1337 Faux Paw.

I got out of the hospital this morning and finished this mostly finished page. Tomorrow I will complete the page for Friday. The week after that I will be running guest comics so I can rest and catch up my buffer. I can’t sit for as long at a time at the moment, so I need to do this… while apologizing profusely. So far the guest comics are really great. If I get 5 I’ll run them daily. For those of you who don’t know, I’ll give you the short version of the story. I went to the ER Sunday night with a weirdly swollen leg. It was suspected to have been caused by a blood clot, which can be fatal, so I was admitted to the hospital and put on total bed rest. “Bed rest” is a combination of words that require quotation fingers if ever I heard them. I did very little resting and a lot of waiting. I’ll give you the long version when I’m less tired but, long story short, not a blood clot after 3 days in hospital. So I’m basically fine. I have an infection that got in with the flu. In a few days I’ll be back to normal. For now I’m signing off. I hope you can forgive this lapse in quality control.

Corner of a teenage teen.
long time no talk people! I’ve begun school again which is not the most fun but it isn’t to terrible. first day of math class back to school my jerk teacher gives us homework and no class time to do it then I forgot my math book so I couldn’t do the homework. great way to start the semester off. In world history we’ve begun learning about the French revolution which I find pretty interesting, I find that the 2 upper estates definitely had it coming…maybe they didn’t deserve it but I mean come on no need to be dicks. anyways we have chosen our play for my drama class, it is called chasing charming and everybody seems to love it and its entertaining. I am playing the part of rose red (the sister of snow white) she is a little irritating and loves to tell stories, I think I can pull it off,so anyways it should be fun. the ex that wanted a break that I thought still wanted to be with me apparently doesn’t and is being a ass hat so I have given up on him and decided to stay away from boys for a bit and work on doing things for me. that doesn’t stop him from irritating me though, I kind of want to punch him in the face all the time. so that’s that, we started a new art project pastel chalk anything basically. I have chosen a abstract guitar with a rainbow background and its looking pretty well so far but I do hate chalk art pastel or not. I’m halfway done with it though so I wont have to suffer through the chalky mess much longer. other than that school is flying by, I can’t believe my sophomore year is half over already it’s crazy. As you all know Jackie was in the hospital for 3 days, I was pretty worried he might die I’m not going to lie. I lost sleep over it and it has just been miserable. Jackie’s last words to me before he left to the hospital were “jess if anything happens to me I just want you to know I hate you.” then he shut my bedroom door and left. although rude it was good to know he hadn’t lost his sense of humor. I’m happy to have him home now despite his occasional jerkiness. so that’s all for now folks goodnight! hope that Jackie continues getting better please!


I’m glad you’re on the mend … and yeah, the ‘modern’ hospital seems designed to create stress. Combined with the latest in bacterial ‘super-bugs’ I almost suspect there’s a plan to return us to the days when being taken to a hospital was just short of a death sentence.

As for the lapse in quality control, um what? You’re art still looks good and you posted on time … that’s more than most can manage and is awfully impressive for a half-dead guy who just spent three days in hospital!

Please take care of yourself — the world needs people like you — regardless of whether you care to or can acknowledge that.

Also, that is a pawfully amewsing title for this part of your tail … its especially purrfect since while kitten around with her foe she appears to have gotten a little blood on her paws. I’m really looking forward to more her razzing scenes …

… OK I’ll paws for a cat nap now ….

Get well soon!

Yo, teenybopper –

Do you do podcasts? There are some interesting history related ones — one of which is working its way through the French Revolution right now (http://www.revolutionspodcast.com/).

As for people being assholes, then as now we are all descended from survivors. It seem to me that the reflexes that separate “the quick from the dead” are pretty much the default when we feel threatened (whether that threat is to our lives, possessions, status, self-esteem, etc.) … sometimes this keeps us alive, at the other extreme it contributes to the kind of methodically brutal nastiness that only humans seem to be capable of.

As someone suffering with the lifelong crippling disability of having a Y chromosome, I have to say that staying away from my flavor of humanity in high-school is an incredibly sound decision. In all likelihood your ex will grow-up in a decade or so (based on personal experience its unlikely to be much less than that) and regret the missed opportunity.

Take care of yourself (and Jackie, please)!

Brief points because work!
1) Fun times ahead in the comic (and nice pun in the title)
2) Glad it wasn’t a clot or anything too serious (and that you’re resting up to get back to 100%)
3) Make the most of what you can at school (seems like you’re giving it a good effort, so good on that front)
4) Humor is always the best response (except when it isn’t)

Like tyresome up above, I too am a fan of french history and their revolution. Such interesting characters. Fun potato fact, our main man the King Louis XIV himself fell in love with potatoes after a colleague of his made a him a dinner from a bunch of recipes concocted during a stay in a German prison. As you are probably aware now, lots of French were starving at the time, and Louis figured the delicious magic foodstuff from the west could be the solution to the poor frenchmans woes. Sadly, the French peasants thought the potato was some sort of devils food since the tubers grow underground (you know what else is underground…hell) also the mighty potato was never mentioned in the bible. So essentially they wouldn’t touch it. So Louis concocted this plan. He had potatoes planted in a large plot of land and then set up a crap load of guards all around the lot to make sure the peasantry knew that what ever was growing there must be excessively valuable and possibly tasty. By the end of the growing season most of the potatoes had been stolen. Lo and behold, they start showing up all over the French country side.

Please get better soon, I have been busy and just caught up, I am sorry I missed the new year, but happy new year! hope you have a successful year and yeah! please don’t push yourself, just get better

Yeah, blood clots can be pretty bad. My mom was hospitalized for a while because of one and was really on the edge for most of the time. The worse part of it is they have to make absolutely sure they get all of it one go else there’s always the chance a broken off piece would do it all over again.

“Team Crave: The living undead” (Motto: “What…Die? Maybe later…”).
Get better first.
Worry later.

Welcome back.
Sorry “boy-ex”, turned out to be dirt…
But remember: dirt belongs underfoot.
Six feet sounds deep enough.

Does Your teacher know that Germany, in the second world war, guillotined more people than were guillotined in the whole French revolution?

Cheap hairspray is a good fixer for pastels, keeps the pigment on the paper.
It is also less expensive than art-supply store fixer.
Try to get unscented, if You can.

Well, in Bridgette’s defense, she didn’t get the memo. Of course Neil the Heel (AKA Trash Bandicoot) has to play the Trust Card. Last night I saw an employee at the local ALDI store who could have been the model for Bridgette; except I doubt Crave has spent much time in Central Connecticut, lately.

@JT: glad you’re doing some better. As to getting “bed rest” in the hospital, amen. I spent eight days in the local Patient Warehouse at the end of July, and I can testify that I got very little rest. Even at night, they would come and take temperatures and blood pressure; neither of which can be accomplished at midnight or4:00 AM without disturbing the patient. And one nurse thought I was spending too much time sleeping on my back; she kept getting her crew to forcibly ‘turn’ me.

Ha, they must of thought you were undead!

My experience involved them taking blood so often I ended up with scar tissue on the insides of both elbows and post-surgery being pounded on the back to make me cough in the middle of the night. After a few cycles of that I tried to refuse the back pounding and a nurse told me they needed to make sure fluid didn’t build up in my lungs and she wouldn’t give me any more pain medication if I didn’t cooperate. I was nine.

Got out of surgery one time, and it was late night/ early morning. When taking temp and blood pressure, one nurse would end with,”Good night!” The next said,”Good morning!” Next said,”Good night!” I thought I’d been there for three days!

I went through two surgeries and received a few days of recovery in a hospital. In one hospital the rooms were comfortable with good heat during the coldest month of the year but the staff wasn’t that good. I got rest which involved getting bugged by a bunch of different doctors who refused to believe my doctor reasons why I was sick and kept trying to interrogate me and my family. If it wasn’t for the pain killers I probably would have snapped at them.

In the second hospital the rooms were ice cold in the middle of the hottest month of the year but the staff were really good and the doctors seem to understand their craft far more than the 1st hospital who I believe were filled with competing medical staff who only cared about their image.

Long story short: Hospitals are different everywhere even hospitals in spitting distance of each other.

I hope Jackie gets better.

Hi Jackie,
Glad to hear that the medical people have found out what is wrong. Glad to hear that you’re feeling better. :)

In Bridgette’s defence, and not just ‘cos I fancy her a bit, Neil actually escalated it from teasing her and she’s lashed out. Neil seems to have quite a thin skin when it comes to criticism of himself really.

When you’re a loser who’s immature and unprofessional, a giant red X is painted on your forehead…accept your fate.

Glad to hear you’re all right! Blood clots are nasty, it’s great that it wasn’t that! Wishing you the best and stuff.

Thanks everyone c: I’ll make sure to take care of Jackie and For the person that asked I’m not much into podcasts but I’ll check them out. Sorry for not replying separately I’m really tired lol

Glad you’re okay, Jackie! For some definitions of okay but which definitely include ‘not a blood clot’. Continuing to enjoy the strip and looking forward to what happens next, but you know, a little suspense is good for me – take the time you need to rest and recover. I’ve got *groan* integral calculus to keep me busy anyway…

Jackie, I have been too busy with school to even read the comic in two weeks. It was a patreon e-mail that reminded me that I could afford to take a break and check in. Sorry to hear you have been so sick, but I saw some guest comics as I was clicking back to where I left off. I am really happy that you took some time off. I hope you are doing better.

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