1331 Please Say You Will.

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There’s a song that shares a name with this page. I’m reminded of it every time I read it. Maddison is that rare creature that’s smart enough to get by in the world, but dumb enough to be happy about almost everything. It is my considered opinion that these are the happiest people, on average, in the world. I’ve known few, but their lives, though not free of turmoil, are experienced with a certain gleeful manner that improves life for others by simply being present. It can be very hard to shift an idea from the mind of these types once they set themselves to it. Reggie is beginning to sense, innately, the futility of his situation.

The Teen shanghaied me yesterday under the pretense that we would be gathering the water supply for the coming week. Our journey ended up lasting the better part of the day… Or the worst part depending on how you look at it. She had some sort of goal, but not really a plan or idea for its execution, which is what leads to these sorts of grabasstical outings. While she searched for whatever variable she felt would achieve her goal I happened upon a Christmas ornament that was on sale. It was a Popeye figure manufactured by the Hallmark corporation as part of its “This has nothing whatever to do with Xmas” series. I’ve always been fond of the cyclopean sailor, and at 50% off it was priced to move… Into my life. I like Hallmark ornaments but, as you may have surmised, don’t think they suit the Xmas theme very well. Of course their items vary in appropriateness, but on balance they are created to make nerds hard in that special mommy daddy way that results in resentful accountants later in life. My intention is to hang Mr. Eye someplace to remind me of his existence all year round. Much the same way I have done with my Smurf ornament from the same series. I really only bring this up because I haven’t bought an ornament for myself in years. When I was living on my own I could barely muster the willpower to get my sad tree out of its box, let alone shop for more things to hang from it. Still, in spite of the fact that I intend to use the ornament for less than Christmasy purposes, I did have a brief moment of remembering going to the store with my mother and sister to buy our traditional yearly ornament. A happy memory from a happier time.

It isn’t ideal, but it looks like I should be able to do next week’s pages on Friday through Sunday. Hopefully the Teen will be distracted by holiday plunder to allow me that mercy. It’s a shame I don’t have a laptop anymore, since I could have at least written in my down time. There’s no two ways about it, my iPad is a toy and not a computer that you can conduct business on. I know that newer ones have more power, but mine is so old its torture to try and produce anything on it. Even posting in a comment thread is a gamble. Without the ability to upgrade Apple products just age and become sad relics. I shouldn’t complain though. I didn’t actually buy mine. It was a hand me down. As an entertainment device it’s been very useful. If not for its crippling design flaws however I might be more disposed to speak well of it.

Because I know some of you will be wondering, I got some of that shampoo I love so well. Enough that I can leisurely search for alternatives for it. I’ve had it for a couple of days and the rash I had has nearly healed already. Hopefully I can test out some other soaps and find some replacements if the day should come that I can’t get the stuff I like best anymore.

The Teen enjoyed opening her present from “Thomas Blackwell” today. He was very kind to donate it to her and I’m sure she’ll want to find some way to thank him.

Anyway, I guess I’ll sign off for this Christmas update. I hope those of you who celebrate have a trouble free holiday. Those who don’t, I wish you whatever kind of luck you would like from your favored deity, or lack of one. I very much appreciate all you have done for me and hope I can continue to serve you well into the future.

Teen Corner
oh my god guess what peeps tomorrows Christmas eve!!!!!!!!!!! I’m soooo very excited to see all my slightly annoying family members and enjoy holiday fun. I’ve been up since 7 helping my aunt cook mass amounts of pies and such. I’m currently sick of pies but can you blame me? as Jackie mentioned I opened my gift from Thomas Blackwell and it was AWESOME! so thank you person who gave me the awesome rock band set of drums and such it makes me a very happy teen I’m not sure how to thank you properly though? I cant wait to play it tonight I’m so excited!!! we can just skip Christmas now because I have rock band and what more could a teen want? haha I’m very much in the Christmas spirit I have finished the nutcracker solider for my grandmother it is now covered in glitter, wrapped and under the tree. all our shopping is finally done the cooking is almost done now onto packing and having everything ready to go for tomorrow then a 2 hour adventure to my grandmothers which I’m almost looking forward to. Jackie has kept me very entertained today,if only Santa heard the words he’s had to say I believe he wouldn’t even get coal for Christmas but then again I’m just as bad. I cant wait to see my irritating brother and his not so irritating girlfriend tomorrow and all the other family and I cant forget my grandmothers dog scruffy! I’m sure the trip will be long, hot and irritating but enjoyable. I hope you all have awesome, safe holiday times! MERRY CHRISTMAS SON from the oddly cheerful teen.


Would a weasel fursona be too obvious a choice for Reggie?

Actually, a Weasel would be more appropriate for Wesley Asel. I think @Gadgeteer Smashwidget gets it right, because I only know a few folk who deliberately chose Equus Asinus as their totem critter.

Members of the weasel family do shriek like old hags when they’re being brutalized by a greater creature. A mink did that when my cat fought with him. If it weren’t for the rocks blindly thrown into the woods (by my dad), the mink would’ve probably died.

Badgers are members of Mustelidae (the weasel family), too. As well as otters, weasels, martens, ferrets, minks and wolverines.

I actually got dragged in by the shampoo thing and was indeed waiting for an update. I can’t resist fun internet searches. Its like those Chinese Vampires that can be stopped by throwing out stuff for them to count. Huh, wikipedia says some European myths also had their vampes getting sucked in by the obsessive compulsive need to count spilled grains of stuff. Does this mean that someone actually did their research when they created The Count from Sesame Street? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. It was an educational program after all.

What am I going on about again? Oh right, nice comic (I think the pizza is a smoke screen she’s really there for the furriness!) and Happy Holidays to you and The Teen. :)

Oh, thank Univac I’m not the only sufferer of this debilitating behavior. Yes, the counting obsession is common with vampires from several cultures (including at least one from African lore). I think Jim Henson captured the Count by sprinkling sesame seeds on his doorstep.

I guess being immortal, getting all the ladies and having droves of wannabe’s worshiping movies about you has to have some kind of a trade off!

TRIVIA- I think Wikipedia said this:

I think Popeye was honored by people putting green/spinach-green floodlights up, floodlights that shone up, on the Empire State Building.
The only other person to get such an honor was Frank “Old blue eyes” Sinatra. Sinatra was honored with blue lights shining on the ES building. I don’t know if being put in the same box, as Popeye, makes things any better, or worse, for Mr. Sinatra. *shrugs*

INT. Sepia colors. Smokey bar barely lit by a hanging lamp.

“You know Jackie… I’d go so far as to say the teen’s good fer ya. She gets ya outta the house. Keeps ya on yer toes. Gives ya something to keep from goin’ crazy. O’course she drives ya nuts. That’s what dames do, that’s what kids do, they both drive everyone nuts, but at least when you wind up in the looney bin you can say it was someone else’s fault. and at least you can say ya had some good times along the way.”

I don’t think I could deal with someone who herp-derps through life like that.

Depends on other aspects of their personality and their habits. I rented a room in a house with shared living spaces and various other tenants for the better part of college. 1 herpderp I got along with just fine, the other…. everyone wanted to beat to a pulp.

Weird synchronicity. The one movie channel my landlord pays for has been showing Popeye all month. Something to do with Robin Williams, probably, although fast enough they had to have had the rights before his death, I’m sure. That being said, it has always been one of my favorite musicals. Admittedly, not a musical done right, but I like it anyway. Based off the 1930-something strips, as I recall, and paying tribute to the strip Popeye was created as a part of (Thimble Theater) before the old mumbler became the focus. Ah, good old Castor and Cole Oyl.

Anyway- Scubbid-ah dubbah – mutter mummah , scubbidubbuhduh.

Oh boy, that last comment would certainly catch some people off guard. Can’t wait for the next page. Keep up the great work always, and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Ha ha! =D

Oh no, Reggie… What did you just do XD

Points for apparently being able to show Maddy a good time while wandering around a library though.

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