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The teen was gone this weekend, having Halloween times with her old friends. This week will be Halloween times with the new ones. I spent most of my weekend with a dull headache and an itchy hand. My bee sting eventually went back to normal, but not before a huge flare up. Today just the attack site is slightly itchy and mildly swollen. If you didn’t know what my hand is supposed to look like you wouldn’t even know. I only do because I look at it all the time, so I can see that the knuckle is puffy.

Photoshop had its first weird glitch in a long time today. I had just saved so I only lost, like, three minutes of work. Except after having to reset everything I was super sleepy and wanted to have a nap. So that’s what I did for about 2 hours. Not a quality nap, but enough that I’m not sitting here now trying to fall asleep. The seasons are shifting and making my sleep patterns weird. In addition to worry about my family. It hasn’t affected my work in any meaningful way, I guess. If it has no one has said anything about it. Maybe I’m always just kind of crap and the slight increase in it isn’t noticeable. X3

My Gamestop club thing already paid off. Since I haven’t touched the card in years there were a bunch of points saved to it. So I got $5 off a Skylander. It was Grilla Drilla, in case anyone cares. I still haven’t really played Swap Force at all, but I’ll be ready when I finish of Giants. I’m two levels away from completing Ginats DS 100%. I’ve actually done it once already, but the first save was wiped so I could level up more guys.

Anyway, the Teen wants to watch Community before bed so I’m gonna go do that. See you guys in the comments. I think you’ll like this page since it kind of wraps up Thomas’s drama for the most part.


If you’re still bitter years later, you’re probably being an asshole regardless.

How does being bitter make you an asshole?

You spent X amount of years with a person and they just turn around and destroy a whole segment of your life, how is it being an asshole to be angry or upset with a thing like that?

Being angry at an ex isn’t unnatural, they have taken a huge amount of your time, and turned it into nothingness, thinking that years later this is supposed to heal or something is ridiculous, Moving on, is a completely different thing to being bitter, and he has moved on at the very least.

I think a more appropriate term to call someone who holds a grudge against their boy/girlfriend is “an emotionally immature moron”. Although, what he said when he was with Dawn at the table is consistent with being an asshole.

Easy deduction: if you don’t have the motivation to improve your life and your fuck buddy does, then it’s clear that the china has sailed.

THANK YOU CAROL for putting into words an answer to all the people whining about Thomas’ character and how they don’t like his development.

She hit it right on the head of the nail – people who aren’t shaken up after a breakup obviously didn’t give a flying fuck about the person they were with or they’d have more to relate to Thomas with.

On a side note – I still expect Carol to do something to ‘display her claim’ over Thomas to Constance before this chapter ends, and when she does it will be awesome.

Well, you’re not considering the whole “different folks, different strokes” aspect.

I remember telling someone, “It’s not an offense to break my heart.” She responded by saying, “You wouldn’t have to have your heart broken if … blah, blah, blah.”

I guess she really couldn’t parse how it was for me.

However, I have had enough conversation with different friends and others to come to a supporting conclusion. I did not have sex with my ex. I’m still a virgin. I have no context for how deep a bond goes when sexual intercourse is involved, and I suspect that makes a big difference.

If these circumstances are correct, then a break-up for me would be significantly easier.

Multiply the pain of betrayal that you feel by about 2 if the sex was all right. Multiply that by 53 if the sex was great. Multiply that by 196 if the sex was phenomenal. Multiply that by 322 if it was making love, regardless of it was all that great. Multiply that by 786 if making love was phenomenal sex. There you go, the pain threshold.

I’d settle for him just rubbing his head through her fiery mane of red hair…

…of course, then the others (besides Nina) would know.

I can kind of relate. Dated a guy for 4 1/2 years and he suddenly tells me one day he’s been depressed for months and it’s my fault and he needs some space. Acts cold one minute and sweet the next over the course of the next few weeks and I couldn’t take it so I moved away. Though after a week or two we start talking again and some time after that I mentioned I was talking anime with some guy on the internet and the jerk tells me then that he wants me back. it was all very suspicious.

We did try to date again but I was still living across the country and I was so starved for closeness (since by the time we broke up before he’d barely even kissed me once a day for several months) so I ended up cheating on him…sort of. I mean however you wanna define cheating. I let a guy kiss my neck but that was it.

Anyway long story short, I broke it off with him cause I was scared he’d begin ignoring me once he felt he had me back truly and he tried to get me back but by the time I realized I wasn’t into the guy I was dating then (three weeks later) my ex had already moved on. Since then I’ve been having a hard time forgetting him. The times I finally do and things are going great he somehow pops back into my life and I have to start all over again. It’s very frustrating. Especially since we broke up 5 years ago! Bleh.

lol Yeah I get it. I still have times when I think about something he did and it pisses me off so much and I just want to scream at him, but I also crave his attention and it drives me nuts when he won’t respond to a simple ‘hey’ even if I haven’t tried to talk to him in days.

Cheating is defined by the terms of the relationship you’re in, not by public opinion. Just to clear that up.

Yeah, I kind-of foresaw this coming Friday. Carol is quite capable of administering the dummy-slap Thomas desperately needs, so he can move on with his life. Their lives.

And yeah, I can see him thumbing his nose at Dawn / Constance in a year or two…

aside from the hate part of how his relationship was… I kinda … empathize on a very personal level with Thomas at this point. when shit hits the fan and you put your everything towards this person… it’s like going all in in poker, you may lose all your chips or win the pot, but we both lost, but I can’t bring myself to go against my good guy goals to hate the person who is my ex, sure… I lost my chips, but I had a few bucks in my pocket, I cashed it into chips, and I started again, simply saying… I’m not going to ever play at that table where I almost won big. it was fun while I was winning, but losing that much hurt.

it’s rather strange I use this analogy period as I don’t even gamble outside the family poker night, and that came with chips of literally no value.

so I can understand Thomas, and even would brohug him. cause that shit hurts. maybe I’m just luckier than he is because she left me via non communicado, but for Thomas, she came back, and they talked, and he found a reason to hate instead of merely to let go.

it’s one of those experiences that make you want to curl up and cry for an hour or so, but we all know the world turns regardless, so you soldier on, hoping the tear never slides down your cheek, and that you can find your very own Carol, someone to put up with your bullshit, someone whose bullshit you can put up with, and all the while… it’s bullshit that makes you love them ever more despite knowing what it is. because that is how love works. and once experienced, you understand that, but it also makes you crave it on some level or another.

soldier on broham.

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