1480 Hat Trick.

2015… It could have been so much worse. There were a few times when I seriously thought I wasn’t going to see 2016. You guys, who come here to read every update, and particularly you who support my patreon, and who donated to the go fund me, kept my life from falling so far apart I’d never recover. You all played a part in saving someone’s life this year. That’s not nothing. Saying I appreciate it doesn’t even come close to expressing my gratitude. The support you give me by reading, commenting, or interacting with me in any way, keeps me going.

Things are going to keep being tough for a while longer, but I’m hopeful for the future. In the coming year I intend to continue doing my best for your entertainment. I hope you all have a happy new year!


Have a 2016 that leaves 2015 a bad memory, hope you had a good New Year’s night, and thanks for the comic – I hope it stays around for a good long time. =)

I don’t know so much about a Happy New Year, but I will hope that this year sucks less than last year.

Hope you get your shit in order soon, Jackie :)

Always love reading your content, if I had money to spare I’d throw it at you. I fell in love with your comic from the get go and have been reading for a couple years now, thanks for everything you do for your fans and for the appreciation you show us I can only give back some gratitude. Keep living and being awesome, we’ll always be here to talk to you if you need it! :D

Wow you got this page up quickly.

Poor Mike. I know how it feels, but I also like keeping to myself. I’d never try socializing at a bar – too awkward of a scene for me. On the other hand, I have no idea where one meets people outside of work.

Careful where you step, Mike! You don’t want to end up like an eastern cowboy — all hat, no cattle.

Hey Jackie — hope 2016 has some pleasant surprises up its sleeve for you. All the best, man.

I’m glad to contribute a few bucks every month for you, you deserve it and more.
And you deserve to have a good year, and not just because last year was bad.
You just straight up deserve good years.

Anyone remember the glorious old days when being a cowboy meant that you’re herding cows? Nowadays it’s all about the hats. Is that a good thing? Well, at least it’s not so smelly… in most cases.

It still does, in some places. Or you do rodeo. None of this “I saw a picture of a cow once” nonsense.

Went to Middle/high school with a guy who’s now a country singer (good voice, I was in choir with him). My mother remembered him as “the one kid who wore a cowboy hat and wasn’t an asshole” which pretty much summed up that clique in my school district.

Freaking “cowboys”…

Nothing lasts forever and that includes hard times. Here’s to hoping they end a little sooner than the calendar does, this time around the sun. Cheers.

Everything about your work here is fantastic. You’re earning the attention you’re getting, and all 8 people i casually referred here sincerely agree. This story is obsession-worthy. I can’t get enough of it.
Please keep making more.
I’ll really miss this when it ends… But if by then you move on to a bigger, better project, i’ll be there to see and support it.
Really, thank you.

Your art and writing continue to inspire and entertain and enthrall me. Your story is amazing, and I love the way you tell it. Keep it up, good sir.
BTW maybe you should get evaluated for fibromyalgia. Just a thought.
Hope you get the rest you need. Stay strong and know that we believe in you.

I may have already asked this, but what part of Kansas does this take place in?

I’m most familiar with the Wichita area (I grew up in Park City) and the Flint Hills.*

*Kansas isn’t even in the top 5 flattest states. Those would be Illinois, North Dakota, Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida.

Best of Luck in 2016!

Hope all this crazy shit finally resolves itself …

we’ll be here, waiting patiently – we’re not going anywhere :)

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