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Constance finally crossed Nina’s line one time too many. She was pretty strident before but now…

I just got back from taking the Teen to the store. She “needed” supplies for a friend’s birthday party. I made sure to hurry her out the door after dinner because I was pretty sure there wasn’t really a plan, per se. Turns out I was right and we wandered the Wal-Mart like the children of Moses for a couple of hours. Eventually she was satisfied with her items our adventure came to an end. Honestly, I should have had this ready to post this morning, but I had a splitting headache and couldn’t bring myself to get it done before I had to do other stuff. I also have a 75% complete page that needs dealing with, in addition to 3 due for this week. I’m gonna have to really get shit in gear. Watching WWE Raw for 3 hours every Monday really sucks away comic time. I need to see if she will watch it in my room so I can work simultaneously. She spends the whole time texting anyway. My TV being half the size of hers shouldn’t be an issue, right?

I think the take away from this all should be that I’d be a fun dad… ladies.


Ewe or did you mean Yew?

Hey, J.T. How does one get into your town in Animal Crossing? I left my gates open, but I had no way to let you know that I did. At least now way I know of. I should probably RTFM. Knowing Nintendo, I’ll probably just confirm that there’s no way of communicating with other 3DS users short of a blood bond. Anyway, the only spooky piece I lack now is the wall lamp. Tomorrow is pretty much the last chance I’ll have to get the super happy bonus before the month ends, but I’ll be happy just to complete my first set if I don’t manage to get it before then.

As for your question in Twitter, I pretty much match levels of enthusiasm for sports with anyone who is around me. If no one is around, I don’t care at all. If they’re shouting at the TV, I might shout a bit, too. I probably wouldn’t do body-paint in the winter, though.

For Kaera. If you want J.T. and I to friend you, we’ll need your 3DS friend code. We don’t get notifications if you add us. We have to actively add you, as well.

Also, you asked about what programming language to get started in for programming video games. I recommend Visual BASIC. This recommendation comes especially highly since there’s a version of BASIC available on the Nintendo eShop for the 3DS.

Between the Internet, local library, and possible local computer clubs, you should be able to get all the information you need to start coding. I emphatically recommend you try to find a group of people who code in BASIC or another language nearby so you can bounce ideas and problems off of.

I’ll open my gates right now while I’m sending the teen to dreamland. I’m pretty sure you’re on my list so my town should show up on your list. You’ve got about 45 minutes until I go to bed.

Ah, I’m just now seeing this. I’ll see if I still have time, but won’t be taking much of it.

By the way, Grob is named after the aircraft company, with particular interest in the gliders.

Oh dear. Now Pancetti has asked me for a peach. I was bold/dumb enough to say I’d get one for her. Is there anyone who can help me out with this? I only have Lychee and Cherry available in my town right now.

Chaotic Evil Nina in 3…2…1

Hey Crave

Long time reader, first time commenter. Just wanted to say this is one of my favorite comics. This one had me giggling maniacally. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Oh how I’m going to enjoy watching Nina tear Constance a new one. I already don’t like her because of her self-righteous attitude like she actually accomplished something important in the world and now is somehow above everyone – but I’m going to enjoy this if for nothing more than I hate how Constance uses all of those freaking lame one-word Japanese words like she can speak the language.

People that do that always get under my skin so fast – It was horrible in high school, so many anime fans spewing ‘baka’ ‘sugoi’ and ‘kawaii’ all over the place like they spoke Japanese through those three words.

May her bludgeoning be neither pretty or swift.


I agree with you 100% on the insertion of random words. I encourage anyone to learn a new language, or even useful phrases in a language, but this “I know three foreign words and use them all the time!” shit just GRATES on me. It’s mostly people inserting Japanese words, but I’ve seen it with other cultures a handful of times.

It’s why I stopped posting on the PA boards – one of their mods ends every post with “desu” and while he’s entirely in his right to do that, I was developing a tic in one eye whenever I read it.


A word which, when used by a non-Japanese person, means
“Please punch me in the crotch”

Unless said non-Japanese person is having a conversation in Japanese.

Where as in that case I will give them a good and proper fist-bump for knowing another language.

I have used ‘Oy’ as a means of saying “hey” before – and I do so often, but realized that I had been saying ‘Oy’ long, long before I ever knew it was a Japanese word.

… This… could be bad… The ensuing breakdown may have her latching onto Thomas for the better part of the day while she tries to “figure this out”.

Uh, this is what she has a husband for.

If this really is something that ends up happening, then Dawn really did Thomas a huge favor those many years ago.

So seriously Constance, what color is the sky on your world? You treated the guy like a used tissue, then wonder why he’s not CEO of Apple or something? Comes the Dawn, lady. Here comes Nina with your wake-up call.

@Andrew: Nina is gonna hit her with a clue by four.


The only thing Constance did wrong (that we are aware of) was the method by which she broke up with Thomas. Thomas has accepted the blame for allowing himself to build his world around her. When you do that and the other person leaves, obviously your world crumbles.

What we might get here is the outside perspective of Nina as observer and possibly the perspective of Constance on what happened. If anything Nina’s anger stems from how clueless she is on how much she hurt him and having to clean up the mess that Constance left behind. That and general anger at the person who hurt your friend regardless at to who is at fault.
But hey, I’m all for getting both side of the story…before I unleash the hounds of war.

I’m quite thankful for the relative absence of “blame the ex” or “hate the woman rejecting the male protagonist in some way” here in the comments. Thomas having more sense than that might have a lot to do with that.

Same. I’m seeing a lot of hate upon Constance when…really…she didn’t do much of anything wrong? They were dating in high school. Okay. Then she went to college, and her mind opened up, for good or bad. She saw there was more out there than just her one town. And Thomas, for all his self-assured intelligence (and let’s be frank, he can be arrogant about how smart he is) had no interest in leaving. And she saw that he had no intentions of doing anything with his life. He was going to be the smartest guy working at a department store forever. And she had bigger goals in her life. So of course they argued. Thomas didn’t want anything to change, and she had to change to be happy. So they broke up.

And Thomas, not wanting anything to change, refused to change. Yes he made it so he blamed everything on her, but he still focused his entire life around her. He overblew his hatred about her so much that when people actually saw her, they were amazed that she was nothing like the image he put in everyone’s head. All she did was break up with someone she dated in high school who she could tell had no interest in expanding his horizons. Heck she even gave him a second chance later when he showed up at her house early in the morning, but she could tell that even after their separation he still had no interest in changing his life.

Say you were dating a guy in high school. You had a lot of the same interests. That’s great! But when you graduate, you find out the guy had no real aspirations beyond getting high and drunk every night with his friends. Sure he TALKED a big game, about all the great things he would do, and how smart he was, but he never acted on it. It was always talk. Eventually you’d leave him too.

And so Nina may may not be happy with someone who broke her friend, but at some level she has to realize that it was something Thomas did to himself. He wanted someone to blame his bad decisions on, and she was the perfect target because she wasn’t around to correct him. Heck, he didn’t even remember most of the stuff they did together. She was just all his bad decisions balled up into a person with a face. And that was entirely his fault.

That was oddly direct, even for Nina.

Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Nina isn’t insane. She has no choice but to change tactics.

Anyone else besides me notice that Nina does the same thing Thomas does? When the person she’s talking to is irritating to be around, she talks all technical and curt, far different from her usual lax attitude. I have to wonder if one picked that up from the other…

They say your personality is equal parts of the 5 people you are closest to, so its not only probable but also more than likely.

There’s a saying in the Navy. They only give you hell if they like you. If you’re dealing with someone who is being nice, and operating smoothly with you, don’t invite them out for a round of beers.

Thomas certainly exhibits this behavior. Maybe he should’ve signed up?

Makes sense. She’s keeping a tighter rein on herself, and it’s easier to do so if you make yourself speak more politely.

Ah, and here we have another example of Amazon Nina about to go on the warpath. We haven’t seen this side of Nina since she clocked Reggie. Oh and when she let a smidgen of it out during the Nerf War.

Looks like she won’t be able to keep her promise not to choke a bitch that she made with Thomas when she.punched Reggie.

If someone would be so kind as to clue in a clueless reader. In the author’s comments…. who or what is… “The Teen”? And why do I read all of the hate into that term?

The Teen is my teenage cousin who we have taken in. I call her that rather than by her name in blog posts. To slightly mitigate any embarrassment they might cause. As for the hate, you’re bringing that in with you.

I dunno. Just seemed like you called her “The Teen” with disgust. Just another case of “It’s hard to read tone.” I should get a shirt with that on phrase on the front.

The way Crave talks about the teen, I get the sense that he’s really fond of her, but she can sometimes frustrate. Overall, I get the sense the companionship is worth what it costs, but it does cost.

I think the primary frustration he expresses has more to do with the circumstances that caused the teen to live with him rather than the fact that said teen is living with them. Sometimes the frustrations spills out and gets over more than Crave intends, but the teen is not the source.

Did I get that about right?

The cognomen is a term of endearment.

The soubriquet is also to anonymise; shield The Teen from internet reprisals and/or harassment.
[Similar such bullying, intentional or naught, exemplified even recently, ended sorely for the Youth…]

Well, I learned a new word(s)!

Basically, he just referred to the use of “the teen” as a nickname, and said it’s to keep the teen anonymous.

If I’m the only one who didn’t know that, then I just made this post for myself. :-(


…shot’s fired.

You know, I’ve never wondered how fast a pregnant lady can run until this point. Looks like I might be about to find out.

Pregnant women, at least those as far along as Constance here is, have 3 speeds. Rest, waddle, and waddle quickly. Waddle quickly is usually about the same speed as a brisk walk for non-pregnant people. In any case, it wouldn’t be enough to outrun the track-star turned librarian we know as Nina.

this page is good, but having the previous ones to build up emotion is simply breath-taking. I heard myself gasping!

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