Crossing but I have a few things worth scavenging. Friend Code: 0860-4693-1572 (Cory). I will add your friend code when I find it. Haha.

There are a lot of arguments going on here. I’ve been out of school for 2 years and I’m living in the same place working the same job. For the most part though, I’m content. If I’m already happy why should I aim for more? But, Constance hit a cord with me too. She hit more than him being in the same place to me. She said he didn’t change. He hasn’t grown. If someone suggested that about me…I might just show the feisty side of me that barely anyone sees. They both were being stupid but right now I see Constance as more of the bad guy. That was a low blow.

For all her inflated sense of self, she seems to have much the same attitude and arguments. The only thing that appears to have changed is her town (I assume) and her pen name – and that last apparently by only a small degree.

I loathe those people who move away and look down upon those who stayed. Not everyone has the money, time, or opportunity to go to college (or whatever) far away – or even close to home.

It never seems to occur to such self-important specimens that maybe the ‘little people’ they once knew and now look down upon with poorly disguised contempt are actually content, maybe even happier than they themselves are, and that maybe everyone’s definition of success and happiness differs.

Like Reggie, just because you believe you’re superior to someone does not – at all – mean it’s true.

In fact, it’s often the inverse: the more superior you believe yourself to be, the worse you usually are.

I know I’m late but her pen name sounds to me like the characters a certain G.Marx used to have in his movies: Professor Quincy Adams Wagstaff, Rufus T. Firefly, Otis B. Driftwood, Dr. Hackenbush, J. Cheever Loophole

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