1330 Grandfathered Out.

In an effort to avoid giving my frail grandmother typhus, we did not go to her house to see my sister today, as is traditional. She traveled two additional hours and came to our house. This is usually the one day a year I see my sibling and her spouse, barring funerals. Even then we don’t speak that much, apart from new developments in television shows we both enjoy. No, we don’t need to speak because we both exist secure in the knowledge that the other hates fun in it’s myriad irritating forms and is actively trying to destroy the people who have it.

Her husband is an officer of the law, so it’s been a pretty interesting time for him recently. I mean it’s always pretty “interesting” as a cop, but now… Police departments all over are scrambling to buy cameras and digital storage. I don’t think people realize the logistics involved in some of this stuff. I mean, I actually approve of the cameras, but the companies making them are going to make the public pay through the nose for the privilege. Anyway, it’s a complex and dangerous time for law enforcement. (Protip: it’s always that way.)

Anyway, I’ll “see” you all on Wednesday. It looks like I’ll be able to catch up on everything except for the monthly chapter of Wandering King before Xmas. Maybe I can get to it before new years. I guess I have to considering that’s next month. XD Anyway, later taters.

Teen Corner

3 DAYS till I get to go to my grandmothers for Christmas eve and Christmas YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooo excited despite the fact that she keeps her house temperature at about 100 degrees. its literally so hot the little kids started screaming that it was to hot and started taking off there clothes last time. so it will probably be uncomfortably hot as always but I do enjoy the family time. also as I’ve mentioned I will get to open the present from Thomas Blackwell soon and I am still intrigued by what it contains any guesses on what it is? I’m still going with disappointment haha. there are 2 other gifts so far under the tree for me one from frosty and one from sissy and Roxy (my dogs) I’m curious as to what these are to. I am attempting to finish painting my grandmothers gift which is a nutcracker soldier which currently looks like crap. Jackie is attempting to help me fix it with his mad art skills but I fear it will not be done in time for Christmas. I’m still a little sick but I’m feeling much better. now I have to find something to spend my days doing while I wait for the 24th I know the 23rd I will spend helping cook all the Christmas foods but what shall I do tomorrow? I am out of presents to wrap tired of drawing…maybe I’ll do some weekly reports for my biology class so when school starts I wont have to do them. then I don’t know, probably work on the annoying nutcracker till its finished. such an exciting life I live. I might do some reading to I’m into a really good book right now. the visit from Jackie’s sister and her husband was nice. her husband is pretty funny, they brought there giant yellow lab frank and I wanted to keep him forever but they told me no. I have been telling Jackie stories of my childhood torture and I feel I’ve scarred him for life but he still managed to laugh at me I think he should only get coal for Christmas just saying…here that Santa? I’ve been good Jackie hasn’t! who am I kidding I haven’t been that good either but close enough! hope everyone has gotten there last minute shopping times done I’m not sure we have just yet. but it’ll be a fun adventure getting it done if we haven’t already I’m sure these next few days will be hectic but enjoyable. happy early holidays from THE TEEN!!!!


Weak sauce here, weak sauce, just headbutt the little troll-man into submission and boot him from the club. Or if you’re not of a violent person just tell him to scoot in a forceful tone of voice and wave a rolled up newspaper about in a menacing fashion.

Racist eh?

I bet she’s Otherkin. Well, I bet that least one of those two black sheep are Otherkin.

Aaaaaaaaah…………… little warning. Do -not- Google “otherkin” unless you MEAN it!

You mean the loonies that believe they’re reincarnated werewolves and whatnot?

Yes actually. Though I must admit, the ones who think they’re werewolves aren’t so bad. Human most of the time ya know?

No. The really crazy ones, the ones that believe that they’re dragons, or snorklaks, or creatures that that you’ve never even HEARD of, are the ones to watch for. As general rule of thumb, the more outlandish the creature, the more depraved the Otherkin.

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