1654 Hearing Aid.

Eventually Mike will learn not to leave doors open for jokes.

I haven’t done anything to write about. I’ve been so busy with random junk that I can’t think of anything. It’s always weird when I cant because I’m so used to having something to say here. I’ve had to run so many random errands that It’s just drive around and then draw for days on end. I guess that’s where I’ll leave it for now. Maybe by Wednesday I’ll be doing things worth writing about.


Well … I’d say the real problem here is that there is an open Mike …

And here, I thought- that he was a faulty speaker.

In short, I guess we can agree there are some crossed wires in this conversation?

You bet.
I think Thomas doesn’t like Mike’s vibes.

At very least they frequently seem to be on different wavelengths …

My son is EXACTLY this way…. the $#!t that comes out of his mouth has absolutely NO filter. To think of something is to let fly, no matter how it sounds.

Like the other day, my Mom asked him if her was going to have one of his friends over to do PS4 with. He automatically said, “No, I’m just gonna play with Myself.”

And he is closing on on *24*.

You drawing for days on end is just what keeps us coming back. Really interested to see if you’ll somehow tie these multiple storylines together somehow-like maybe Jo and Jess somehow doing some reality stuff somehow covering the D&D game, Alex’s furries, and Carol-however.

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